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PAUL REVERE, Grand Master

William Scollay, Deputy Grand Master
Isaiah Thomas , Senior Grand Warden
Joseph Laughton, Junior Grand Warden



  • 03/14 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-83;
    • II-83: Petition for Washington Lodge, Roxbury, granted.
    • II-83: Petition for Kennebec Lodge, Hallowell, granted.
    • II-84: Petition for Fayette Lodge, Charlton, granted.
    • II-84: New charter for St. Peter's Lodge, Newburyport, endorsed and provided to replace the original.
    • II-84: Charter for Columbian Lodge, Boston, be granted "at large".
  • 06/13 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-85;
    • II-85: Petition for Harmony Lodge, Northfield, granted.
    • II-85: Petition for Union Lodge, Dorchester, granted.
    • II-85: Portland Lodge granted precedence according to its charter.
    • II-86: Warren Lodge remitted dues.
    • II-87: Reinstatement of Harmonic Lodge charter, with the condition that they make no Masons except with the permission of the Grand Master.
  • 09/12 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-88;
    • II-88: Correspondence.
    • II-89: Petition for a lodge in Monson, held over.
    • II-89: Committee to review Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer accounts.
  • 12/12 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-91;
    • II-91: Unity Lodge, Ipswich, voted to come under Massachusetts jurisdiction.
    • II-92: Report on Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer accounts.
    • II-92: Grand Master empowered to appoint a Grand Chaplain.
    • II-93: Grand Master Revere re-elected.
    • II-93: Portland Lodge quarterages remitted.
    • II-93: Petition for Thomas Lodge, Monson, granted.


  • 12/22 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-95;
    • II-95: Harmonic Lodge charter restrictions to be continued.
    • II-95: Committee to confer with Columbian Lodge.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. John's (Boston) 07/30/1733 St. John's Grand Lodge
2 Boston Rising States 11/30/1752 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
3 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
4 Portland (Me.) Lodge at Portland 03/30/1762 St. John's Grand Lodge
5 Newburyport St. John's (Newburyport) 07/17/1766 St. John's Grand Lodge
6 Gloucester The Tyrian 03/02/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
7 Boston The Massachusetts 05/13/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
8 Nantucket Union (Nantucket) 05/27/1771 St. John's Grand Lodge
9 Newburyport St. Peter's 03/06/1773 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
10 Lancaster Trinity 02/15/1776 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
11 Machias (Me.) Warren 09/04/1778 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
12 Ipswich Unity 03/09/1779 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
13 Charlestown King Solomon's 09/05/1783 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
14 Williamstown Friendship 07/23/1785 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
15 Boston Harmonic 12/08/1790 Massachusetts Grand Lodge at large
16 Salem Essex 06/11/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
17 Wiscasset (Me.) Lincoln 06/01/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
18 Hanover Old Colony 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
19 Blandford Federal 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
20 Worcester Morning Star 06/11/1793 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
21 Cheshire Franklin 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
22 Penobscot (Me.) Hancock 06/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
23 Greenfield Republican 12/09/1794 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
24 Framingham Middlesex 06/08/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
25 Lenox Evening Star 06/09/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
26 New Marlborough Cincinnatus 12/09/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
27 Provincetown King Hiram's 12/12/1795 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
28 Hallowell (Me.) Kennebec 03/15/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
29 Charlton Fayette 03/15/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
30 Roxbury Washington 03/17/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
31 Boston Columbian 06/08/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts at large
32 Northfield Harmony 06/13/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
33 Dorchester Union (Dorchester) 06/13/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
34 Monson Thomas 12/13/1796 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Note: Per the vote of Grand Lodge in 1795, the following lodges were (probably) stricken from the rolls of the Grand Lodge at the end of 1796. They do not appear in the Proceedings for that year, and are not listed in the 1804 precedence list.

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