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A portrait of the Grand Master appears in the frontispiece.

William H.L. Odell, Deputy Grand Master
William M. Belcher, Senior Grand Warden
Oliver A. Roberts, Junior Grand Warden


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston)

  • 03/11: 1908-1;
  • 06/10: 1908-59;
  • 09/09: 1908-97;
  • 12/09: 1908-137; (Annual Communication)

03/11 Agenda

  • 1908-13: Installation of officers not present at the 1907 Feast of St. John.
  • 1908-31: Petition by Macedonian Lodge regarding the recently-adopted amendment to the Grand Constitutions regarding release of jurisdiction; the basis of their protest is due to their closer proximity to Dorchester and Roxbury than many of the Boston lodges. Referred to committee.
    • 12/09: 1908-201; petition requested on 09/23 to be withdrawn; granted.
  • 1908-34: Recognition of Grand Lodge of Argentina, originally requested in 1907, refused due to the association of the applicant with "divers and sundry other notorious, spurious and pretended Masons."
  • 1908-35: Warning by the Recording Grand Secretary against circulars "disseminated throughout the State by one Clark, a book-binder, of Portland, Me., offering for sale a cheap publication purporting to be a cipher of our ritual."
  • 1908-36: Resolutions adopted to create a Committee on Masonic History:

"Resolved, That it is the duty of the Grand Jurisdiction of Freemasonry in Massachusetts, the oldest jurisdiction in this country, to cause to be prepared, as completely as possible, and published in enduring form, its Masonic history from Colonial days to the present time.

"To that end it is

"Moved, That a Committee on Masonic History, to consist of one able and discreet Brother, and to be known as the Historian of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, be appointed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master to carry out the purpose of the Resolution.

"And it is further

"Moved, That the sum of twenty-five hundred dollars be appropriated each year to defray the personal expenses of this Committee or Historian - subsequent provision to be made for publishing the History in such way and manner as may be determined by this Grand Lodge.

"The resolutions were unanimously adopted by a rising vote, with manifestation of much enthusiasm. The M.W. Grand Master John Albert Blake then announced that he believed it would be the general opinion of the Fraternity that the Brother best qualified for the duty proposed was the present Grand Secretary Sereno D. Nickerson, and accordingly that appointment would be made; therefore it now rested with that Brother to decide whether he would undertake what it was hoped would be to him a welcome task."

  • 1908-38: Report of Committee on Legislation. An act reported to the Legislature in March 1908 is reprinted in full.
    • 06/10: 1908-72: The pen used by the Lieutenant Governor to sign the Act was contributed to the Grand Lodge.

06/10 Agenda

  • 1908-73: Election of a member of the Board of Directors to replace the late Rt. Wor. Albert A. Folsom.
  • 1908-77ff: Extensive report by Rt. Wor. Thomas W. Davis on the proposed Masonic Home. Discussions of solicitation of pledges from lodges; disposition of funds; location of a Home; means and purposes.
    • 09/09: 1908-105; A financial statement was presented by Rt. Wor. Bro. Davis. Nearly $48,000 had been pledged, of which about half had thus far been collected.
    • 12/09: 1908-203; Further report of the Masonic Home Committee.

09/09 Agenda

  • 1908-104: Grand Master announced that Wor. William A. Smith, the first Master of Montacute Lodge at its organization in 1858, was his special guest. "To his greeting the aged Brother responded in a manner that showed in how slight a degree he was affected by the weight of his advancing years."
  • 1908-107: Resignation by Rt. Wor. Sereno D. Nickerson as Recording Grand Secretary. Rt. Wor. Thomas W. Davis appointed in his stead. He was then duly installed.
  • 1908-108: Brother Nickerson appointed as Historian of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

12/09 Agenda

Grand Master's Address

  • 12/09: 1908-163; Opening remarks; necrology; death of 855 Brethren; visits; comments on the Feast of St. John (the Grand Masters decision to exclude wine from the feast); Fraudulent Use Act; Grand Lecturers' reports; Masonic Home; decision not to redistrict ( due to "attachment of Brethren to their District affiliations". Still, "I am very strongly of the opinion that the re-districting of the Lodges in this Commonwealth would reduce our expenditures and be advantageous to our Lodges generally, and I am fearful that in declining to take action I have left an important duty unperformed."); Grand Treasurer's report; Charity; Collamore litigation; report of the Board of Directors; returns of Lodges and losses; condemning of innovations, particularly the stereopticon and the costuming of Fellow Crafts; filing for tax-exempt status; conclusion.

Lodge By-Law Changes

Necrologies and Memorials

  • 03/11: 1908-15: Necrology by Grand Master for Rt. Wor. Arthur Truman Way, Past Deputy Grand Master.
    • 06/10: 1908-69: Memorial presented by Deputy Grand Master William H.L. Odell, for the committee.
  • 03/11: 1908-16: Necrology by Grand Master for Rt. Wor. Eugene Van Rensselaer Thayer, Trustee of the Masonic Education and Charity Trust.
    • 03/11: 1908-28: Memorial presented by Rt. Wor. S. Lothrop Thorndike.
    • 09/07: 1908-95: As part of the anniversary celebration for Trinity Lodge, a memorial was offered for Rt. Wor. Bro. Thayer.
  • 03/11: 1908-16: Necrology by Grand Master for Rt. Wor. Henry P. Brown, Past District Deputy Grand Master.
  • 03/11: 1908-17: Necrology by Grand Master for Rt. Wor. John H. Swain, Past District Deputy Grand Master.
  • 12/29: 1908-220: Necrology by Grand Master for Rt. Wor. George Julian Tufts, Past District Deputy Grand Master.


  • 03/21: 1908-41. Warren. 50th Anniversary of Quaboag Lodge.
    • 1908-42: Reception by Wor. Elmer A. Lincoln of Quaboag Lodge, and witnessing of degree work.
    • 1908-42: After a banquet and social hour, opening of Grand Lodge.
    • 1908-42: Historical Address by Wor. Charles D. Perkins, the Secretary of the Lodge.
    • 1908-42: Presentation of ten Past Masters' Jewels by the Grand Master; brief addresses.
    • 1908-43: Extract from Historical Sketch.
  • 05/06: 1908-46. Boston. 50th Anniversary of Henry Price Lodge.
    • 1908-47: Opening of Grand Lodge; reception by Wor. Robert B. Loring of Henry Price Lodge.
    • 1908-47: Dinner in banquet hall "where tables had been prepared for three hundred guests, who immediately applied themselves to the more solid and substantial work of the evening, soon transferring the groaning of the tables to their own digestive apparatus respectively."
    • 1908-48: Speakers, including Rt. Wor. Joseph H. Gleason, a Past Master of the Lodge; "some of the speakers, and perhaps some of the hearers, would gladly have kept him talking and waived the order of the programme."

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Somerville

  • 05/30: 1908-49. Somerville. Corner-stone laying of Soldiers' Monument.
    • 1908-50. Opening of Grand Lodge at Masonic Apartments; members of King Solomon's, John Abbot and Soley Lodges in attendance.
    • 1908-50: Welcome address by Wor. Robert Oliver, Master of King Solomon's Lodge.
    • 1908-52: Grand Master's response; procession to monument site; Order of Exercises.
    • 1908-56: Address by Rev. Bro. Horton and further activities.
    • Description of Event.
  • 06/22: 1908-82. Worcester. 50th Anniversary of Montacute Lodge.
    • 1908-82: (On 06/21) Sermon at the First Universalist Church by Rev. Bro. Vincent E. Tomlinson, the Chaplain of the Lodge.
    • 1908-83: Opening of Grand Lodge; reception by Wor. William H. DeLong of Montacute Lodge.
    • 1908-83: Order of Exercises. "This brief programme suggests only a faint idea of the pleasure afforded by the beautiful music and the literary contributions."
    • 1908-84: A "sumptuous dinner" in Association Hall. "A very successful flash-light photograph was obtained of the whole brilliant scene." Toast Master was Rt. Wor. Forrest E. Barker; various speakers, including the Grand Master and Bro. Walter C. Wardwell, Mayor of Cambridge.
  • 07/30: 1908-86. Malden. Corner-stone laying of First Parish Universalist Church.
    • 1908-87: Opening of Grand Lodge at Masonic Hall; procession to building site, escorted by Beauseant Commandery as well as Mount Vernon and Converse Lodges.
    • 1908-87: Order of Exercises.
    • 1908-89: Corner-stone ceremony.
    • 1908-89: Dedicatory Address by Rt. Wor. Dana J. Flanders.
    • 1908-92: Address by Rev. William H. McGlauflin, General Superintendent of Universalist Churches.
  • 09/07: 1908-94. Clinton. 50th Anniversary of Trinity Lodge.
    • 1908-95: Opening of Grand Lodge; reception by Wor. Frank E. Bullard of Trinity Lodge.
    • 1908-95: Order of Exercises.
    • 1908-96: An "excellent supper" in the banquet hall, followed by addresses by the Grand Master and other Brothers; historcal address by Wor. Jonathan Smith.
  • 09/10: 1908-119. Webster. 50th Anniversary of Webster Lodge.
    • 1908-120: Opening of Grand Lodge; reception by the Master of Webster Lodge.
    • 1908-120: Historical sketch by Rt. Wor. Elias K. Morton, Past Senior Grand Warden.
    • 1908-120: Music and addresses by the Grand Master and other officers.
  • 10/04 - 10/05: 1908-122: Boston. 175th Anniversary of St. John's Lodge.
    • 1908-124: Opening of Grand Lodge.
    • 1908-124: Extensive list of guests, including fourteen presiding Grand Masters.
    • 1908-124: Procession from Masonic Hall to Tremont Temple for religious services; visiting Grand Masters were given seats on the platform.
    • 1908-126: Order of religious exercises.
    • 1908-128: (10/05) Grand Lodge opened at Masonic Temple. Reception by Wor. Leonard G. Roberts, Master of St. John's Lodge.
    • 1908-129: Order of exercises.
    • 1908-129: Presentation of "a souvenir fashioned from nails which were formerly in Mason's Hall in Richmond" by Grand Master Joseph Eggleston of Virginia.
    • 1908-130: Banquet in the evening.
    • 1908-130: (10/06) Conference in the afternoon with visiting Grand Masters at the Algonquin Club.

Marion Music Hall

  • 11/28: 1908-131. Marion. Laying of the Corner-stone of Masonic Hall.
    • 1908-132; Grand Lodge members arrived in Marion by rail and were conveyed to the Music Hall.
    • 1908-132: Opening of Grand Lodge; reception by Wor. George I. Luce, Master of Pythagorean Lodge.
    • 1908-132: Procession to building site; Order of Exercises.
    • 1908-134: Address by Rev. and Wor. William H. Rider.
    • 1908-136: "The half hour remaining before the return to Boston was pleasantly spent in disposing of the bounteous collation which was served by the ladies in the main audience room of Music Hall."
  • 12/12 - 12/14: 1908-208. Peabody. Centennial of Jordan Lodge.
    • 1908-208: Reception by Wor. william H. Hill, Master of Jordan Lodge.
    • 1908-209: Historical address by Wor. Joseph F. Wiggin.
    • 1908-209: Remarks by Grand Master, who "spoke of his love for the Brethren of the Lodge; of the warm friends of former years among its members; of his official visit as District Deputy Grand Master nineteen years ago" and other matters.
    • 1908-210: Collation in Town Hall after the exercises.
    • 1908-211: Divine Worship at the Lodge-Hall.
    • 1908-212: (12/13) Order of Worship.
    • 1908-217: (12/14) Banquet at Town Hall.


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/29/1908)

  • 1908-218: Opening and roll call.
  • 1908-222: Installation of Grand Master Dana Judson Flanders. The obligation and ceremony of installation was according to the ritual used in the installation of John Rowe in 1768. Installation of other Grand Officers. An engraving of Past Grand Master John Rowe appears opposite Page 1908-222.
  • 1908-229: Report of Recording Grand Secretary: 3,334 Master Mason diplomas issued in 1908.
  • 1908-230: List of lodges not represented in Grand Lodge in 1906, as well as the past 2 years.
  • 1908-231: Feast of St. John, listing toasts and names of speakers:
    • 1908-235: Grand Master Flanders; remarks on Saint John the Baptist; copy of the Henry Price Charter is read. Remarks and toasts.
    • 1908-240: Past Grand Master and Recording Secretary Nickerson; remarks on Bro. Rufus Choate.
    • 1908-246: Past Grand Master Blake. Remarks on the Masonic Home. A picture of the Overlook property appears opposite Page 1908-247.
    • 1908-250: Grand Chaplain Rev. William H. Rider.
    • 1908-256: Junior Grand Warden Rt. Wor. Allen T. Treadway.
    • 1908-261: Rt. Wor. George L. Cady.
    • 1908-267: Bro. John Duncan Monroe, Rt. Em. Grand Commander.
    • 1908-270: Rt. Ex. Crandon, Deputy Grand High Priest.
    • 1908-273: Ill. Grand Master Everett C. Benton.
    • 1908-275: Wor. Lafayette G. Blair.


There were 28 districts in Massachusetts in 1908, as well as districts for Chile and China.

DISTRICT 1: Boston

Leon M. Abbott, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-v

DISTRICT 2: Cambridge

Henry M. Nourse, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-vi

DISTRICT 3: East Boston

James Gould, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-vii

DISTRICT 4: South Boston

Fred C. Garvin, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-viii

DISTRICT 5: Waltham

William F. Jarvis, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-ix

DISTRICT 6: Somerville

Charles B. Dunham, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-x


Harry P. Ballard, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xi


Robert K. Sears, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xii

DISTRICT 9: Newburyport

Benjamin J. Warton, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xiii

DISTRICT 10: Lawrence

Nelson J. Hunt, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xiv

DISTRICT 11: Lowell

Horace S. Bacon, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xv

DISTRICT 12: Fitchburg

Allan G. Buttrick, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xvi

DISTRICT 13: Greenfield

Joseph G. Stoddard, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xvii

DISTRICT 14: North Adams

Herbert O. Hicks, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xviii

DISTRICT 15: Pittsfield

Charles H. Cooper, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xix

DISTRICT 16: Springfield

Clarence A. Brodeur, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xx

DISTRICT 17: Palmer

Edgar J. Buck, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxi

DISTRICT 18: Worcester

Edward M. Woodward, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxii

DISTRICT 19: Southbridge

Homer S. Joslin, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxiii

DISTRICT 20: Milford

Seymour A. Knowles, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxiv

DISTRICT 21: Framingham

Thomas Deane, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxv

DISTRICT 22: Hyde Park

Oscar A. Marden, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxvi

DISTRICT 23: Taunton

Edward C. Martin, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxvii

DISTRICT 24: Brockton

Herbert F. French, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxviii

DISTRICT 25: Hingham

Edward B. Pratt, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxix

DISTRICT 26: Fall River

Albert F. Dow, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxx

DISTRICT 27: Nantucket

William J. Look, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxxi

DISTRICT 28: Provincetown

Harrie D. Handy, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Tabular: 1908-xxxii


David Urquhart, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges
Tabular: None


George A. Derby, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges
Tabular: None


1 U.D.

  • Isthmus (Ancon, Canal Zone, U.D.)

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