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JOHN CUTLER, Grand Master

John Lowell, Deputy Grand Master
Josiah Bartlett, Senior Grand Warden
Mungo Mackay , Junior Grand Warden


In 1793, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts got down to business.

The roster of lodges, enlarged by four entries in the previous year, added only one this year:|Morning Star Lodge of Worcester, a lodge still extant at present; its first master was Isaiah Thomas, who would be Grand Master only a decade hence. The Lodge was constituted during a special communication of the Grand Lodge in June, 1793; along with a visit to Trinity Lodge in Lancaster, it was an indication of the new Grand Lodge's growing interest in the Craft outside of Boston.

Also notable this year was a set of general instructions for Lodges holding charters under this Grand Lodge, issued on 03/11/1793 and detailed beginning on page II-36:

  1. There should be four Quarterly Communications, in March, June, September and December;
  2. Each lodge should provide an annual return of officers and a list of those men made Masons, with a fixed fee (3s) for charity for each new Mason;
  3. Each lodge should be represented at Grand Lodge by a Master, Wardens or Proxy, and each Proxy should be a member of a Massachusetts Lodge;
  4. The quarterly fee for each lodge should be $2 (the so-called quarterage);
  5. Any Brother that "shall so misbehave, so that the Lodge of which he is a member shall expel him, his name, with his crime, shall be transmitted to the Grand Lodge."
  6. These instructions should be recorded in each Lodge's By-Law book and be read regularly.

At the end of a very successful year, Grand Master Cutler was elected for a third term at the Annual Communication in December.


  • 03/11 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-33;
    • II-33: Correspondence with George Washington.
    • II-35: Acknowledgement of standing of American Union Lodge, Marietta, Ohio.
    • II-35ff: Correspondence.
    • II-36: Petition for Morning Star Lodge, Worcester.
    • II-36: Resolution of instructions to accompany charters; fees and requirements.
  • 09/09 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-44;
    • II-44: Petition for St. Paul's, Boston; referred to committee.
    • II-44: Petition for Inseperable Lodge, Boston (dismissed).
    • II-45: Vote to grant 50s. "Legal Money" for printing expenses.
    • II-45: Committee to be appointed to "consider the state of the Grand Lodge" and to visit all lodges "they deem necessary"; to report in December.
    • II-45: Return of officers of Harmonic Lodge, Boston.
  • 12/12 (Concert Hall, Boston): II-48;
    • II-48: Petition for St. Paul's, Boston, to be withdrawn.
    • II-49: Charter at Large granted to Harmonic Lodge, Boston.
    • II-49: Election of Grand Officers; re-election of Grand Master Cutler.
    • II-50: Communications and correspondence; return of Morning Star Lodge, Worcester.


  • 06/10 (Lancaster): II-41;
  • 11/27 (St. John's (Boston)): II-47;
    • II-47: Grand Master‘s and Deputy Grand Master‘s addresses; constitutions read.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. John's (Boston) 07/30/1733 St. John's Grand Lodge
2 Boston Master's 01/02/1738 St. John's Grand Lodge
3 Boston Rising States 11/30/1752 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
4 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
5 Portland (Me.) Lodge at Portland 03/30/1762 St. John's Grand Lodge
6 Newburyport St. John's (Newburyport) 07/17/1766 St. John's Grand Lodge
7 Gloucester The Tyrian 03/02/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
8 Boston The Massachusetts 05/13/1770 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
9 Nantucket Union (Nantucket) 05/27/1771 St. John's Grand Lodge
10 Newburyport St. Peter's 03/06/1773 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
11 Stockbridge Berkshire 03/08/1777 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
12 Lancaster Trinity 02/15/1776 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
13 Machias (Me.) Warren 09/04/1778 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
14 Ipswich Unity 03/09/1779 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
15 Charlestown King Solomon's 09/05/1783 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
16 Northampton Hampshire 01/30/1784 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
17 Williamstown Friendship 07/23/1785 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
18 Boston Harmonic 12/08/1790 Massachusetts Grand Lodge
19 Salem Essex 06/11/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
20 Wiscasset (Me.) Lincoln 06/01/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
21 Hanover Old Colony 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
22 Blandford Federal 12/10/1792 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
23 Worcester Morning Star 06/11/1793 Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

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