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THOMAS OXNARD, Grand Master (died June 1754)
HENRY PRICE, Grand Master (from June 1754)

Benjamin Hallowell, Deputy Grand Master
Charles Brockwell, Senior Grand Warden
Robert Jenkins, Junior Grand Warden, Senior Grand Warden
John Rowe, Junior Grand Warden


  • 01/11: I-29; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston.
    • I-29: "Voted that no Brother within our district shall be Master of any Regular Lodge, under Thirty Years of age."
    • I-29: Vote to settle the Treasurer's accounts.
    • I-29: "Voted that the Sum of £2.0.10 Lawfull Money be paid Bro. Samuel Withred for the deficiency of St. John's Feast in December 1752."
    • I-29: "Voted that a dollar be given to Brown, as a New Year's Gift."
    • I-30: List of Accounts.
    • I-30: Charter of St. John's Lodge in Middletown, Connecticut, reproduced in full.
  • 04/12: I-31; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston.
    • I-31: List of Accounts.
    • I-32: List of charitable contributions.
    • I-32: Vote on expenses for the Feast of St. John the Baptist.
  • 07/12: I-33; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston. Benjamin Hallowell, Deputy Grand Master, presiding.
    • I-34: List of Accounts.
    • I-34: Committee appointed to wait upon M.W. Henry Price to resume his office as Grand Master. He was duly conducted to the Oriental Chair.
    • I-34: Due to the youth of members of the Lodge at Middletown, Connecticut, the order regarding the age of Masters would be dispensed with for that Lodge.
    • I-34: Votes to pay "the expence of the Cushion" as well as a dollar "for the Man that carried the Cushion, and a dollar be given to Williston for warning the Masons to attend Mr. Oxnard's funeral."
  • 10/11: I-34; at Concert Hall, Boston.
    • I-35: List of Accounts.
    • I-35: Voted That when a Petition shall be Sent to the Grand Master of England for appointment of a Grand Master of North America; it shall be desired that Such Grand Master be continued in the Chair for Three Years and no longer."
    • I-35: Petition to the Marquis of Caernavon, Grand Master of England, for the appointment of a Grand Master for a three-year term.


  • 06/26: I-32; Roxbury.
    • I-32: "Sunday being St John Baptist day, Our Right Worshipfull Grand Master desired the Brethren to attend him at Mr. Gratons in Roxbury, where the Deputy Grand Master held a Grand Lodge, but by Reason of the death of Our Right Worshipfull Brother Thomas Oxnard Esqr., Grand Master who died this day about Eleven oClock A M, the Celebration was rather Sorrowfull than Joyous . . ."
    • I-32: List of Brothers in attendance.


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston First Lodge 07/30/1733
2 Portsmouth (N.H.) St. John's (Portsmouth) 06/24/1736
3 Boston Master's 01/02/1738
4 Annapolis-Royal, Nova Scotia Annapolis-Royal 06/24/1738
5 Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland 12/24/1746
6 Boston Second Lodge 02/15/1749
7 Newport, Rhode Island St. John's Newport 12/27/1749
8 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax 07/19/1750
9 Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland 08/12/1750
10 New Haven, Connecticut Hiram 11/12/1750
11 New London, Connecticut Lodge at New London 01/12/1753
12 Middletown, Connecticut St. John's, Middletown 02/04/1754

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