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SAMUEL P. P. FAY, Grand Master

Asa Eaton, Deputy Grand Master
James C. King, Senior Grand Warden
Thomas Cole, Junior Grand Warden



  • 03/08 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-265;
    • III-266: Report of committee on the transfer of material from previous to current Grand Treasurer.
    • III-266: Report of committee on charity to The Tyrian Lodge.
    • III-266: Report on conferral with Grand Lodge of New Hampshire regarding establishment of uniform fees.
    • III-270: Committee appointed to obtain a piece of Plate to be given to Past Grand Treasurer Andrew Sigourney.
    • III-271ff: Report on convention of Maine delegates regarding establishment of the Grand Lodge of Maine.
      • 06/14: III-288; Grand Lodge to grant consent and a sum of $1000 to the new Grand Lodge when organized.
    • III-276: Report by committee on purchasing Merchants Hall; has met with objections, and will not proceed without additional instruction; committee discharged.
    • III-278: Committee appointed to attend Boston Town Meeting, with the objective of leasing rooms in the Old State House.
    • III-279ff: Report on the state of Lodges in the jurisdiction, by Past Grand Master Oliver. An excoriation of numerous lodges and an account of delinquencies and misbehavior, with a suggestion for a number of lodge charters to be surrendered. (See list below, following Charter Petitions.)
      • 06/14: III-292ff; a further report, with additional complaints. (See list below, following Charter Petitions.)
      • 12/13: III-326; report committed to a committee of five.
  • 06/14 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-286;
    • III-287: Report of committee on censures and expulsions; recommendation that lodges be continued with that authority and that Grand Lodge be given no additional authority.
    • III-289: Report of committee to repair Grand Lodge regalia.
    • III-291: Thomas Lodge to be transferred to the 7th Masonic District.
  • 09/13 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-305;
    • III-306: Petitions from King David and Eastern Star Lodge granted two years' time to pay delinquent dues.
    • III-308: Death of Past Grand Treasurer Sigourney; memorial to be prepared.
  • 12/13 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-310; Annual Communication.
    • III-313: Petition from Orion Lodge for remission; granted.
    • III-314: Charity Committee report.
    • III-317: Finance Committee report.
    • III-320: Grand Master Fay declined the honor of being a candidate; John Dixwell elected Grand Master. Other Grand Lodge officers elected.
    • III-324: Petition for Meridian Lodge to remove to Watertown; rejected.
    • III-324: Library Committee to collect books purchased from Thaddeus M. Harris, and consider the "expediency of establishing a Grand Masonic Library."
    • III-325: Communication from the Grand Lodge of Maine.
    • III-326: Conflict between Amicable and Mount Lebanon Lodges over jurisdiction.
    • III-327: Committee on place of meeting continued.
  • 12/27 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-328;
    • III-329: Installation of Grand Master and other Grand Lodge officers. Appointment of other officers.
    • III-330: Address by Grand Master Dixwell.
    • III-331: Committee appointed to obtain needed regalia.
    • III-331: Committee on dedication of new hall.


  • 06/14: III-289; Petition for Seven Stars Lodge, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard; referred.
    • 09/13: III-308; granted.




In March and June 1820, Past Grand Master Francis J. Oliver gave a detailed report on the state of lodges in the jurisdiction, on behalf of a committee that had visited a number of lodges that were in arrears to the Grand Lodge or were in other difficulties. The March report begins on page III-279; the June report on page III-292. Due to the departure of lodges in Maine after 06/14/1820, districts 9, 10 and 11 were excluded from consideration.

  • 1st District: All 18 lodges are in "good order and condition." (06/14: III-293.)
  • 2nd District: All dues from this district are paid. (06/14: III-293.)
  • 3rd District:
    • Adams and Fore Fathers' Rock are nine years delinquent in dues "having long since forfeited their charters." Fellowship should "give stronger assurance of their ability and willingness to comply with their duty" or have their charter recalled. (03/08: III-280.)
    • Adams and Fore Fathers' Rock have held few meetings during the period they are in arrears and "There can be no question as to the expediency of recalling the charters of these Lodges. (06/14: III-294.) Fellowship is in debt but hopes for a remission of earlier obligations, and "instead of paying their dues to the Grand Lodge have converted their funds to other objects." (06/14: III-294.)
  • 4th District:
    • Eastern Star is more than three years delinquent, and should "promptly come forward in the course of the present year" or give up their charter. (03/08: III-280.)
    • Eastern Star is indebted three years, King David has made no returns in the present year. (06/14: III-295.)
  • 5th District:
    • Pentucket is "rent by unhappy divisions." (03/08: III-281.)
    • Generally favorable remarks about the lodges in this district, though Trinity "has met with heavy losses but is in a state of improvement." (06/14: III-295.) In Pentucket, "serious difficulties arose during the last year, and application was made . . . to take some measures for the restoration of its harmony and unanimity. Despite the efforts of "a highly respected brother, John Abbot, "discords have again broken out with such virulence as to threaten the dissolution of the lodge. (06/14: III-296.)
  • 6th District:
    • Fayette, Meridian Sun, Olive Branch, Harris and Humanity should all be "admonished" by the Grand Master. (03/08: III-281.)
    • In Fayette "the officers neither understand work nor lectures"; in Meridian Sun, "more attention is paid to refreshments than to the great object of its institution, and Olive Branch and Harris are "declining for want of harmony among the members" despite being close to Thomas, "one of the most correct and best lodges in the jurisdiction."
  • 7th District:
    • Mount Pleasant is five years in arrears and has engaged in "Antimasonic Conduct in relinquishing to those on whom they confer the degrees of Masonry, a part of the fees established by the Grand Lodge." (03/08: III-281.) Rising Sun and Orion should surrender their charters, and Pacific "unless the pledge lately given be faithfully redeemed" should do the same. Mountain is guilty of a "gross violation of the 10th Section, 5th Chapter" (with respect to the fee for initiation. (03/08: III-282.)
    • Republican is in debt for having recently built a hall and is thus in arrears (06/14: III-297); Mount Pleasant and Rising Sunare 5 years in arrears; Pacific is indebted for five years, and Orion for four years "and there is no hope of payment, its members 15 in number . . . no work has been done since 5817." (06/14: III-299.)
  • 8th District:
  • 12th District:


DISTRICT 1 (Boston and vicinity)

Thomas Power, District Deputy Grand Master; 18 Lodges

DISTRICT 2 (Newburyport and North Shore)

Andrew Nichols, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 3 (South Shore and Cape Cod)

Sylvester Baker, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges

DISTRICT 4 (Southeast)

Abiathar Richardson, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges

DISTRICT 5 (Framingham, west and north)

David Wilder, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges

DISTRICT 6 (Central Mass., Worcester)

James Fisk Robbins, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 7 (North Central Massachusetts)

Titus Strong, District Deputy Grand Master; 13 Lodges

DISTRICT 8 (Berkshires)

John Whiting, Joseph Tucker, District Deputy Grand Masters; 8 Lodges

DISTRICT 9 (Southern Maine)

William Swan, District Deputy Grand Master; 18 Lodges
Assigned to the Grand Lodge of Maine, 06/14/1820

DISTRICT 10 (Central Maine)

Manly Hardy, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges
Assigned to the Grand Lodge of Maine, 06/14/1820

DISTRICT 11 (Eastern Maine)

Jonathan D. Weston, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges
Assigned to the Grand Lodge of Maine, 06/14/1820

DISTRICT 12 (Islands)

Hezekiah B. Gardner, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


No District Deputy Grand Master; 1 Lodge

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