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Location: Boston

Chartered By: John T. Heard

Charter Date: 03/11/1857 VI-96

Precedence Date: 03/04/1856

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Germania Lodge to form Germania-Revere Lodge, 06/19/1999; now a part of The Consolidated Lodge.


  • William W. Baker, 1856-1858
  • Orren S. Sanders, 1859, 1860
  • Charles C. Dame, 1860, 1861
  • Richard Briggs, 1862, 1863
  • William Rogers, 1864
  • Horace P. Hemenway, 1865, 1866
  • George T. Ambrose, 1867, 1868
  • Marlborough Williams, 1869, 1870; Mem
  • Charles H. Bolles, 1871, 1872
  • Samuel Wells, 1873, 1874
  • Joseph B. Mason, 1875, 1876
  • William R. Cooke, 1877, 1878
  • Frank T. Dwinell, 1879, 1880
  • George F. Wright, 1881, 1882
  • Zacheus Holmes, 1883, 1884
  • William B. Fisher, 1885
  • Edwin B. Holmes, 1886, 1887
  • Henry K. Dunton, 1888, 1889
  • Melvin L. Ingalls, 1890, 1891
  • E. Loring Richards, 1892, 1893; SN
  • G. Ellis Reed, 1894, 1895
  • Charles H. Ramsay, 1896, 1897
  • Royal Wilton, 1898, 1899
  • Charles W. Bascom, 1900, 1901; SN
  • Henry N. Rice, 1902, 1903
  • Sumner L. Stackhouse, 1904, 1905
  • George G. Perry, 1906
  • Charles Bickford, 1907
  • John G. Godding, 1908
  • John W. Crooks, 1909, 1910
  • Francis J. Whitton, 1911, 1912
  • John H. Blodgett, 1913, 1914
  • William W. Brooks, 1915, 1916; N
  • Jay B. Crawford, 1917
  • Winfield C. Towne, 1918
  • William P. Bullard, 1919, 1920
  • Clarence M. Cobb, 1921
  • William H. Campbell, 1922, 1923
  • Leon H. Davis, 1924, 1925
  • T(homas) Rutherford Edwards, 1926, 1927
  • Archibald J. Jackson, 1928, 1929
  • George S. Murray, 1930
  • Clinton B. Hayes, 1931
  • Russell M. Sanders, 1932, 1933
  • Henry H. Hill, 1934, 1935
  • Parker O. Bullard, 1936
  • Walter L. Kraemer, 1937
  • Reginald C. Garner, 1938, 1939
  • Earle W. Spurting, 1940
  • George A. Butters, 1942
  • Waldo M. Hunt, 1943, 1944
  • John H. Willet, Jr., 1945
  • Charles M. Sparkes, 1946
  • Albert E. Blodgett, 1947
  • Walter H. Heaman, 1948, 1949
  • Marvin S. Bowman, 1950, 1951
  • Arthur H. Edwards, 1952, 1953; SN
  • Carl R. Allen, 1954, 1955
  • Warren B. Clark, 1956, 1957
  • Bert P. Brockbank, 1958, 1959
  • Donald G. Lothrop, 1960, 1961; N
  • Daniel A. Lorge, 1962
  • A. Bentley Kurtis, 1963, 1964
  • Frank M. Sophia, 1965, 1966
  • E. Rea Seeley, 1967, 1968
  • Edward Newpol, 1969; N
  • Harry Lavidor, 1970
  • Edward Finkelstein, 1971
  • Leonard B. Cutler, 1972
  • Ralph S. Cohen, 1973; PDDGM
  • Alan C. Hochberg, 1974, 1975
  • Leon Rabin, 1976, 1992-1997
  • Stefanos J. Loisou, 1977
  • David Ginsberg, 1978
  • Jack L. Zimmerman, 1979, 1980; PDDGM
  • Benson Brown, 1981, 1982; PDDGM
  • Daniel L. Needleman, 1983, 1984
  • Ernest A. Pearlstein, 1985, 1986
  • Joseph J. Trofimow, 1987, 1988
  • Joseph J. Newpol, 1989
  • (Edward) Donald Weiner, 1990, 1991; PDDGM
  • David F. Howard, 1998, 1999; PDDGM


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1856
  • Petition for Charter: 1857
  • Consolidation Petition (with Germania Lodge): 1999


  • 1881 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1956 (Centenary)
  • 1976 (120th Anniversary)
  • 1981 (125th Anniversary)



1869 1871 1879 1885 1899 1903 1917 1919 1925 1926 1930 1945 1946 1961 1966 1976 1992


  • 1919 (Notes at hall dedication, 1919-316)
  • 1956 (Centenary History, 1956-57)


  • 1885 (Presentation to Grand Lodge, 1885-191)
  • 1900 (Presentation to Grand Lodge, 1900-19)
  • 1934 (Reduction of fees disapproved, 1934-335)
  • 1936 (Reduction of fees approved)



From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XVII, No. 4, February 1858, Page 119:

The last stated meeting of Revere Lodge was made the occasion of a very interesting and pleasing occurrence. The retiring Master, W. William W. Baker, having served the Lodge as Master from its commencement, was presented by the members thereof with a beautiful silver testimonial, expressive of their brotherly love and Masonic estimation.

The presentation was made by the Senior Warden, Br. Wm. Rogers, in a very felicitous and highly pleasing address. He adverted to the labors of Br. Baker as one of the founders of the Lodge, his devotion to its interests, and his jealous care and watchfulness while Master. The speaker also alluded in fitting terms to the services of his Worshipful Brother in other departments of the Institution ; his love for the Craft, and the confidence and esteem in which he was held, not only by the members of his own Lodge, but also in the Order at large. Brother Rogers' remarks were exceedingly appropriate, and were listened to with great attention.

Brother Baker, in reply, was much affected at this unexpected event, and ex pressed his heartfelt thanks for the beautiful testimonial and the flattering terms in which it had been conveyed. He alluded to the success that had attended their endeavors to form a first class Lodge, and their present prosperous condition, and ascribed it, in a great measure, to that harmony and oneness of sentiment that had ever characterized them as a Lodge.

Revere Lodge already numbers more than fifty members, a majority of whom have so far perfected themselves as Masons, as to be able to fill with honor, almost any office in the Lodge. This, Brother Baker held to be a sure and certain foundation, and the only sure and certain foundation for a Masonic Lodge, and urged upon the Brethren the necessity of attention to the study of the ritual, and a prompt attendance at the meetings, both of the Lodge and sodality. He concluded with trusting that the harmony and brotherly love that now existed might ever prevail, and that the present W. M. (Brother Sanders,) might leave to his successor, as happy, as prosperous, and as united a Lodge.

The testimonial is a Silver Pitcher, of chaste design, elegantly wrought, and beautifully finished. It is inscribed —

From the Members of
Revere Lodge
Worshipful William W. Baker,
for his
Eminent services as First Master of this Lodge.
January, 1858."

The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of the Brethren, who expressed themselves much pleased at the appropriateness and the interest of the occasion.


From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XIX, No. 3, January 1860, Page 72:

Revere Lodge of Boston held their fourth annual meeting at Nassau Hall, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 6th, at which time the following Brethren were duly elected and installed :—

  • Chas. C. Dame, W. M.
  • Richard Briggs, S. W.
  • H. P. Hemenway, J. W.
  • John McClellan, Treas.
  • William W. Baker, Sec'y.
  • T. F. Clark, S. Deacon.
  • B. F. Wilson, J. Deacon.
  • C. W. Huntington, S. Steward.
  • J. A. Osborne, J. Steward.
  • G. W. Harris, Organist.

The W. M. elect was installed by the retiring Master, W. O. S. Sanders, who made some impressive remarks upon the nature and importance of the office, add entered at length upon the necessity of a strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the Order. W. Bro. Dame, in turn, in a very happy manner installed the remaining officers. R. W. Wm. D. Coolidge, D. D. Grand Master, then presented W. Bro. Sanders with a Past Master's diploma and took occasion to remark upon the great success that had attended Revere Lodge since its institution, and the excellent standing it maintained in the Grand Lodge.

This Lodge is a legitimate offspring of Columbian Lodge of Boston, its founders being two Past Masters of that Lodge (R. W. Brothers Geo. M. Thacher and Wm. W. Baker) and John McClellan, for many years Secretary of Columbian Lodge. It numbers at present seventy-six members, and ranks second to none in the country, for the excellence of its work, for the interest taken in the Order, and for the high social position of its members.

After the ceremonies of the evening, which were not concluded till a late hour, the Lodge, with its invited guests, repaired to the banqueting hall, where a table had been beautifully spread by Smith, the well known caterer. A proper consideration having been extended to the more solid portion of the viands, Br. Wm. W. Baker, the first Master of the Lodge, was called to the Chair, who, after a few preliminary remarks, welcomed the company to the hospitality of Revere Lodge, and announced as the first sentiment — "The Grand Lodge." In the absence of the M. W. Grand Master, John T. Heard, R. W. Winslow Lewis, Past G. M., responded in a very happy vein, and provoked a rejoinder from R. W. Dan. Harwood. Speeches and sentiments rapidly followed — prominent among which were those by R. W. Bros. Coolidge, Dame, Sanders, Clapp (who responded to the memory of Paul Revere, for whom the Lodge was called), Allen (who spoke for the Members of Revere Lodge), McClellan, Wood, and others.

The company separated at a late hour, highly gratified with the entertainment of the evening.


From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XIX, No. 6, April 1860, Page 177:

The Masonic Fraternity generally, and especially the older members, are interested in the welfare and doings of the younger Lodges; and, therefore, we take occasion to notice a very agreeable episode which occurred during the exercises at Revere Lodge, at its regular communication on the 6th instant.

It is a cheering and pleasing judication of the condition of the Order in this jurisdiction, to see the Brethren of a Lodge, organized but three years since, manifesting their appreciation of Masonic zeal and services in their officers in the manner exemplified on the occasion above referred to.

A committee of the Lodge, consisting of W. M. Dame, Briggs, Hemenway, McClellan, Wood, Rogers and M. Williams, having been appointed to consult upon some suitable testimonial to present to Worshipful Past Master, Bro. Sanders, for his faithful and able discharge of the duties of Master of Revere Lodge, also to express the feelings of the members towards him personally, made choice of a beautiful silver pitcher, elegantly chased and with an appropriate inscription, and the presentation was made by Brother Rogers, on behalf of the committee, in the following felicitous remarks, which, as well as the reply thereto, have been committed to paper and kindly furnished at our solicitation.

A Member of Revere Lodge.

Worshipful Matter Sanders, — A pleasing observance has become customary in many of our Masonic bodies, upon the retirement of a presiding officer, who has always been faithful and efficient in his duties, a true-hearted Mason, and worthy of all Brotherly regard, of giving him some permanent testimonial, for the purpose of showing that bis Brethren appreciate his worth and his services, and wish him and his friends to know and remember that he is properly esteemed. The principal value of the gift, not derived from the material or the workmanship, springs from the esteem and good will of those friends and Brothers who take pleasure in presenting it. The inscription upon its face displays in words what is felt in the hearts of the givers, and imparts a value richer than silver or gold.

Worshipful Brother, you have presided over this Lodge, during two years of progress, harmony and prosperity. And during the first two years of our working, also, previous to your occupancy of the Master's chair, as Senior Deacon, yon were a prominent, faithful and efficient officer. Both positions you have filled with credit to yourself and honor to the Lodge; and you have never spared any effort, or care, or study, or pain, to fulfill every part of your duty faithfully, and to advance the best interests, the welfare, the harmony and good feeling of the Lodge. Your constant endeavor has appeared to be, to do your whole duty, and such an endeavor secures its own success. This Lodge, which has grown up with you, these just and upright Masons, selected with care from the applicants for admission to our ancient mysteries, attest the watchful care, not only of your worthy predecessor, whom we all esteem and love, but also of yourself; and the prudence and discrimination of the committees appointed by both. And to those who have been associated with you io the pleasant relations of Masonic Brotherhood, among whom no contention has ever existed, but that noble contention, or rather emulation, of who best could work and best agree, you yourself would be one of the most ready to accord their appropriate measure of commendation.

And now, worshipful Brother, we ask you to receive from our hands this token of our esteem (a beautiful Silver Pitcher, a rare specimen of workmanship). May it always remind you to continue firm and steadfast in every Masonic duty, so that in age you may enjoy the happy reflection consequent on a well spent life.



1856: District 1 (Boston)

1867: District 1 (Boston)

1883: District 1 (Boston)

1911: District 1 (Boston)

1927: District 1 (Boston)


Massachusetts Lodges