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Winslow Lewis, Deputy Grand Master
Edward M. Raymond , Senior Grand Warden
John R. Bradford, Junior Grand Warden




Held at Masonic Temple, Boston

  • 03/11: V-68;
  • 06/10: V-77;
  • 09/09: V-86;
  • 12/09: V-104; (Annual Communication)

03/11 Agenda

  • V-71: Report by Trustees of the Temple regarding alterations to the Temple. Referred to committee for consultation with other Masonic bodies.
    • 06/10: V-82; report by committee that $300 had been appropriated as the Grand Lodge's share in fitting up the rooms.
  • V-72: A delegate to be appointed to attend the General Convention of Freemasons in Virginia in May.
  • V-75: Grand Lodge to attend the Feast of St. John the Baptist with Aurora Lodge, Fitchburg, on 06/24/1846.

06/10 Agenda

  • V-79: Committee report on members of the former Constellation Lodge. The three Brothers were expelled from Masonry.
  • V-83: Correspondence from Bros. Oliver and Crucefix, elected Honorary Members in December 1845.
  • V-85: Committee appointed to dedicate the new Hall.

09/09 Agenda

  • V-89ff: Report on United Brethren clandestine Lodge, initiating Negro men in Boston. A committee of these men sought "healing" to be made Masons. A summons was made to Bro. Benjamin F. Leonard, who had undertaken this action. (See 09/29, 10/14 Special Communications below.)
    • 12/09: V-105; Negro brethren admitted, but their petition to be regularly admitted and "healed" was denied.
  • V-93: Petition by Morning Star Lodge to hold a procession on 06/24/1846, inviting the Grand Lodge; accepted.

12/09 Agenda

  • V-106: Report of the Committee of Finance.
  • V-108: Report of the Committee on Charity.
  • V-109: Report of the Trustees of the Temple.
  • V-112: Report of the Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
  • V-113: Re-election of Simon W. Robinson as Grand Master (58 ballots), and other Grand Lodge officers.

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals

  • 09/09: V-87; Part 4, Article 1, Section 10 to be amended to substitute "$6" for "$4" (annual fee for members), and "$5" for "$3.50" (fee for initiates); adopted.

Grand Master's Address

  • 03/11: V-69; Address by Grand Master Robinson. Recommendations on Grand Lodge fees referred to committee.
    • 09/09: V-87; Committee reported recommendation to increase fees.

Necrologies and Memorials

Petitions for Charters

  • 12/09: V-107; Petition by Mount Tabor Lodge U.D., East Boston, for a charter (dispensation date 12/18/1845, not recorded in Proceedings); granted.

Petitions for Dispensation for Lodges

Petitions for Restoration of Charter

  • 06/10: V-78; Petition by Washington Lodge, Roxbury; referred.
    • 09/09: V-89; Petition granted.
  • 09/09: V-93; Petition by Union Lodge, Nantucket, to replace the original charter destroyed by a recent fire; referred.
    • 09/09: V-94; recommended for acceptance.
  • 09/09: V-93; Petition by two members of Montgomery Lodge, Medway, to restore the charter; referred.
  • 12/09: V-110; Presentation of "sundry papers and petitions" from King Hiram's Lodge, Provincetown, to replace one lost during "Anti-Masonic excitement‚" granted, dues remitted.
  • 12/28: V-121; Petition by Montgomery Lodge, Medway; committee adverse to granting the petition, as some of the funds had been distributed in 1829, the rest lost through mismanagement.


  • 09/29: V-95; Proceedings against Bro. Benjamin Leonard. Appearing before Grand Lodge, Bro. Leonard asked for a postponement that he might obtain counsel.
    • 10/14: V-98; Proceedings against Bro. Benjamin Leonard. He did not appear; unanimously found guilty, he was expelled.
  • 11/11: V-101: Dedication of the new Masonic Hall. Ceremonies conducted "in accordance with ancient [M]asonic form and usage" Wor. and Rev. Albert Case "delivered an able, interesting and appropriate address." see description below


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/28/1846)

  • V-116: Instruction session.
  • V-122: Invitation to attend the installation of The Massachusetts Lodge on 01/29/1847; accepted.
  • V-122: Installation of Grand Master Robinson and other Grand Lodge officers.
  • V-122: Address by Past Grand Master Peabody "on the character, history and prospects of the Institution."
  • V-123: A further "appropriate and practical" address was given by Rev. Bro. George M. Randall.


From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. VI, No. 2, December 1846, p. 41:


The new and beautiful Hall, recently fitted up in the Temple, for the use of the Lodges and other Masonic bodies in this city, was dedicated, in ancient form, by the Grand Lodge of this Commonwealth, on Wednesday, the 11th ult. The Hall was filled at an early hour, to its utmost capacity, by Brethren of the city and neighboring towns. The Boston Encampment, the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, the Chapters and several Lodges, were present in their regalia and jewels, and made a rich and imposing appearance.

The ceremonies were commenced by a voluntary on the organ; which was 1 followed by an appropriate and fervent prayer by the Grand Chaplain. After which, the following Chant from Br. Power's " Masonic Melodies," was sung by the Choir, led by Br. Wm. B. Oliver:

Rejoice, all ye that are assembled in the Lord,
For in safety have we met again this day :
From the hands of our enemies He hath delivered us,
And the light of His countenance is here.

How beautiful are the gates of our Temple seen !
The incense of devotion we bring unto its courts:
With thankful hearts, before its altars we here appear,
To bow down and worship before His holy throne.

Let all the Brethren, in songs of praise, unite,
For all the goodness of God unto us shown:
We will rejoice in His mercy, evermore,
While together we journey through life. Amen. Amen.

The ceremonies of Consecration were then performed by the Grand Master, M. W. Simon W. Robinson, Esq., in & solemn and impressive manner, and in strict conformity with ancient Masonic form and usage; dnring which, Nos. 21 and 22 of the Melodies, were sung by the Choir. The dedicatory prayer by the Grand Chaplain, concluded this part of the ceremonies.

The W. and Rev. Br. Albert Case, of Worcester, then delivered an address of great beauty and excellence, in which he briefly alluded to the custom in all ages, of erecting structures for scientific, moral, religious, and other purposes. He also referred to the ancient custom of Dedication,—the early erection of Masonic Halls in Europe, and gave an interesting narrative of the various efforts by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, for the erection or purchase of a suitable building for its own permanent use. This part of the address was full of interest, and new to most of the Brethren present He next spoke of the erection and dedication of the Temple in which he was standing,—referred to the adverse circumstances under which the enterprise was begun and carried through, and paid a just and merited compliment to its projectors. He then spoke of the beautiful apartments which they were then solemnly consecrating to Masonry, Virtue, and Universal Benevolence,—complimented the Fraternity in the city on their liber¬ ality, and the committee on the good taste they had displayed in the arrangements and decorations, and the faithfulness with which they had discharged their responsible duties. He also referred to the generous donations of a beautiful Chandelier, by the Grand Encampment of Massachusetts and Rhode Island—of three richly carved and costly Chairs, for the East, by Br. Jonas Chickering, and of a beautiful and valuable Clock, by R. W. Br.C. Gayton Pickman,—and concluded by an earnest caution to the Lodges, against the too free admission of applicants, and the too hasty manner in which they were often passed through the degrees. The address was an able and eminently acceptable performance, and we are happy in having it in our power to state, that the Grand Lodge having requested a copy for its use, it will probably be published.

The "Concluding Melody", No. 23, was then sung:

Oub Temple reared, the capstone raised,
Our altars blessed, Jehovah praised,
Accept, O God, our solemn vow,
Before Thy holy name to bow.

O, let each heart a temple be
Of heavenly truth and charity;
That, life passed o'er, Thy Spirit, given,
May gather all to Thee, in Heaven.

After a Benediction by the Rev. and venerable Brother, Dr. Asa Eaton, the Grand Lodge retired to their room, and the visiting Brethren to their homes. The Masonic Fraternity in the city, have heretofore occupied the upper apartments in the Temple; but, though of more than the ordinary capacity of Masonic halls, and possessing many desirable conveniences, they were found, the last season, not to be sufficiently capacious to meet the increasing wants of the Lodges and other bodies which occupied them. It was, therefore, determined to fit up the apartments in the story next below, for Masonic purposes, for which they were originally designed. These consist of the main hall, 55 by 38 feet,—a withdrawing room, 30 feet square, and several ante-rooms. This duty was committed to the superintendence of R. W. Brs. Geo. G. Smith, Edward A. Raymond, and Ammi B. Young. They have been fitted up, as nearly as could conveniently be done, with a Gothic finish. The ceiling and walls are richly frescoed, and embellished with appropriate emblems. This part of the work was executed by Br. T. C. Savory, and is highly creditable to him as an artist. The canopy in the East, the drapery in other parts of the hall, and the permanent fixtures, are not less evincive of good taste in the committee, under whose direction the whole was designed, than of skill in the artist, Br. Edward Hennessey. Indeed, all engaged in the undertaking, have acquitted themselves in a highly acceptable manner; and our sincere prayer is, that they may long continue to enjoy the beautiful work of their own creation.

Besides the above apartments, the Fraternity will continue to improve, as heretofore, the rooms in the upper story of the building. These have been entirely renovated, and though much inferior to the new apartments, are, probably, in appearance and convenience, surpassed by few, if any, Masonic rooms in this country.

The amount expended, will not, we understand, vary far from three thousand dollars. The whole of the apartments are lighted with gas, and in the evening present a brilliant appearance. The Brethren in Boston may be justly proud of their Masonic Temple.

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. VI, No. 4, February 1847, p. 110:



Note: This is extremely conjectural, and based in part on the locations of the appointed Deputies.


Addison Searle (Chelsea), District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges + 1 U.D.


Samuel Bowden (Marblehead), District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Nathan Ordway (Fitchburg), District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges


Jonathan Greenwood (Framingham), District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Samuel Chandler (Canton), District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Pliny Slocomb (Sutton), District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges


Lucien B. Keith (New Bedford), District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Samuel H. Jenks (Nantucket), District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges

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