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E.M.P. Wells, Deputy Grand Master
Robert Keith, Senior Grand Warden
John Hews, Junior Grand Warden




Held at Masonic Temple, Boston

  • 03/12: V-5;
  • 06/11: V-15;
  • 09/10: V-24;
  • 12/10: V-39; (Annual Communication)

03/12 Agenda

  • V-6: Committee on Constellation Lodge, Dedham, report: that members of the lodge should return monies disbursed to them, and that the Carpet and those funds be returned to the District Deputy and thus to the Grand Lodge.
    • 06/11: V-18; Remittance to be given by members; most of the important regalia, etc. saved.
    • 09/10: V-25; Grand Master Peabody issued a summons to certain members of the lodge, who had divided its funds; expulsion considered.
    • 12/10: V-46; Communication from these brethren, indicating that the sum was disbursed for charitable purposes.
  • V-7: Report of committee from King Solomon's Lodge on the upcoming dedication of the Bunker Hill Monument; description of the order of ceremonies.

06/11 Agenda

  • V-19: Further details on Grand Lodge participation in the Bunker Hill ceremony.
  • V-21: Motion made to commission Rev. Bro. Wm. James Carver of London as Massachusetts' representative to the Grand Lodge of England. Referred.
    • 09/10: V-30; Grand Lodge considered this appointment a special case for Grand Representatives.
  • V-21: Correspondence from the Grand Lodge of Bengal, India.
  • V-21: Correspondence from the Grand Lodge of Texas.
    • 09/10: V-29; Grand Lodge unconvinced that there should be Grand Representatives.
  • V-22: Committee appointed to purchase an organ.
    • 09/10: V-28; Appropriation of $60 made to purchase an organ.

09/10 Agenda

  • V-34: Communication from Grand Lodge of Maryland regarding a General Grand Lodge; referred.
    • 12/10: V-44; Committee report: "in our opinion it is at this time inexpedient to take any further order thereon."
  • V-35: Petition by Star of Bethlehem Lodge for the loan of a set of collars and jewels; granted.
  • V-35: Communication from Henry Purkitt, Permanent Member, who was 90 years of age and did not expect to attend Lodge again; delivered by Rt. Wor. John B. Hammatt; reply of the Grand Master.

12/10 Agenda

  • V-40: Report of the Committee of Finance.
  • V-41: Report of the Trustees of the Temple.
  • V-42: Report of the Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
  • V-51: Petition by Morning Star, Worcester, for a public profession on 06/24/1846; granted.
  • V-52: Election of Simon W. Robinson as Grand Master, and other Grand Lodge officers.
  • V-54: Committee on arrangements constituted.
    • 12/27: V-63; report.

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals

  • 06/11: V-22; Motion to rescind the proscription regulation forbidding the conferral of more than one degree at once; referred. (Not adopted.)
  • 09/10: V-34; Amendment to provide for the admission of honorary members.
    • 12/10: V-48ff; Report submitted and adopted. (Note: though supposedly incorporated into the Grand Constitutions, there is no evidence that it appeared in the text.)

Necrologies and Memorials

  • 09/10: V-34; Memorial to ex-President Andrew Jackson, Past Grand Master of Tennessee, given by Rt. Wor. Winslow Lewis, Jr.

Petitions for Charters

  • 03/12: V-6; Petition by Mount Hope Lodge, Fall River, for replacement; charter destroyed by fire. Granted (page V-11); dues remitted to them.
  • 06/11: V-19; Petition by Star of Bethlehem Lodge U.D., Chelsea, for a charter; granted.
    • 12/10: V-53; request to have ceremony of constitution at the Boston Masonic Temple; granted.

Petitions for Restorations of Charter

  • 03/12: V-6; Petition by Essex Lodge, Salem; referred.
    • 06/11: V-16; Petition granted.
  • 06/11: V-19; Petition by Mount Carmel Lodge, Lynn; granted.
    • 09/10: V-33; most of the individuals among whom the property of the lodge was divided in 1835 refuse to return it.
    • 12/10: V-45; Committee met with the brethren named in Liberty Hall in Lynn on 10/27; after conference they determined to "do what wsa right" only two Brethren refused; proceeding to be suspended against these two until after the next Quarterly.
  • 12/10: V-40; Remission of dues to Hampden Lodge, suspended work from 1835 to 1844.
  • 12/10: V-48; Petition by Amicable Lodge, Cambridge; referred.
    • 12/27: V-57ff; Extensive report of the committee, recommending that the charter be restored.
    • 12/27: V-64; adopted, charter to be restored.


  • 01/07: V-1; Masonic Temple, Boston. Funeral arrangements for Benjamin Russell, Past Grand Master. Brethren to attend funeral, wear an "appropriate Badge (square and compass on a blue ribbon,) with crape [sic] on the left arm."
  • 03/10: V-3; Melodeon, Boston. (Now the site of the new Paramount Theater on Washington St.) Funeral honours for Benjamin Russell. Description of services, including a eulogy by Francis Baylies.


(held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/27/1845)

Rt. Wor. George Oliver
From the collection of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts

  • V-55: Rt. Wor. George Oliver of England elected Honorary Member with the rank of Past Deputy Grand Master. see description below
  • V-56: Rt. Wor. Thomas Crucefix of England elected Honorary Member with the rank of Past Senior Grand Warden. see description below
  • V-56: Invitation by Aurora Lodge to attend Feast of St. John the Baptist on 06/24/1846 in Fitchburg; referred.
  • V-56: Report of the Committee on Charity.
  • V-55: Instruction session.
  • V-65: Installation of Grand Master Robinson and other Grand Lodge officers. Address by Past Grand Master Peabody "on the condition of the Fraternity in the Commonwealth."
  • V-66: Thanks voted to Past Grand Master Peabody, et. al.
  • V-66: Address by Rev. Bro. E.M.P. Wells.

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Vol. V, No. 6, April 1846, p. 166:


At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in December last, the following resolutions, offered by the M. W. Grand Master, Augustus Peabody, Esq., were unanimously adopted:—

Resolved unanimously, That this Grand Lodge have long witnessed with admiration, the indefatigable labors in the cause of Freemasonry of the Reverend and venerable Brother, the R. W. George Oliver, D. D., of Scopwick, Lincolnshire, England; and that they entertain a high sense of his great learning, and intellectual and moral worth:

Therefore, The better to testify the respect and affection they cherish for him as a man and as a Brother, it is farther

Resolved unanimously, That the aforesaid George Oliver, be and he hereby is, elected and constituted an Honorary Member of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, with the rank and privileges of a Past Deputy Grand Master.

Resolved unanimously, That this Grand Lodge have witnessed with peculiar interest and satisfaction, the judicious and persevering efforts of the W. Brother Robert Thomas Crucifix, M. D., of London, England, as well in the cause of humanity as in the cause of Freemasonry, and entertaining the highest respect for his great intellectual and moral worth:

Therefore, in token of their appreciation of bis distinguished character for benevolence, it is further

Resolved unanimously, That our said Brother Robert Thomas Crucifix, be and he hereby is, elected and constituted an Honorary Member of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, with the rank and privileges of a Past Senior Grand Warden.

These resolutions were handsomely engrossed and forwarded to England on the first of January last, and are noticed in the South London News, and in most of the English Metropolitan papers, as follows:— "We have received the very gratifying intelligence from the United States that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has paid an expressive but justly earned tribute to the merits of those distinguished Brethren of our Grand Lodge, the Rev. Dr. Oliver and Dr. Crucefix, by unanimously conferring on the former the rank of Past Deputy Grand Master, and on the latter that of Past Senior Grand Warden. This compliment comes with greater force from the circumstance of its being the first occurrence of the sort on the part of the Grand Lodge referred to; and affords a very conclusive evidence of the great moral effects which these eminent and exalted Brethren exercise, even in a distant hemisphere. Their names run parallel in Masonic history, the one as the unrivalled expounder of doctrine and illustration, the other as the most accomplished proficient in discipline and practice. As Freemasons we cordially concur in the propriety of this act, by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and very sincerely wish that our estimable Breth¬ ren may wear their well earned honors through many a year of utility and happiness."

The above testimony is the more gratifying to us, inasmuch as it confirms the favorable opinion we have often expressed of these distinguished Brethren,—an opinion founded on a pretty long and not altogether inactive personal correspondence.


Note: This list is based on the table in MFM, Page V:145, March 1, 1845.


E.M.P. Wells, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges + 1 U.D.


Samuel Bowden, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Nathan Ordway, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges


Jonathan Greenwood, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Samuel Chandler, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Pliny Slocomb, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges


Lucien B. Keith, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Samuel H. Jenks (?), District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


Addison Ware (?), District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges


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