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Hugh McDaniel, Deputy Grand Master
Benjamin Hallowell, Senior Grand Warden
John Box, Junior Grand Warden


  • 01/12: I-24; at Royal Exchange Tavern, Boston.
    • I-24: "Voted That the Grand Treasurer pay Bro. Leverett his Acctd for a Seal &c £21. 12. 6
    • I-24: "Voted That the G T pay to Bro. Brockwell 4 dollars to be given to Bro* Mckoy the Tyler for his Services the Year Past."
    • I-24: "At the Petition of Sundry Brethren Residing att New London in the Colony of Connecticutt Our Right Worshipfull Bro. Thos Oxnard Esqr. G M Granted a Constitution for a Lodge to be held att New London and appointed our Right Worshipfull Bro. Andrew McKenzie their first Master."
    • I-24: "Voted That 5 be a Committee to settle the Grand Treasurers accounts Viz: Bro. Jeremiah Gridley, Bro. Price, Bro. Bayard, Bro. Forbes & Bro. Brockwell."
  • 04/13: I-25; Boston.
    • I-25: "Our Right Worshipfull Brother Hugh McDaniel returned the Deputy Grand Masters Jewell to the Grand Master, and the Lodge returned him thanks for his Past Service as Deputy Grand Master."
    • I-25: "Voted That Six shillings Lawfull Money be paid by Each Brother to the Grand Wardens that inclines to attend the feast of St John the Baptist."
  • 07/13: I-26; Boston.
    • I-27: "Our Right Worshipfull Grand Master appointed our Right Worshipfull Bro Benjamin Hallowell D G M. Bro. Charles Brockwell S. G. W. and Bro* James Forbes J. G. W."
    • I-27: "Voted That Two Pounds Thirteen shillings & Four pence Lawfull Money be given as Charity to Bro. Starkey att Newbury, & the Money was given to Bro. Robert Jenkins to be deliver'd him. Voted That One Pound Six shillings & Eight pence Lawfull Money be given to the Widdow Buck. Voted That Two Pounds Eight Shillings Lawfull Money be given to Bro. Forbes for Bro. Kennedy."
  • 10/12: I-27; Boston.
    • I-28: "Voted That 5 be a Committee to make Laws for the Lodge Vizt: Brors Brockwell, Gridley, Rowe, McDaniel & Byard— "
    • I-28: "Voted That Six shillings Lawfull Money be paid by each Brother that attends the Feast of S4 John the Evangelist.—"
    • I-28: "Voted That a Letter be sent to our Right Worshipfull Bro* Alexander Lord Colvill, and Bro* Brockwell, Gridley, (J) & the G: Secy be a Committee to Prepare one."
    • I-28: "The Right Worsh1 Bro. Thomas Aston Master of the Second Lodge in Boston which met att Bro.

Withreds the Third Thursday in every month, informed the Grand Lodge that his Lodge had Voted to meet the Third Thursday in every month."


  • 06/26: I-26; Grey Hound Tavern, Roxbury.
    • I-26: "St John the Baptist day being a Sunday, Our Right Worshipfull Bro. Thomas Oxnard Esqr. Grand Master notified the Brethren in Publick Prints to attend him att the House of Mr. John Gratons att the Grey Hound Tavern in Roxbury, where he held a Grand Lodge, and the day was celebrated as usual the following Brethren Present, Viz.: (list included)"
  • 12/27: I-28; Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Boston.
    • I-28: "Being the Feast of St John the Evangelist, Our Right Worshipfull Bro. Thomas Oxnard Esqr. G M desired the Brethren to attend him att Bunch Grapes Tavern in Boston where he held a Grand Lodge, and the Day was Celebrated as usual, the Following Brethren Present Vizt: (list included)"



No. Location Lodge Precedence Date
1 Boston First Lodge at Bunch of Grapes 07/30/1733
2 Portsmouth (N.H.) St. John's (Portsmouth) 06/24/1736
3 Boston Master's 01/02/1738
4 Annapolis-Royal, Nova Scotia Annapolis-Royal 06/24/1738
5 Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland 12/24/1746
6 Boston Second Lodge at Bunch of Grapes 02/15/1749
7 Boston Third Lodge ceased work 02/15/1749
8 Newport, Rhode Island St. John's Newport 12/27/1749
9 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax 07/19/1750
10 Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland 08/12/1750
11 New Haven, Connecticut Hiram 11/12/1750
12 New London, Connecticut Lodge at New London 01/12/1753

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