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Location: New Bedford

Chartered By: David W. Lovering

Charter Date: 04/02/1992 1992-32

Precedence Date: 12/10/1823

Current Status: created by the merger of Paskamansett Lodge and Star in the East Lodge, 04/02/1992; merged with Wamsutta Lodge to form Star in the East Lodge, 06/12/2004.


  • Roger P. Galipeau, 1992, 1993
  • Calvin E. Deal, 1994
  • Sylvester R. Jordan, Jr., 1995, 1997-1999
  • Thomas J. L. Carriero, 1996
  • Raymond C. Lantz, Jr., 2000
  • Richard L. Tremblay, 2001, 2002
  • Gerard A. Bergeron, 2003, 2004; PDDGM

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  • Consolidation Petition: 1992
  • Consolidation Petition (with Wamsutta Lodge): 2004


  • 1998 (175th Anniversary)



  • 1998 (175th Anniversary History, 1998-142)



A Brief History Of Star In The East/Paskamansett Lodge

The most recent history of our present Lodge, the so called Merged Lodge, Star In The East/Paskamansett, began on April 20, 1992. However, even that date was preceded by a joint meeting to discuss a merger in March, 1991 and was followed by votes to merge by both the Star In The East Lodge and the Paskamansett Lodge in May, 1991.

The notice for the merger meeting was as follows:

Special Communication

Monday, April 20 at 7:30 P.M. Brethren: On this
 evening Paskamansett Lodge will merge with Star In The East Lodge. It will
be a most important night for both of us. The Most Worshipful Grand Master
 will preside and he will be accompanied by a suite of officers from Grand 
Lodge. This is something that does not happen very often, and it is hoped . . .

Accordingly, after retiring the officers, the new Lodge called Star In The East/Paskamansett was opened for business by Most Worshipful Edgar W. Darling, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts under the direction of Worshipful William Vincent.

It is significant that on the first scheduled meeting of our new combined Lodge on May 5, our guest speaker was Right Worshipful Rev. Oscar A. Guinn, Jr., Grand Chaplain, who is with us tonight as chaplain for this milestone anniversary occasion.

On June 15th, a family dinner helped to cement the bonds that united our respective Lodge brothers and their families.

In September, 1992, the first elected master of our combined Lodge, Worshipful Roger P. Galipeau, was installed for the first of two terms. The Lodge continued the well known Kiddies Christmas Parties started
years earlier. However, a change had gradually taken place since our general
membership was older, and declining. The number of children and
 grandchildren participating was considerably reduced. To make up the
difference, we gradually added more and more underprivileged children as 
our guests. We likewise continued to specially invite and recognize each
month the brothers celebrating their Masonic birthday, recognizing them from
the East and usually providing a small token gift to each celebrant. On January 
1, 1993, our Lodge sponsored a Masonic awareness evening with sufficient
 publicity to attract a number of prospective candidates. Similar events have
been held periodically. In February, 1993, reciprocal visitations between our
Lodge and Pythagorean Lodge, Marion were reinstated after a several year 
lapse. These visits were begun in 1954 by Worshipful Richard Lauzon of Star
In The East. Each visit back and forth is commemorated by an "Indissoluble 
Chain" passed to the visited Lodge with an engraved link added. A comment
by the Master in the June, 1993 calendar sums up our first year -"The merger
 of our two Lodges has made us stronger and more vital as we all hoped it 
would. . ."

In April 1994 we were very pleased to be doubly recognized as Wor. Alfred Bryant, our secretary, received the Grand Lodge "Certificate of Merit" for outstanding Masonic service and Worshipful Harry Kenyon was honored with the Joseph Warren Medal for distinguished service. Wor. Harry's medal, recognizing years of service as treasurer in addition to other Masonic accomplishments, was presented at a special recognition night on June 21, 1994.

November 1 st, 1994 was an historic evening as the District Deputy Grand Master presented to three of our members seventy year pins; Brothers John Donaghy, Jr., Edward Kincaid, and William Tomlinson, Jr. On February 7, 1995, a testimonial was held for Wor. Samuel Walder and he was presented with the Joseph Warren Medal, for distinguished service to Masonry. Wor George M. Panagakos served as District Deputy Grand Secretary for 1995 -1996.

In February of 1995, we were visited by Plymouth Lodge reinstituting a long tradition of visits between their Lodge and Paskamansett Lodge.

On August 25th, 1995, a special communication was held at the home of our 70-year veteran Brother Edward Kincaid, to commemorate his 100th birthday. It was a most memorable afternoon.

In September, 1995, we were honored to have Most Worshipful David W. Lovering, Grand Master, install our own Sylvester Jordan as Master.

1997 witnessed the introduction of 25 year pins presented to qualifying members.

And thus, with a short current history, but with a long and distinguished past, we arrive at our 175th year. We have listed some of the leaders of our Lodge through the years, but our most important asset, you, the brother members deserve the real credit, for without your help and support this milestone could never have been achieved, nor could any of our significant accomplishments have been realized.

History Prepared by Wor. Samuel Walder October 11, 1998



From TROWEL, Spring 1999, Page 22:

Star in the East-Paskamansett Lodge Celebrates 175th Anniversary

On Sunday, October 11, 1998. Star in the East-Paskamansett Lodge of New Bedford, celebrated its 175th anniversary. The event took place at Day's Inn in New Bedford.

In attendance were M. W. Arthur E. Johnson, Grand Master and his wife, Barbara; R. W. Louis A. Harmon, Grand Marshal: R. W. Stephen W. Latham, D. D. G. M., Fall River 30th District and Wor. Thomas Hickey, Grand Pursuivant, and his lady. A large number of the widows of the Brethren of the Lodge turned out to help celebrate this gala event in the history of this Lodge.

Star in the East is the oldest Lodge in the City of New Bedford and obtained a dispensation from the Grand Lodge on October 17, 1823. The first meeting was held on November 3, 1823. On December 10, 1823, Grand Lodge issued a Charter to Star in the East Lodge signed by M. W. John Dixwell, then Grand Master. Wor. Timothy I. Dyre was the first installed Master of the Lodge and was installed on May 27, 1824.

In 1858, several members of Star in the East Lodge petitioned Grand Lodge to form Eureka Lodge in New Bedford, as well as Concordia Lodge in Fairhaven, which is now known as George H. Taber Lodge. Wor. George H. Taber was a Past Master of Star in the East Lodge. Two other Lodges were started by members of Star in the East Lodge, those being Noquochoke Lodge of Westport and Paskamansett Lodge of New Bedford.

On April 20, 1992, Star in the East and Paskamansett Lodges merged to form the present Star in the East-Paskamansett Lodge. Wor. William R. Vincent was the Presiding Master of Star in the East Lodge and Wor. Carl J. Colangelo was the Presiding Master of Paskamansett Lodge. The first elected Master of the merged Lodge was Wor. Roger P. Galipeau. Welcoming remarks at the Anniversary Celebration were made by Wor. Sylvester R. Jordan, Jr. Other speakers included M. W. Arthur E. Johnson, Grand Master; R.W. Stephen W. Latham, D. D. G. M. of the New Bedford 30th District and Wor. George M. Panagakos, who spoke on the history of the Lodge.



1994: District 30 (New Bedford)

2003: District 19


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