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PAUL REVERE, Grand Master

William Scollay, Deputy Grand Master
Isaiah Thomas , Senior Grand Warden
Richard Sutton, Junior Grand Warden


The assumption of the Oriental Chair by Paul Revere represented a significant change at the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Grand Master Revere was, if anything, more outgoing and engaged than his distinguished predecessor, and was highly interested in leading the movement toward rapid growth in the Fraternity. Under his direction, the new Grand Secretary, Wor. Daniel Oliver, undertook correspondence with jurisdictions near and far (at the very first Quarterly Communication, a letter was ordered to be dispatched to the provincial Grand Lodge in Lower Saxony.)

Grand Master Revere was also active in public, as he was not only prominent within the bounds of the Fraternity, but also a leading citizen of the Commonwealth. On July 4, 1795, he led a remarkable procession of Masons and public officials to Beacon Hill to lay the corner stone of the new State House. (To his astonishment, sixty years later, Grand Master Winslow Lewis would find the corner stone plate just where it had been placed when he dedicated the cornerstone for the new building in 1855.)

Nonetheless, though the Fraternity was expanding at a great rate, the Grand Master was also compelled to impose his authority. In December, the Grand Lodge suspended the meetings of Harmonic Lodge until the next regular communication, pending an inquiry into its conduct; and he endorsed a resolution proffered by a committee, stating that "when any Lodge in this Jurisdiction is not represented in Grand Lodge and is in arrears, for a longer period than twelve months, it shall be considered as having relinquished its connection with the Grand Lodge" and irregular.

Evidently his conduct and demeanor found favor with his Brethren, as he was duly elected for a second year in December, 1795, having added five new lodges to the rolls in his first year.


  • 03/09 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-66;
    • II-66: St. Peter's Lodge, Newburyport, allowed to meet for 12 months despite a mislaid charter.
    • II-67: The Tyrian Lodge enrolled.
    • II-67: Book to be purchased to record returns from Lodges.
    • II-67: Committee appointed to inventory jewels, regalia and records of the Grand Lodge.
    • II-67: Report on Grand Treasurer‘s accounts.
    • II-67: Correspondence with Grand Lodge in Lower Saxony.
  • 06/08 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-69;
    • II-69: Petition for Middlesex Lodge, Framingham, accepted.
    • II-70: Petition for new Lodge in Boston under dispensation for 12 months, accepted (Columbian Lodge).
    • II-70: Petition for Evening Star Lodge, Lenox, granted.
    • II-70: Correspondence with Grand Lodges in Nova Scotia and Lower Saxony.
    • II-71: Petition for lodge in Truro, referred (King Hiram's Lodge; granted, 12/12/1795).
    • II-72: Committee appointed to write a circular to other Grand Lodges in the United States.
    • II-72: Grand Lodge to celebrate the Feast of St. John the Baptist.
  • 09/09 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-77;
    • II-77: Vote to send Book of Constitutions along with circular letter to Grand Lodges in the United States.
    • II-77: Committee appointed to investigate arrears; lodges more than a year in arrears and not represented will "relinquish its connection" with the Grand Lodge.
  • 12/14 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-80;
    • II-80: Grand Treasurer to procure an "elegantly bound" copy of the Book of Constitutions.
    • II-81: Letter from Isaac Winslow, thanking the Grand Lodge for its presence at the interment of his father, Joseph Russell.
    • II-81: Harmonic Lodge suspended until the following Quarterly Communication.
    • II-82: Re-election of Grand Master Revere and election/appointment of other grand officers.


  • 06/24 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-73;
    • II-73: Celebration of the Feast of St. John the Baptist.
  • 07/04 (State House, Boston): II-74;
    • II-74: Laying of the State House Corner Stone.
  • 12/08 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-79;
    • II-79: Petition for Cincinnatus Lodge, New Marlborough.
    • II-79: Committee to investigate the conduct of Harmonic Lodge, Boston.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. John's (Boston) 07/30/1733 St. John's Grand Lodge
2 Boston Master's 01/02/1738 St. John's Grand Lodge
3 Boston Rising States 11/30/1752 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
4 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
5 Portland (Me.) Lodge at Portland 03/30/1762 St. John's Grand Lodge
6 Newburyport St. John's (Newburyport) 07/17/1766 St. John's Grand Lodge
7 Gloucester The Tyrian 03/02/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
8 Boston The Massachusetts 05/13/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
9 Nantucket Union (Nantucket) 05/27/1771 St. John's Grand Lodge
10 Newburyport St. Peter's 03/06/1773 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
11 Stockbridge Berkshire 03/08/1777 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
12 Lancaster Trinity 02/15/1776 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
13 Machias (Me.) Warren 09/04/1778 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
14 Ipswich Unity 03/09/1779 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
15 Charlestown King Solomon's 09/05/1783 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
16 Northampton Hampshire 01/30/1784 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
17 Williamstown Friendship 07/23/1785 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
18 Boston Harmonic 12/08/1790 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
19 Salem Essex 06/11/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
20 Wiscasset (Me.) Lincoln 06/01/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
21 Hanover Old Colony 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
22 Blandford Federal 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
23 Worcester Morning Star 06/11/1793 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
24 Cheshire Franklin 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
25 Penobscot (Me.) Hancock 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
26 Greenfield Republican 12/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
27 Framingham Middlesex 06/08/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
28 Lenox Evening Star 06/09/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
29 New Marlborough Cincinnatus 12/09/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
30 Truro King Hiram's 12/12/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
31 Boston Columbian U.D. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

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