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Location: Holyoke

Chartered By: Edward A. Raymond

Charter Date: 12/11/1850 V-305

Precedence Date: 03/14/1850

Current Status: Active


  • Samuel Flinn, ?
  • William Orrell, 1878-1880
  • Archibald A. Brooks, 1902, 1903; N


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From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XVIII, No. 7, May 1859, Page 223:


Whereas, it hath pleased the Divine Grand Master of the Universe to remove from tbe labors of this life our beloved Brother, Past Master Samuel Flinn, one of the eonttitutive members of tbit Lodge — thereby severing the tie which bound us together here on earth — therefore

Resolved, That we remember with gratitude the faithful tervicet of our late Brother in behalf of Mount Tom Lodge — his steady adherence to the ancient rite and usages of tbe Order, and the fidelity with which all his Masonic duties were performed.

Resolved, That bowing submissively to the decree of an All-wise Providence, we sincerely and deeply deplore his loss as a warm-hearted friend and a faithful Brother, and desire that it may so help to influence our hearts and our lives, that we may be incited to the more faithful discharge of every duty devolving upon us as men and Masons.

Resolved, That we tender to the family of our deceased Brother deep and sincere sympathy, imploring for them the care of our Heavenly Father, who it the husband of the widow, and the father of the fatherless, and who will not forsake those who pot their trust in Him.

Resolved, That as a token of respect for our departed Brother, the jewels of this Lodge be draped in mourning for thirty days.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of our late Brother — that they be entered at large upon the records, and that a copy be offered to Freemasons' Magazine for publication.

A true copy, (Signed,)
W. B. C. Pearsons,
Henry Wheeler,
E. B. Wheeler,
Attest — J. E. Morrill, Sec., Mount Tom Lodge.

Holyoke, Mass., March 10th, 1859.
The above resolutions were unanimously passed. J. E. Morrill, Sec.


1850: District 9

1854: District 10

1867: District 10 (Springfield)

1883: District 16 (Chicopee)

1911: District 17 (Holyoke)

1927: District 17 (Holyoke)

2003: District 27


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