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This is an open-ended project, but there are specific tasks that are either in progress or in need of attention. If you'd like to work on one, please sign up below.


  • Reformatting all Lodge pages by sorting out Proceedings References.
    • Walter (hotc1733).
    • Master page: Massachusetts Lodges main page
    • Status: ongoing.
      • Pages with no preceding symbol are complete
      • Pages with a preceding • are missing something, usually a Past Master list
      • Pages with a preceding x are usually pre-1792 lodges for which I have little information
  • Year pages from 1755 to 1791.
    • Walter (hotc1733).
    • Master page: Massachusetts Years main page
    • Status: ongoing.
      • Pages with a ★ have been updated
      • Pages with a ☆ have the correct lodge listing, but nothing else
      • Pages with no symbol have only the Grand Master name and not much else
  • Grand Constitutions (1953) updates and changes
    • needs attention
    • Master page: 1953 Grand Constitution
    • Status: changes incomplete; I stopped updating this in the mid-1970s.
      • Required: a look at the Proceedings from about 1975 to the present, with changes edited in according to the style given.
  • Moore's Freemason's Monthly additions
    • Walter (hotc1733).
    • Master page: none in general; edicts linked from main Edicts page
    • Status: all relevant entries extracted. All rulings added, still many unfiled articles.
    • Required: To be entered.
  • Master Histories Page
    • Walter (hotc1733) to start, but I'd like help with scanning
    • In process.
    • I'm in the process of adding historical essays from the Proceedings, but this is a slow process. Anyone who would like to volunteer to scan material from the Proceedings and add it to a relevant lodge page history section (see, for example, St. Matthew's Centennial History, found in the 1922 Proceedings).
      • I have scanned all histories from 1922, 1941-1945, 1967, 1979, and 1982 as they have come into my hands; I have PDF versions of the Proceedings from 1733-1905, as well as 1911, 1914-1919, and 2002-present, so they don't need attention. I have an OCR conversion program if the PDF doesn't allow select and copy/paste.


  • Past Master Lists
    • everyone and anyone
    • Master page: PMs Needed master page
    • Status: See that page for lists of active lodges currently needed. There are numerous no longer active lodges that also need to be compiled.
  • Pictures, particularly of Past Masters and Permanent Members
    • everyone and anyone
    • I only have a few lodges where I have PM pictures; anyone who can put together a set of pictures of Past Masters or distinguished Brothers is welcome to supply them and we'll get them put up.
    • A large number of Permanent Members have no pictures on their pages; on the people master page they are indicated by the absence of a © symbol.
  • Biographies of Permanent Members
    • everyone and anyone
    • By comparison there are relatively few Permanent Members (deceased) lacking a biography or memorial. However, there are a fair number of living Permanent Members with no text on their page (they lack a ¶ symbol next to their names).
  • Trowel Article Index
    • anyone who wants to volunteer
    • Master page: Trowel Index
    • Complete through 2009. I'd really like to scan some of this material.






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