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HENRY PRICE, Grand Master pro tem
JOHN ROWE, Grand Master

Richard Gridley, Deputy Grand Master
Archibald McNeil, Senior Grand Warden
John Cutler, Junior Grand Warden


  • 01/22: I-130; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second
    • I-131: "It was Motion'd and Seconded, That when this Lodge Recommands a Person (to the Grand Master of England) to be appointed Grand Master of North America, that they shall desire that his Deputation shall be for three Years only.f The Question being put upon the above Motion it passed in the Affirmative unanimously."
    • I-131: Election of John Rowe as Grand Master, along with other officers elected and appointed.
    • I-131: Compensation for the Grand Secretary and Grand Tyler.
    • I-131: "Upon a Motion made and Seconded, it was unanimously Voted, that a Committee be chosen to Write to the Rt. Worshipful Grand Master of England, in behalf of this Grand Lodge, to Request of him a Deputation for the Rt. Worshipfull John Rowe Esq* now Grand Master Elect, which Deputation to be for only three Years, agreeable to a Preceding Vote in this Grand Lodge. Voted also, that said Committee consist of Nine. . . Voted, that this Committee be empowered to draw on the Grand Treasurer for what Money they may think Necessary (not exceeding the Sum of Seven Pounds Lawful Money) to transmit to London to procure the Deputation. Also Voted that said Committee in their Letter to the Grand Master of England conform to the Votes of this Lodge as near as may be, with such additions as they shall think Expedient, not contradictory thereto."
  • 04/22: I-135; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second.
    • I-136: Questions posed to the Grand Master. GM's Reply
    • I-136: Motions regarding the activities of the correspondence committee and the Feast of St. John.


  • 01/25; I-132. Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • I-132: Meeting of correspondence committee.
    • I-134: Letter to the Grand Master of England.
    • I-135: Letter of Past Grand Master Price.
  • 06/24: I-137. Grey Hound Tavern, Roxbury.
    • I-137: "Being the Festival of St. John the Baptist, the same was Celebrated at the Grey Hound Tavern in Roxbury."
  • 10/04: I-138. Boston.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second.
    • I-138: "Agreeable to the Vote of the Grand Lodge the 22d of April last, that the Committee chosen to Write to England for a Deputation for the new Elected Grand Master, should continue, to Order and Regulate what may be necessary, previous to, and at the Installment of said Grand Master, when his Deputation should Arrive. Said Deputation being arrived, you are therefore desired to attend at the House of Brother Ingersoll this Evening, at Six of the Clock, to Consult and direct what may be proper to be done in the Premisses."
    • I-138: Votes and resolutions regarding the installation of the new Grand Master.
    • I-140: Correspondence with subordinate lodges.
  • 11/16: I-146. British Coffee House, Boston.
    • I-146: "The Lodge being opened in Ample Form by the Grand Master, they were made acquainted with the Time and Place of the Installment as before mentioned. It was agreed that those Brethren who do not choose to Line their Aprons, with Green Silk, may wear them Plain, or Line them with any other Colour'd Silk but Blue or Red, and no Precedency be taken by any Brother with a Lined Apron, to those who wear Plain ones."
  • 11/23: I-148. Concert Hall, Boston.
    • I-148: Extensive description of the installation of Grand Master Rowe.
    • I-148: Reading of the Deputation from Grand Master Beaufort.
  • 11/30: I-161. Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second.
    • I-161: Votes and resolutions regarding the installation ceremonies.
    • I-162: Correspondence.
    • I-163: Vote by First Lodge to recommend the omit the celebration of St. John the Evangelist.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston First Lodge 07/30/1733
2 Portsmouth (N.H.) St. John's (Portsmouth) 06/24/1736
3 Boston Master's 01/02/1738
4 Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland 12/24/1746
5 Boston Second Lodge 02/15/1749
6 Newport, Rhode Island St. John's Newport 12/27/1749
7 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax 07/19/1750 No longer meeting by 1768
8 New Haven, Connecticut Hiram 11/12/1750
9 New London, Connecticut Lodge at New London 01/12/1753
10 Middletown, Connecticut St. John's, Middletown 02/04/1754
11 Providence, Rhode Island St. John's, Cranston 01/18/1757
12 Newport, Rhode Island Master's, Newport 03/20/1759
13 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760
14 Surinam Surinam 04/06/1761
15 Hartford, Connecticut Hartford 03/21/1762
16 Falmouth (Portland) (Maine) Portland 03/30/1762
17 Elizabeth Town, New Jersey Temple 07/28/1762
18 Pitt County, North Carolina Pitt County 10/26/1764
19 Waterbury, Connecticut King Solomon's, Waterbury 10/26/1764
20 Prince Town, New Jersey St. John's, Prince Town, New Jersey 10/26/1764
21 Newburyport Newburyport 07/17/1766
22 Norwich, Connecticut Norwich 10/24/1766
23 Salem Salem 10/24/1766
24 Virginia Virginia 10/24/1766 no record after 1768
25 St. Christopher, West Indies St. Christopher 10/24/1766
26 Barbados, West Indies Barbados 10/24/1766


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston Lodge of St. Andrew 11/30/1756 Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland

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