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Dudley Atkins Tyng, Grand High Priest
Simon Eliot, Deputy Grand High Priest
Benjamin Russell, Grand King
Charles Jackson, Grand Scribe


ANNUAL SESSION, 09/20/1803

Meeting held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-31):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Grand Chapter voted as follows:

  • To authorize a warrant for St. John's Chapter in Groton.
  • For a committee of Companions Tyng, Russell and Gage "to act on the communication made by John Mitchell, K. H., P. R. S., of Charleston, So. Carolina."
  • That a list of officers be published in newspapers in Boston and Newburyport.
  • For a committee of Companions B. Smith and Greenleaf to examine the Treasurer's accounts, which was done at this communication.
  • That the Secretary procure a seal for the Grand Chapter.

The meeting elected the following officers for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year:

  • Timothy Bigelow, Grand High Priest
  • Benjamin Russell, Deputy Grand High Priest
  • Gilman White, Grand King
  • Abraham Perkins, Grand Scribe
  • Elisha Sigourney, Grand Treasurer
  • T. Jackson, Grand Secretary
  • Ezra Ripley, Grand Chaplain
  • Henry Purkitt, Grand Marshal
  • Amos Tappan, Grand Steward
  • John B. Hammatt, Grand Steward
  • William Learned, Grand Steward
  • Andrew Frothingham, Jr., Grand Steward
  • Robert Newman, Inside Sentinel
  • William Tarbox, Grand Outside Tyler




No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. Andrew's 08/28/1769 Scotland
2 Newburyport King Cyrus 06/28/1790 ?

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