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Location: North Reading

Chartered By: Whitfield W. Johnson

Charter Date: 09/12/1956 1956-296

Precedence Date: 12/12/1955

Current Status: Active


  • Walter H. Schultz, 1955-1957
  • Sumner F. Goldthwaite, 1958
  • Carlton E. Cooke, 1959
  • Clarence A. Fowler, 1960
  • Arnold G. Cole, 1961; N
  • Frederick A. Seddon, 1962
  • Chapman B. Goodwin, 1963
  • Ernest J. Snider, 1964
  • Harold W. Chase, 1965
  • Edwin H. Stiles, 1966
  • Joseph A. Spousta, 1967
  • E. Mason Strong, 1968
  • John A. Backe, 1969
  • Robert E. Stentiford, 1970
  • Edson M. Larkin, 1971
  • Harry F. Schemack, 1972
  • Paul H. Hall, 1973
  • Edward J. Ede, III, 1974
  • Fred K. Bauer, 1975
  • Abram F. Simmons, Jr., 1976
  • Edward F. Piercey, 1977
  • Norman E. Pepper, 1978
  • Robert H. Pottle, 1979
  • Larry D. Williams, 1980
  • Charles M. Gore, 1981
  • Anand K. Seth, 1982
  • Wendell A. Berry, Jr., 1983
  • Joseph F. Sadlow, 1984
  • Kenneth R. Elliott, 1985
  • Forrest G. Thurston, 1986
  • Richard A. Gesualdo, 1987
  • Glenn M. Alcorn, 1988
  • William R. Currier, 1989; PDDGM
  • David R. Lee, 1990; PDDGM
  • Frank W. Kenrick, 1991
  • Burt E. Kenty, 1992
  • Russell F. Walters, 1993, 2007; PDDGM
  • Alan B. Bennett, 1994
  • Barry M. Devine, 1995
  • William P. Wohfarth, 1996
  • David C. Grieb, 1997
  • David E. Reed, 1998
  • William J. Medugno, 1999, 2006
  • Michael A. Sandberg, 2000; PDDGM
  • Gerald R. Duggan, 2001, 2011
  • Barry A. Graf, 2002
  • Stephen W. Beverage, 2003
  • John R. Hudgins, 2004
  • Robert S. Johnson, 2005
  • John E. Soderblom, 2008, 2009
  • Michael D. Wolfe, 2012
  • Paul R. Schieding, 2013


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1955
  • Petition for Charter: 1956


  • 1980 (25th Anniversary)
  • 2010 (50th Anniversary)



1961 1972 1973 1978 1984 2000 2005 2010


  • 1971 (History at hall dedication, 1971-358)
  • 1980 (25th Anniversary History, 1980-217)


From Proceedings, Page 1980-217:

(A history of North Reading Lodge for the period from 1955 to 1970 by Brother Andre C. Bourne may be found in the Proceedings of Grand Lodge for 1971, pages 358-373, inclusive.)

On March 15, 1971, North Reading held its first Regular Communication in its new Temple at 283 Park Street. At this time, Right Worshipful Arnold G. Cole was conducted to the East and proceeded to introduce all the Charter Members that were present and then called on Worshipful George Kittrell who spoke regarding the fact that North Reading Lodge was the youngest Lodge ever in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to build its own Temple. He thanked all members on behalf of the Temple Association for their help in this realization. Brother Paul Hall was then called upon to comment on the continued progress and future plans for the Temple and was given a standing ovation for all his efforts.

On May 17, 1971, Worshipful M. Russell Miekel, a Past Master of Good Samaritan Lodge was conducted to the East for the purpose of presenting the Lodge with a Marshal's Baton which he used as District Deputy Grand Marshal when North Reading Lodge was instituted.

On June 22, 1971, Worshipful Edson M. Larkin opened a Special Communication of North Reading Lodge for the purpose of dedication of the New Temple by Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes and other Grand Lodge Officers. At 8:00 P. M., Most Worshipful Brother Jaynes and a most distinguished suite of Grand Lodge Officers, including four Past Grand Masters, were escorted into Lodge. After the opening prayer, the Grand Master then proceeded with the ceremony of dedication. After the dedication, he then spoke further, giving great credit to the membership for its work in building the Temple. (1971 Mass. 355-373)

On January 17, 1972, Worshipful Harry F. Schemack, along with Right Worshipful Richard C.F. Hastings, District Deputy Grand Master, visited the home of Brother Harry Greene for the purpose of presenting him with his Fifty Year Medal.

At the regular communication on September 18th, Worshipful Paul H. Hall acknowledged the new chairs that were given by Algonquin Lodge of Milton. Worshipful Herbert Silva, a Past Master of Mount Olivet Lodge, Cambridge, was made an Honorary Member for his untiring efforts in helping with the building of our new temple and his active participation in the Lodge.

On September 8th 1973, Brother Edward J. Ede III was publicly installed as Master of North Reading Lodge. During the year, it was our privilege to hear about the expansion work that was to be done by Grand Lodge on the Masonic Home in Charlton and also to receive a plaque for 15 years of blood donations of over 100 pints per year.

North Reading Lodge was presented both the Officers and Members Plaques for their attendance at the 35th Lodge of Instruction during the previous year due to the efforts of Worshipful Edward J. Ede. This year saw a closer tie with North Reading DeMolay as the young men were asked to present the colors before the opening of each Lodge meeting.

At the fraternal visit to the Lodge by Right Worshipful Leonard Davis in February of 1975, Brother Hollis Stiles was presented his Fifty Year Medal making him the second person to receive a Fifty Year Medal in this Lodge.

September 13, 1975 saw another public Installation of Officers with the installation of Brother Abram J. Simmons, Jr. as the 20th Master of the Lodge.

The Temple Directors reported that a very successful Clambake had been held that past June as a fund-raising effort. The ties with DeMolay continued through the year as the young men presented the colors before the opening of the Lodge.

Brother Harry Bradford Greene, a life member and the Lodge's first Fifty Year medal recipient, passed on to the Celestial Lodge in November.

Again on September 11, 1976, Brother Edward F. Piercey was installed as Master in another public installation of Officers. It was during the installation that word was received that Worshipful George Kittrell, an affiliated Past Master and a loyal supporter and very active worker in the building of our new Temple had passed to the Celestial Lodge above. He will be long remembered and deeply missed.

During the year, a Charter Members night was held and they were honored for their part in forming North Reading Lodge. Brother William E. Doten received his Fifty Year Medal from Grand Lodge on April 18, 1977, making him the third member to receive it in North Reading Lodge.

During the year, 1977-1978, a piano was donated by Brother Dave Shubert for the use of all the Masonic bodies. Once again, Special Communications were held for the purpose of degree work on a great number of candidates. A Mortgage Reduction Committee was formed for the purpose of reducing the Mortgage on the Temple.

Another Masonic year started with the public installation of Officers held on September 9, 1978 with Brother Robert H. Pottle as Master. The Temple Directors announced that during the past year, a new gas range had been purchased and modifications had been made to the heating system in order to be more energy-efficient. The Lodge continued to grow under Worshipful Pottle through excellent ritual of the Officers.

Again on September 8, 1979, Brother Larry D. Williams was installed the Lodge's new Master and another year had commenced in North Reading Lodge. The reserve fund of the Lodge was invested in a higher earning interest account, the Mortgage Reduction Committee was in full gear and preparations were being made to celebrate the Lodge's 25th Anniversary next year. By-Laws changes were being made to bring them up to date and a scholarship fund was started.

On March 17, 1980, Right Worshipful Fred K. Bauer, newly-appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the Maiden 7th Masonic District was escorted into his own Lodge for the purpose of conducting a Fraternal Visitation. This was his first visit to this Lodge in that capacity. He is the second Past Master of North Reading Lodge to receive this honor.

On September 6, 1980, Brother Charles M. Gore was installed as the 25th Master of North Reading Lodge. This is certainly to be a most challenging year, our anniversary year. Plans have been made for a special communication in December, a silver anniversary Ball in April of 1981 and an all-Masonic family picnic later in the year.

As we look ahead into the future of North Reading Lodge, we trust that the fraternal bonds that have been made over the last 25 years will continue to grow and with it our Lodge and all its related bodies so that Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love will continue to flourish in North Reading Lodge.



1955: District 7 (Malden)

2003: District 9


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