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John Rowe, Deputy Grand Master
Archibald McNeil, Senior Grand Warden
John Rowe, Junior Grand Warden



  • 06/24: I-113; Roxbury.
    • I-113: "Being the Festival of S4 John the Baptist, the same was Celebrated at the Grey-hound Tavern in Roxbury."
    • I-113: List of attendees.
  • 09/01, I-115; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • I-115: Meeting of Grand Officers and Masters of the Boston Lodges.
    • I-115: "After reading the above Letter and duly deliberating thereon, it was agreed to be most advisable that a Grand Lodge should be forthwith call'd, in order to lay the Affair before them, and to Act what further should be thought necessary, and to Report this Resolution to the Grand Master. The Grand Master approving the Steps that had been taken, Ordered, a Grand Lodge to be summoned to meet at the Place aforesaid, on Friday Evening following, who being duly Warned, Met at the Time and Place, and Proceeded as follows. —"
  • 09/04: I-115; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • I-115: "A Letter from M* Gilbert Deblois to the R4 Worshipful Jeremy Gridley Esqr. Grand Master (Wherein he Offers to the Fraternity, to Sell them Concert Hall, for their Accomodation,) was laid before the Gr Lodge. It was proposed, that if the several Lodges would give in their respective Stocks of Cash, and the Fraternity would by Subscription make up the sum of Six hundred Pounds Sterling, including the aforesaid Stocks; and the present Proprietor of Concert Hall, will take a Mortgage on said House for his Security for the Remainder, without any other; that the Masons would Treat with him upon the Purchace of it." The vote was approved unanimously.
  • 10/02: I-124; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • I-125: Vote of Grand Lodge to invite Past Grand Master Price to resume the Chair as Grand Master.
    • I-125: Vote on reimbursement of expenses for Grand Master Gridley's funeral.
    • I-125: Letter from Rt. Wor. Abraham Savage to Henry Price regarding Grand Master Gridley.
  • 12/30: I-128; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.



BOSTON, August 18th 5767.

Mr. Gilbert Deblois sent the following Letter to the Right Worshipful Jeremy Gridley Esq* Grand Master, Viz.


Since I had the pleasure of waiting on you & Mr Rowe respecting the Sale of Concert Hall, the House is Entirely Cleared and is now kept Lock'd up to wait for the Consideration and Determination of the Society of Free Masons, of which you are the Head: Therefore I now take the Liberty to give You the Lowest Terms that said Building can be Sold on, which You'l find on Foot hereof: The greatest improvement is made from September to June, and I would only Mention that some Persons stand ready to hire the Hall to the Amount of 40. Sterling, and another wants the Small Tenement which would let at £5. more, therefore You'l be kind enough to cause this Affair to be determined as soon as possible, which will much oblige them, and Sir,

Your most humble Servant



Terms of Sale of Concert Hall —Viz* —

Boston August 18th 1767.

There shall be a good Deed of Sale given for the House to the Satisfaction of your Society, otherwise its no Sale.

The lowest Price is One Thousand Pounds Sterling, to be paid as shall be most agreeable to the Society, either in three, four or Five years, with lawful Interest paid Annually thereon (for my fathers Support) and good Security to be given for the Purchace in such way and manner as may best suit the Society. —


P.S. If it should not be agreeable to the Society to purchase this Building, I take this Oppertunity to ask the favour that they would improve it in future, and everything shall be done to make it give full Satisfaction, and in this Case I should be glad they would Recommend some proper Person to keep said House, that would be likely to give General Satisfaction —

Whereupon the Rt. Worshipful Grand Master put the above Letter into the Hands of the Grand Secretary (Bro. Savage) and desired him to Convene the Grand Officers and Masters of Lodges at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern in Boston in Order to Advise what was best to be done in the Premises.



From Proceedings, Page I-116:

At the first Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons held at the Royal Exchange Tavern in Boston on the second Wednesday of September, being the 9th day 5767.—

The Question was put, whether this Lodge think it best to purchace Concert Hall, Provided, the sum of £600. Sterling can be raised? — Pass'd in the Affirmative —

Question. Whether this Lodge would include their Stock in the above sum of £600 Sterg for said Purchase ? — Pass'd in the Negative.—

Voted. That it is Expedient to call a General Lodge, in Order to see what Subscriptions can be Obtain'd for the Purchase of said Hall. —


From Proceedings, Page I-116:

At the second Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, held at the British Coffee House in Boston on Wednesday the 16th day of September, 5767.

A Letter from M* Gilbert Deblois to the late Right Worshipfull Grand Master, respecting the Sale of Concert Hall, being Read; It was unanimously determined to proceed upon the Subject Matter of said Letter. —

The Question being put, Whether it be the Mind of this Lodge to Purchase Concert Hall, provided Six hundred Pounds Sterling can be Raised? — I t pass'd in the Affirmative.

The next Question put, was, Whether this Lodge would give their Stock towards the above Purchase? — I t pass'd in the Negative.

The last Question put, was, Whether it be recommended to the Grand Lodge, to call a General Lodge of Masons, to see what Subscriptions can be obtain'd towards the Purchase of Concert Hall? — It pass'd in the Affirmative.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston First Lodge 07/30/1733
2 Portsmouth (N.H.) St. John's (Portsmouth) 06/24/1736
3 Boston Master's 01/02/1738
4 Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland 12/24/1746
5 Boston Second Lodge 02/15/1749
6 Newport, Rhode Island St. John's Newport 12/27/1749
7 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax 07/19/1750
8 New Haven, Connecticut Hiram 11/12/1750
9 New London, Connecticut Lodge at New London 01/12/1753
10 Middletown, Connecticut St. John's, Middletown 02/04/1754
11 Providence, Rhode Island St. John's, Cranston 01/18/1757
12 Newport, Rhode Island Master's, Newport 03/20/1759
13 Marblehead Lodge at Marblehead 03/25/1760
14 Surinam Surinam 04/06/1761
15 Hartford, Connecticut Hartford 03/21/1762
16 Falmouth (Portland) (Maine) Portland 03/30/1762
17 Elizabeth Town, New Jersey Temple 07/28/1762
18 Québec, Canada Québec 10/26/1764 no longer meeting after 1767
19 Pitt County, North Carolina Pitt County 10/26/1764
20 Waterbury, Connecticut King Solomon's, Waterbury 10/26/1764
21 Prince Town, New Jersey St. John's, Prince Town, New Jersey 10/26/1764
22 Newburyport Newburyport 07/17/1766
23 Norwich, Connecticut Norwich 10/24/1766
24 Salem Salem 10/24/1766
25 Virginia Virginia 10/24/1766
26 St. Christopher, West Indies St. Christopher 10/24/1766
27 Barbados, West Indies Barbados 10/24/1766


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston Lodge of St. Andrew 11/30/1756 Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland

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