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Lucius R. Paige, Deputy Grand Master
William Ferson, Senior Grand Warden
John Flint, Junior Grand Warden




Held at Masonic Temple, Boston

  • 03/10: V-370;
  • 06/09: V-382;
  • 09/08: V-403;
  • 12/08: V-411; (Annual Communication)

03/10 Agenda

  • V-372: Petition by Meridian Lodge to remove to Natick; granted.
  • V-373; Report of jurisdictional dispute between Rising Sun Lodge in Nashua, N.H. and St. Paul Lodge, Groton (First reported in 1851.)
  • V-376: Communication from Grand Lodge of Kentucky.
    • 06/09: V-384; Grand Lodge declined financial support for the building of the Louisville Masonic Temple due to lack of funds.
  • V-376: Resignation of Bro. Josiah Baldwin, long time Grand Tyler (more than 30 years).
  • V-377: Communication from the Grand Lodge of California.

06/09 Agenda

  • V-383: Bro. Levi Bates appointed and installed Grand Tyler.
  • V-383: Committee of arrangements appointed for the anniversary of the initation of George Washington.
    • 09/08: V-408; Partial report of committee; procession, oration and dinner to be held.
  • V-385ff: Reply to Bro. Jacob Norton on the subject of Jewish forms of prayer in Lodge.

Note: 48 Lodges listed as represented at this meeting, detailed on pages V-401/402.

09/08 Agenda

  • V-405: Petition by Mount Tom Lodge, Holyoke, for remission of dues, and assistance in finding a "proper and safe" place to meet.
  • V-406: Petition by Montgomery Lodge, Medway, to remove to Milford; application informal and without approval of nearest lodge; tabled.
    • 12/08: V-514; granted. (Note also that Charity Lodge, formerly of Milford, did not have its charter restored this year and never again convened.)
  • V-408: Documents and correspondence from the Grand Orient of France and its Grand Master, Prince Murat.
  • V-409: Masonic Monument proposal from a Virginia brother; Grand Lodge to contribute $100.

12/08 Agenda

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XII, No. 6, April 1853, p. 171:


This Grand Body held its quarterly communication in this city on the 9th ult. The most important Business transacted was the adoption of a report on the unfortunate difficulties which have arisen in the Grand Lodge of California. The report will be found in subsequent pages, and to it the reader is referred.

A report adverse to the reduction of the present fees paid by the Lodges to the Grand Lodge was also adopted by a nearly unanimous vote—three Brethren only voting in the negative.

A report was also adopted, declining to comply with a request to issue Circulars to the Lodges under the jurisdiction, 'soliciting pecuniary aid in the erection of the National Monument at Washington, for the reason that "this Grand Lodge has heretofore contributed from its funds towards the erection of a Masonic Monument in memory of our illustrious Brother (Washington); and has also recommended to the Lodges under its jurisdiction to do likewise."

The M. W. Grand Master announced in appropriate terms, the death of the R. W. Ferdinand E. White, P. D. Grand Master, and suitable resolutions, expressive of the love and esteem in which the deceased was held by his Brethren, were adopted. The death of the excellent and faithful Brother, Josiah Baldwin, late Grand Tyler, was noticed in appropriate terms. The resolutions adopted on the occasion, will be found on a succeeding page.

A charter was ordered to be issued to Baalbec Lodge tit East Boston. This Lodge has been working the past year under dispensation, and its returns show, with eminent success.

The meeting was an active one, and a large amount of local business was transacted, and this,—with the slight exception before noticed,—with entire unanimity,—as is usual in this Grand Lodge.

  • V-412: Report of the Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
  • V-415: Petition by Cincinnatus Lodge to remove to Sheffield; to be granted when the District Deputy Grand Master grants approval.
  • V-417: Report of the Committee on Finance.
  • V-419: Re-election of Grand Master Randall and other Grand Lodge officers.
  • V-420: Plymouth Lodge dues remitted.

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals

  • 09/08: V-407; Amendment to Grand Constitutions to raise Annual Fees to $5; referred.
    • 12/08: V-417; tabled and referred to the next Quarterly communication.

Grand Master's Address

Address from Moore's Freemason's Monthly.

Necrologies and Memorials

  • 03/10: V-374; Death of Rt. Wor. Thomas M. Vinson, Past Senior Grand Warden; memorial delivered by committee.
  • 06/09: V-383; Death of Rt. Wor. Charles Bates, Grand Lecturer.
    • 09/08: V-404, delivered by Rev. Bro. Stephen Lovell.

Petitions for Charters

  • 03/10: V-372; Petition by Ashler Lodge, Rockport; granted (Dispensation 03/16/1851).
  • 06/12: V-372; Petition for Ben Franklin Lodge, Grafton; granted, name changed to Franklin Lodge. (Dispensation 03/15/1851).

Petitions for Dispensation for Lodges

Petitions for Restoration of Charter

  • 03/10: V-371; Petition to restore Charity Lodge, Milford; petition "not in conformity with regulations" and tabled. (Montgomery Lodge relocated to Milford this year.])



  • 05/10: V-379; Special meeting to receive Brother Louis(Lajos) Kossuth of Hungary. Address by Grand Master Randall and eloquent reply by Kossuth (which "occupied about three quarters of an hour and was listened to with rapt attention."


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/30/1852)

From New England Freemason, Vol. I, No. 4, April 1874, p. 198:

A Washington Jewel.

At the installation of the officers of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on the thirtieth of December, 1852, an incident occurred which we do not remember to have seen reported except in the pub lished Proceedings. The late Bishop Randall had that evening been installed for the first time as Grand Master. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, he introduced to the Grand Lodge the Hon. Myron Lawrence, of the State Senate. On rising, the Hon. Brother respectfully acknowledged the courtesy of the chair — referred to his former connection with the Masonic Fraternity of the Commonwealth, and with the Grand Lodge, as one of its District Deputy Grand Masters — said that he had not been in a Lodge for many years — that in the stormy times of anti-Masonry he had contended against the enemies of the Institution with his "armor on"; and that, though at last, in common with all his Brethren in the section of the State in which he resided, he was forced to yield in the unequal contest, he did so with his flag still flying over his head. But the immediate object of his rising, he said, was to exhibit to the Grand Lodge an ancient Masonic Jewel, which had just been handed to him by his Brother Col. Flores, Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Peru (then present), and which had been worn by Gen. Washington as the presiding officer of a Lodge in the army of the Revolution. The history of the Jewel, as the Hon. Brother gave it, on the authority of Brother Flores, is briefly as follows. He said it originally belonged to Brother Bystrzanowfski, a Polish soldier, who came over to this country about the time that Kosciusko arrived here and immediately entered and served in the American army under Gen. Washington. Being a Mason, he was associated with Washington in one of the army Lodges having authority to confer the Mark degree, and over which Washington presided for a time as Master. This Jewel, being the only one in the possession of the Brethren appropriate to a Mark Lodge, was loaned by its owner to Gen. Washington, and was worn by him at the meetings of the Lodge. On the disbanding of the army, Washington returned it with a complimentary letter. At his death, the Polish Brother bequeathed it to his children, through whom it was transmitted to one of his grandsons, who was present in Grand Lodge when this relation was made.

In his Address at the installation of officers in the following year. Grand Master Randall thus announced the death of Brother Lawrence: " When I turn from these posts of active duty [the offices of Senior Grand Warden and Grand Lecturer made vacant by death] to the list, I am reminded of one, who was with us at the installation of the officers of this Grand Lodge a year ago. Those who were present on that occasion well remember the stirring tones of his eloquence as he spoke of the days when he bore the banner of our Order, in the face of the foe that threatened to desecrate and destroy all that pertained to the distinctive principles of this ancient Frater nity. He held the responsible office of District Deputy Grand Master when the violent storm of persecution burst forth anil raged with terrific fury. Undaunted, he did his duty, and he did it well. He, too, has finished his laliors. His body has been committed to the dust as it was, and his soul hath gone to God who gave it."

  • V-423: Instruction session.
  • V-430: Installation of Grand Master Randall and other Grand Lodge officers. Grand Secretary presented a "curious Masonic Watch made in London in the year 1800‚" description given.
  • V-430: Rt. Wor. Winslow Lewis presented Grand Lodge with a gilt framed portrait of Prince Murat, Grand Master of France.


From the collection of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts

  • This list is based on the O.P. for 1852 (see above).
    • Charity is listed in the O.P., but its charter was never re-granted.
    • Social Harmony is listed in the O.P., but its charter was not restored until 1856.
    • Mount Tom is marked as U.D., but it received its charter in 1850.
    • Republican is not listed in the O.P., but its charter was restored in 1851 and it was relocated back to Greenfield; placed in District 9.
    • Merrimack is not listed in the O.P., but its charter was restored in 1851; placed in District 2.
    • Union is listed as being in District 8, but there is a Special Deputy, so it has been placed there.


Jerome Van Crowninshield Smith, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges


John S. Johnson, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges


Prentice Cushing, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Jonathan Greenwood, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Albert Case, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges


Horace Chenery, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges


Lucien B. Keith, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges


Jeremiah Stone, District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges

See Nantucket below


W. Franklin Weston, District Deputy Grand Master; 13 Lodges


Benjamin Brown, Nantucket, Special Deputy


No District Deputy Grand Master; 1 Lodge

  • Report from District Deputy Grand Master, December 1852, from Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XII, No. 3, p. 82:
    • R.W. Brother Moore: - I had the pleasure of meeting with Rising Star Lodge in Stoughton, and installing its officers on the evening of Nov. 26th. The Charter was dated 1779. Here are venerable and valuable members, who have borne up the ark of the covenant, and kept the jewels bright by use, during years of opposition. They stood, and yet stand, firm in duty; ad well versed in the tenets and forms of Masonry. Several volumes of the Masonic Magazine were on the table, and as the Lodge voted to subscribe for it another year, I conclude that the Brethren intend to avail themselves of the best means of information, respecting the Institution.
    • On the 29th Nov., I visited Corner Stone Lodge, at Duxbury. The members are zealous, and have much work to do, and as they are "apt to teach", those that hail from that Lodge are well instructed.
    • Plymouth, at Old Plymouth, was re-organized last Spring. The east wind has blown upon it since, but there are sure indications that the Light will soon burn on their altar, the tools become polished by their contact with the scions of Plymouth Rock.
    • Old Colony Lodge, Hingham, was re-organized last February, and has made a good report. Under the supervision of Bro. Marshal Lincoln, it could not help but work, and work well.
    • Montgomery Lodge, of Medway, sustains his former reputation, and is desirous of being removed to Milford. If the Grand Lodge permit its removal, it will be in a more central position, its meetings he more fully attended, - greater zeal will be manifested, and more work will be done.
    • Thus endeth the chapter, for the fifth district. - In Faith, Hope and Charity, thy Brother, Albert Case.

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