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Lucius R. Paige, Deputy Grand Master
Richard S. Spofford, Senior Grand Warden
Jonas A. Marshall, Junior Grand Warden




Held at Masonic Temple, Boston

  • 03/08: V-506;
  • 06/14: V-509;
  • 09/13: V-523;
  • 12/13: V-527; (Annual Communication)

03/08 Agenda

  • V-506: Invitation by Lafayette Lodge #41, Manchester, New Hampshire, to attend St. John's Day on June 24; committed to senior officers.
  • V-507: Committee appointed to obtain portraits of Past Grand Masters.
    • 06/14: V-513; report of committee; portraits include a full-length portrait of Washington. Committee appointed to procure missing portraits.
    • 12/27: V-557; committee thanked for its work, and reported on its progress. (See Portraits summary page.)
  • V-507: Rural Lodge granted a "note of hand" by Grand Lodge.
  • V-507: Committee to purchase new aprons and regalia.

06/14 Agenda

  • V-521: Report of committee on General Grand Lodge; the committee "have given to the subject all the consideration the time allowed them would permit, and deem it inexpedient to take any further order on the subject."
  • V-521: Invitation by Middlesex Lodge to attend St. John's Day on June 24; accepted.
  • V-522: Committee appointed to "consider, what if any measures are necessary for the more effectual prevention of the initiation of candidates for Masonry, who have been once rejected."

09/13 Agenda

  • V-525: Petition by King Solomon's Lodge, Waldoboro, Maine for assistance due to a disastrous fire; Grand Lodge committed $100 for assistance.

12/13 Agenda

  • V-528: Report of the Committee of Finance.
  • V-529: Report of Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
  • V-531: Report of Trustees of the Temple.
  • V-532: Petition by "sundry members" of Mount Zion Lodge to remove to Barre; to be dismissed, as the petition did not originate from the lodge itself. "The committee are also informed that Mount Zion Lodge has not made returns to this Grand Lodge for twenty-five years, although it professes to be alive, and has made some masons." Suggests that the District Deputy should obtain returns and then the lodge can make proper application.
  • V-533: Presentation of a draft of new By-Laws for Columbian Lodge; referred.
    • 12/27: V-550; approved.
  • V-540: Rt. Wor. Winslow Lewis elected Grand Master (88 ballots) and other Grand Lodge officers elected.
  • V-543: Report of the Committee on the Library.
  • V-544: Committee on arrangements appointed.

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals


Necrologies and Memorials

06/14: V-510; Death of Rt. Wor. John Abbot, Past Grand Master; memorial delivered by committee.

12/27: V-546; Death of Rt. Wor. Caleb Butler, Past Grand Master; memorial delivered by committee (Rt. Wor. J.H. Sheppard; V-550; Original document)

Grand Master's Address

  • 12/27: V-554ff; "Interesting and appropriate" Address by new Grand Master Lewis, followed by a reply from Past Grand Master Randall.

Petitions for Charters

  • 09/12: V-524; Petition for a new lodge in Boston; referred.
    • 12/13: V-538; Reports from committee presented and tabled. Following elections, two reports were presented; the lodge was to be granted a charter, and degree work could be presented in German; this concession was meant in part to prevent intervention by the Grand Lodge of Hamburg, which would grant a charter and would thus be disruptive. Charter for Germania Lodge to be therefore granted.
  • 12/13: V-534; Petition for Bethesda Lodge U.D., Valparaiso, Chile; extended committee report regarding interactions with the Grand Lodge of California, shipwrecks, etc. Petition should be granted.
    • 12/27: V-550; charter signed 12/14/1854.

Petitions for Dispensation for Lodges


Petitions for Restoration of Charter

  • 09/12: V-524; Petition to restore Norfolk Union Lodge, Randolph; referred due to "informality"; to be resolved at Annual Communication.
    • 12/13: V-542; "owing to certain defects" the charter cannot be granted, but when terms and conditions are met, the Grand Master would be authorized to return it.




(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/27/1854)

  • V-547: Lodge of Instruction.
  • V-552: Installation of Grand Master Winslow Lewis, Jr., and other Grand Lodge officers.
  • V-556: Recording Grand Secretary to be better accomodated in office.


When more information is available, this will be updated with district information.

  • DISTRICT 1: Jerome V.C. Smith, Boston, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 2: John S. Johnson, Gloucester, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 3: Peter Lawson, Lowell, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 4: Jonathan Greenwood, Framingham, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 5: Albert Case, Hingham, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 6: Horace Chenery, Worcester, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 7: Lucien B. Keith, New Bedford, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 8: Sylvanus Baxter, Provincetown, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 9: W. Franklin Weston, Dalton, District Deputy Grand Master
  • DISTRICT 10: John A. Gamber, Greenfield, District Deputy Grand Master
  • NANTUCKET: Benjamin Brown, Nantucket, Special Deputy for Nantucket

Note that District Grand Lecturers were appointed, as per the vote in Grand Lodge; the District Deputy Grand Masters were appointed, except for District 1 (Wor. William C. Martin) and District 2 (Wor. Isaac P. Seavey).

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