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JOHN CUTLER, Grand Master

Josiah Bartlett, Deputy Grand Master
Mungo Mackay , Senior Grand Warden
Samuel Parkman, Junior Grand Warden


During 1794, the forms and functions of the Grand Lodge - as well as the layout of its Proceedings - assumed a more regular pattern. The Grand Lodge had become a regular tenant of the Concert Hall, and would be situated there for some time to come; in the meanwhile, its attention was being drawn to the growing roster of lodges in Boston as well as locations all over the state. On February 5, Harmonic Lodge was consecrated by Grand Master Cutler and the Grand Lodge, at which time the lodge was presented with a Charter-at-large. This would be the high point of the Grand Lodge's relations with this organization, as it would soon become a problem for the next Grand Master. In the meanwhile, petitions were being presented at each Quarterly Communication for new lodges in various locations; some were accepted, while others (such as the one presented by "Salem Towne and others" for a lodge at Charlton - a name familiar to visitors to Old Sturbridge Village) were set aside. In December 1794 the Grand Lodge made its intentions known regarding growth – that locations desiring to erect lodges would have to support them adequately, and that there would be no overpopulation in locations where lodges already existed (such as Boston).

The Grand Master was particular in his desire to establish certain important precedents. Notably, he wanted to make note of his desire to keep the authority of the Grand Lodge within due bounds, perhaps with the intention of imposing such restraint on other jurisdictions as well. In September, the Grand Lodge endorsed the Grand Master's intention in a letter to be sent to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island "informing them that it is the intention and full determination of this Grand Lodge, not to grant any charter of erection to any Lodge out of this commonwealth, where another Grand Lodge has jurisdiction."

His three years of service complete, Grand Master Cutler did not stand for further election; the Grand Lodge first offered the chair to Past Grand Master John Warren, who declined the honor; and after some deliberation, settled on Paul Revere. He was duly installed at the December communication, opening a new chapter in the history of Massachusetts Freemasonry.


  • 03/10 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-53;
    • II-53: Committee on fee for Grand Secretary‘s services.
    • II-54: Return of Old Colony Lodge, Hanover.
    • II-54: Report on Grand Secretary‘s accounts.
  • 06/09 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-56;
    • II-56: Petition for Hancock Lodge, Penobscot, Maine; granted
    • II-56: Petition for Melchizedeck, Boston (same petitioners as St. Paul's in 1793)
    • II-56: Petition for lodge at Charlton ("Salem Towne and others")
    • II-56: Petition for Franklin Lodge to meet in Cheshire and Lanesborough, to sit six months in each. Voted to allow the lodge to meet in Cheshire only.
    • II-57: Report on Grand Treasurer‘s accounts.
    • II-57: Petition to allow Federal Lodge, Blandford, to meet alternately in Chester and Blanford; granted.
  • 09/10 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-58;
    • II-58ff: Correspondence with various lodges.
    • II-59: Charlton lodge petition withdrawn.
    • II-59: Letter to Grand Lodge of Rhode Island stating that Massachusetts Grand Lodge will not grant charters in states where there is a Grand Jurisdiction in existence.
  • 12/08 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-60;
    • II-60: Melchizedeck Lodge petition withdrawn.
    • II-60: Petition for Republican Lodge, Greenfield, granted.
    • II-61: Election of Grand Officers. John Warren elected, but declined; Paul Revere elected.
    • II-62: Correspondence with various lodges. Return of Rising States, Boston.


  • 02/05 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-51;
    • II-51: Consecration of Harmonic Lodge, Boston.
  • 12/12 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-64;
    • II-64: Committee to examine Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary‘s accounts.
    • II-64: Grand Master Revere installed by Grand Master Cutler; appointments of other Grand Lodge officers.
    • II-65: Petition for Columbian Lodge, Boston; withdrawn.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. John's (Boston) 07/30/1733 St. John's Grand Lodge
2 Boston Master's 01/02/1738 St. John's Grand Lodge
3 Boston Rising States 11/30/1752 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
4 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
5 Portland (Me.) Lodge at Portland 03/30/1762 St. John's Grand Lodge
6 Newburyport St. John's (Newburyport) 07/17/1766 St. John's Grand Lodge
7 Gloucester The Tyrian 03/02/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
8 Boston The Massachusetts 05/13/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
9 Nantucket Union (Nantucket) 05/27/1771 St. John's Grand Lodge
10 Newburyport St. Peter's 03/06/1773 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
11 Stockbridge Berkshire 03/08/1777 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
12 Lancaster Trinity 02/15/1776 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
13 Machias (Me.) Warren 09/04/1778 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
14 Ipswich Unity 03/09/1779 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
15 Charlestown King Solomon's 09/05/1783 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
16 Northampton Hampshire 01/30/1784 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
17 Williamstown Friendship 07/23/1785 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
18 Boston Harmonic 12/08/1790 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
19 Salem Essex 06/11/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
20 Wiscasset (Me.) Lincoln 06/01/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
21 Hanover Old Colony 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
22 Blandford Federal 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
23 Worcester Morning Star 06/11/1793 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
24 Cheshire Franklin 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
25 Penobscot (Me.) Hancock 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
26 Greenfield Republican U.D. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

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