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Benjamin Hallowell, Deputy Grand Master
James Forbes, Senior Grand Warden


    • I-37: Votes for funds for charity and services.
    • I-37: "Voted that every Lodge that sends their Master and Wardens to the Grand Lodge shall send by their Master two dollars each Quarter to pay their Expences at said Lodge exclusive of their Charity.
    • I-37: Vote to settle the Treasurer's accounts.
    • I-37: "Voted that the Vote that was passed in January 5754 with regard to the Masters being Thirty years of age be reconsidered, and every Lodge within our district for the Future chuse their Masters according to their discretion."
  • 07/12: I-38; Boston. Benjamin Hallowell, Deputy Grand Master, presiding.
  • 08/21: I-39; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second.
    • I-39: "Our Right Worshipfull Jeremy Gridley Esqr. informed our Right Worshipfull Henry Price GM that he had received a Deputation from the Right Honourable and Right Worshipfull James Brydges Marquis of Carnavon Grand Master of Masons appointing him Grand Master of North America where no Grand Master is at Present Appointed, and Worshipfull Brother Price his Deputation who ordered the Secretary to read it, and record it in the Grand Lodge Book."

[SEAL] Carnarvon G M

To all and every our Right Worshipfull, Worshipfull and Loving Brethren We James Brydges Marquis of Carnavon Grand Master of the Ancient & Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons Send Greeting.

Know Ye That We of the great Trust & Confidence reposed in our Right Worshipfuil and well beloved Brother Jeremy Gridley Esqr. Counceller at Law: Do hereby Constitute & Appoint him, the said Jeremy Gridley Proviucial Grand Master of all Such Provinces & Places in North America & the Territories thereof of which no Provincial Grand Master is at present appointed with full Power & Authority in due Form to make Masons nod Constitute & regulate Lodges as Occasion may require, End also to do & execute all & every such other acts & things appertaining to said office as usually have been & ought to be done & executed by other Provincial Grand Masters.

He the said Jeremy Gridley taking especial Care that all & every the Members of every Lodge he shall Constitute have been regularly made Masons, & that they do observe perform & keep all & every the Rules orders & Regulations Contained in the Book of Constitutions (Except such as have been or may be repealed at any Quarterly Communication or other General Meeting) together also with all Such other Rules orders Regulations & Instructions as stall from time to time be Transmitted by us or Thomas Manningham M D our Deputy or by any of our Releasors Grand Master or his Deputy for the time being.

And We do hereby will & require you our said Provincial Grand Master to cause Four Quarterly Communications to he held yearly, One whereof to be upon or as near to the Feast day of Saint John the Baptist as Conveniently may be and that you Promote on those & all other occasions whatever may be for the Honour & advantage of Masonry and the Benefit of the Grand Charity and that you yearly send to us or our Successors Grand Masters an account in Writing of the Proceedings therein and also of what Lodges you constitute and when and where held with a List of the Members thereof and Copys of such Rules orders and Regulations as shall be made fur the good Government of the Same with whatever else you shall do by Virtue of these Presents, and that at the Same time you remit to the Treasurer of the Society for the time being at London Three pounds three shillings Sterling for every Lodge you shall Constitute; for the use of the Grand Charity and other Necessary Purposes.

Given at London under our hand and Seal of Masonry this 4th day of April A D 1755 A L 5755.
By the Grand Masters Command

Witness Thos. Manningham D G M
John Revis G S

  • 10/10: I-43; Boston.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second, Portsmouth NH.
    • I-44: Voted, That the Charity sent to ye Lodge by the Several Lodges shall be kept for that Purpose only, & the Account of it kept Separate.
    • I-44: Voted, That the Expences of this Lodge shall be paid by the Several Lodges.
    • I-44: Voted, That Brother Leddel be one of the Committee to Settle the Grand Treasurers Account in the Room of Brother Erving who could not attend.


  • 06/24: I-38; Roxbury. Deputy Grand Master Benjamin Hallowell presiding.
    • I-38: "Our Right Worshipfull Bro. Benjamin Hallowell D G M Summon'd the Brethren to attend the House of Mr. John Gratons in Roxbury to Celebrate the Feast of St John the Baptist day, and the day was Celebrated with decency & mirth."
    • I-38: List of Brothers in attendance.
  • 08/25: I-39; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston.
    • I-41: At a Meeting of the Committee of the Grand Lodge held at the Royall Exchange Tavern Boston the 25th Aug't Anno Domini 1755 for Regulating the Instalment of the Grand Master agreed as Follows - Vizt.:
      • First, - That there shall be a Publick Procession upon the last Wednesday in Sept. next that being the day appointed by the Grand Master.
      • Secondly Agreed that Our Right Worshipfull Brother Leigh be desired to write to Brother Brown of Portsmouth and desire him to come to Town to Preach, a Sermon on said day at The Rev. Doc. Cutler's Church.
      • Thirdly That the Procession shall begin at each Place as the Grand Master Shall appoint to Church all Cloathed, and after Church the Brethren to March back in the Same order to Concert Hall.
      • Fourthly That notice be given by Each Master to the Members of the Several Lodges, and Each Member to Signify whether he will attend or no and Such as will attend 10 deposit One dollar.
  • 09/22: I-41; Boston. To choose Stewards to Provide for the Feast at the Instalment of the Grand Master. Benjamin Hallowell, Deputy Grand Master, presiding.
    • Lodges represented: Master's, First, Second.
    • I-41: Rt. Wor. Bro. Hugh McDaniel, Bro. Belthaza Bayard, Bro. Archibald McNeil, Bro. Samuel Holbrook chosen Stewards.
  • 10/01: I-42; Concert Hall, Boston.

"At a Grand Lodge Held at Concert Hall this day The Right Worshipfull Jeremy Gridley Esqr appointed Grand Master of Masons in North America, hy the Right Worshipfull the Marquis of Carnarvon Grand Master of Masons, was Installed In that Office (at Concert Hall).

"The three Lodges in the Town and the Master & Wardens of the Portsmouth Lodge in New Hampshire with & great Number of Brothers were present Cloathed with white aprons and Gloves, and after the Instalment, accompanied their Grand Master in Procession to Trinity Church in this order, First Walked the Sword Bearer, carrying a drawn Sword, in one hand and the Book of Constitutions in the other, Next came the Several Lodges according to their Juniority, closed with the Wardens and Master, cloathed with their Jewells, Four Stewards with white wands went before the Grand Treasurer and Secretary cloathed with their Jewels, who were followed by the Past Grand Officers, after these walked the Grand Wardens with their Jewels, and the Present and late Grand Master cloathed with their Jewels and Badges, closed the Procession, At Church the Revd. Mr. Hooper read Prayers, and the Rev. Mr. Brown Preached an excellent Sermon on the occasion to a Numerous and Polite Audience, after Service the Sword Bearer and Stewards walked before the Grand Master, and the Procession was made in a reversed order back to Concert Mall, where an Elegant Dinner was prepared, and the afternoon was Spent in Harmony and Mirth. The whole Ceremony and attendance was with the greatest Decency, and made a Genteel Appearance."

    • List of Brothers in attendance appears on Page I-42.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston First Lodge 07/30/1733
2 Portsmouth (N.H.) St. John's (Portsmouth) 06/24/1736
3 Boston Master's 01/02/1738
4 Annapolis-Royal, Nova Scotia Annapolis-Royal 06/24/1738
5 Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland 12/24/1746
6 Boston Second Lodge 02/15/1749
7 Newport, Rhode Island St. John's Newport 12/27/1749
8 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax 07/19/1750
9 Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland 08/12/1750
10 New Haven, Connecticut Hiram 11/12/1750
11 New London, Connecticut Lodge at New London 01/12/1753
12 Middletown, Connecticut St. John's, Middletown 02/04/1754

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