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Percival L. Everett , Deputy Grand Master
William T. Grammer, Senior Grand Warden
Charles G. Reed, Junior Grand Warden


(Held at Masonic Temple, Boston)

  • 1874-1: 03/11;
  • 1874-27: 06/10;
  • 1874-59: 09/09;
  • 1874-99: 12/09 (Annual Communication, continued to 12/10).

03/11 Agenda

  • 1874-9: A complaint by Trinity Lodge against Wilder Lodge regarding jurisdiction; referred.
    • 09/09: 1874-81; The actions of Wilder Lodge, and in particular its Master, were censured, and the Grand Lodge condemned the actions regarding this candidate.
  • 1874-11: The Grand Master announced standing committees on: Trials and Healing, By-Laws, and Charters.
  • 1874-22: The Grand Master announced that an agreement had been reached between the Grand Lodge of Quebec and the Grand Lodge of Canada, but Massachusetts had not received any official communication.

06/10 Agenda

  • 1874-34: Correspondence with the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, regarding the need of charitable contribution to those suffering from a flood and its after-effects; a grant of $1,000 was voted to be donated to Louisiana Relief Lodge #1.
    • 09/09: 1874-63; The Grand Master read a circular letter from the Grand Master of Louisiana; that there had been insufficient funds to forward the amount voted at the June Quarterly. The Mayor of Boston had received a letter from the Mayor of New Orleans that no further contributions would be required.

Destroyed Bridge at Leeds on the Mill River, 1874

  • 1874-39: Hampshire Lodge, Haydenville, reported that its building and much of its effects were destroyed by the Mill River Flood. Note: this flood was a result of the breaking of reservoir dams; it destroyed the towns of Williamsburg, Skinnersville and Haydenville, and claimed 139 lives. The Grand Lodge voted a sum of $500 to be appropriated to the relief of the lodge.
    • 09/09: 1874-91; The Grand Lodge dues for the lodge were remitted for the past year due to the flood.
  • 1874-52: A committee was appointed "to consider and report on the best means of preserving the Ritual from alterations."

09/09 Agenda

  • 1874-65: Portraits of John Dixwell and John Abbot had been presented to the Grand Lodge, Dixwell by his son George B. Dixwell, and Abbot by Brethren of John Abbot Lodge of Somerville. Also, the brethren of the Lowell lodges presented a portrait of Past Grand Master William Sewall Gardner.
  • 1874-91: Records of Carmel Lodge, Warren, and an 1814 Past Master's Diploma were presented to Grand Lodge.

12/09 Agenda

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals

  • 03/11: 1874-10: Proposed amendment to Part 4, Article 3, Section 5, regarding the definition of "nearest lodge" for candidates. Referred.
    • 06/10: 1874-51: Recommended to be adopted; it is "a return to the original law of the Constitutions, which was amended" in 1860. Adopted.
  • 12/09: 1874-111: Proposed amendment to Part 4, Article 3, Section 1, regarding the form of the petition for the degrees; referred.

Grand Master's Address

  • 06/10: 1874-48; Report of the committee on the Annual Address of the Grand Master in 1873.
  • 12/09: 1874-114; Annual Address of the Grand Master. Visits; Grand Treasurer's report; Initiates (1,722 in 1874); returns of the District Deputies; printing of the records of the Grand Lodges (including a lengthy discussion of this matter); completed register of membership; a complete register of every Charter now in force. Thanks to Grand Officers.

Lodge By-Law Changes

Necrologies and Memorials

  • 03/11: 1874-21; Death of Rt. Wor. Robert Stuart Burns, Past Grand Master of South Carolina; an extract of his final speech to that Grand Lodge was included as a memorial.
  • 12/29: 1874-155; Death of Wor. Lovell Bicknell, Grand Standard Bearer.

Petitions for Charters

  • 12/09: 1874-109; Anchor U.D., Wales; referred.
    • 1874-144; Granted.

Petitions for Dispensation for Lodges

  • 12/09: 1874-131; Lodge in West Boylston; refused because "the jurisdiction was too limited" due to the presence of nearby lodges.


Note: A number of Special Communications were held with no explicit record in the Proceedings.


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/29/1874)

  • 1874-153: Opening and roll call.
  • 1874-155ff: Installation of Grand Master Everett and other Grand Lodge officers. A fine prayer by Wor. Rev. Joshua Young appears on page 1874-156. The installation is described in detail.
  • 1874-165: Presentation of a Past Grand Master's Jewel to Bro. Nickerson by Past Grand Master Winslow Lewis, on behalf of Winslow Lewis Lodge.
  • 1874-168: Grand Master Everett announced a committee on Ritual.
  • 1874-169: Recording Grand Secretary's report. List of diplomas granted (1,466 in 1874) and list of lodges not represented at Grand Lodge in 1874; also communications from various Grand Lodges.
  • 1874-171: Banquet. (No speeches described. ". . . celebrated after the manner of Masons."


There were 18 districts in Massachusetts in 1874, as well as districts for Chile and China.

DISTRICT 1: Boston

William T.R. Marvin, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges
Report: 1874-175; Tabular: 1874-211

DISTRICT 2: Charlestown

William H. Kent, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Report: 1874-177; Tabular: 1874-212

DISTRICT 3: Boston Highlands

Charles J. Danforth, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges
Report: 1874-178; Tabular: 1874-213

DISTRICT 4: Cambridge

Charles A. Welch, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-180; Tabular: 1874-214


George F. Breed, District Deputy Grand Master; 13 Lodges
Report: 1874-182; Tabular: 1874-215

DISTRICT 6: Newburyport

Joseph S. Howe, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges + 1 U.D.
Report: 1874-185; Tabular: 1874-216

DISTRICT 7: Lowell

Henry P. Perkins, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Report: 1874-187; Tabular: 1874-217

DISTRICT 8: Greenfield

Bowdoin S. Parker, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-189; Tabular: 1874-218

DISTRICT 9: Pittsfield

Daniel Upton, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges
Report: 1874-191; Tabular: 1874-219

DISTRICT 10: Springfield

William J. Sawin, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-192; Tabular: 1874-220

DISTRICT 11: Worcester

Joseph B. Knox, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-195; Tabular: 1874-221

DISTRICT 12: Milford

George E. Stacy, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges + 1 U.D.
Report: 1874-197; Tabular: 1874-222

DISTRICT 13: Taunton

George L. Rhoads, District Deputy Grand Master; 14 Lodges
Report: 1874-198; Tabular: 1874-223

DISTRICT 14: New Bedford

Abraham H. Howland, Jr., District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-200; Tabular: 1874-224

DISTRICT 15: Barnstable

John W. Atwood, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges
Report: 1874-202; Tabular: 1874-225

DISTRICT 16: Plymouth

Edward Avery, District Deputy Grand Master; 13 Lodges
Report: 1874-203; Tabular: 1874-226

DISTRICT 17: Woburn

Smith B. Harrington, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Report: 1874-204; Tabular: 1874-227

DISTRICT 18: Palmer

John Wetherbee, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges
Report: 1874-205; Tabular: 1874-228


H. Plunket Bourchier, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges
Report: 1874-207; Tabular: 1874-229


Ithamar B. Eames, District Deputy Grand Master; 1 Lodge
Report: 1874-207; Tabular: 1874-230

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