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Simon W. Robinson, Deputy Grand Master
Thomas Tolman, Senior Grand Warden
Winslow Lewis, Junior Grand Warden




  • 03/09 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-587;
    • IV-587: Grand Master Peabody's ruling on the conferral of multiple degrees; "the practice was irregular and injudicious, and ought not to be resorted to except in cases of pressing emergency, and then only by dispensation."
      • 06/14: IV-598; Confirmed by committee.
    • IV-588: Death of Rev. Bro. Alexander O. Griswold.
    • IV-589: Communication from Warren and Bristol Lodges.
  • 06/14 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-597;
    • IV-598: Further report of Rt. Wor. Charles W. Moore on the National Masonic Convention in Baltimore.
    • IV-599: Communication from the Grand Lodge of Missouri for aid in establishing a Massonic Colledge[sic]; granted, and the Grand Lodge resolved to distribute a circular to all members on this subject. A committee was appointed to solicit subscriptions.
    • IV-601: Petition by Meridian Lodge to remove to Newton Lower Falls; returned, as being "informal and incomplete."
      • 09/13: IV-605; resubmitted and found complete; petition granted.
    • IV-602: Death of Grand Master of England, the Duke of Sussex.
  • 09/13 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-604;
  • adjourned to 09/15: IV-612;
    • IV-606ff: Extensive report on the Baltimore Masonic Convention. Grand Lodge adopted resolutions concerning the convention's results.
    • IV-612: Report of committee on by-laws.
  • 12/13 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-658; Annual Communication.
    • IV-658: Report of the Committee of Finance.
    • IV-660: Report of the Committee of Charity.
    • IV-661: Report of the Trustees of the Temple.
    • IV-663: Report of the Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
    • IV-667: Resolution on the status of Jewish brethren.
    • IV-667: Committee appointed on Masonic Melodies; to purchase 50 copies for use by the Grand Lodge.
    • IV-668: Address by Grand Master Peabody on "the events of the past year . . . on the condition and prospects of the Institution in this Commonwealth."
    • IV-669: Re-election of Grand Master Peabody (46 ballots). Other Grand Lodge officers elected.
  • 12/27 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-671;
    • IV-673: Petition by Hiram Lodge to remove from Lexington to West Cambridge; tabled; granted in evening session.
    • IV-674: Instruction by Grand Lodge Lecturers ("in strict conformity with the system recommended by the late National Convention, and adopted by this Grand Lodge.")
    • IV-675: DDGM, 1st Masonic District, submitted a statement on the lodges in that district.
    • IV-677: Installation of Grand Master Peabody and other Grand Lodge officers. (Order of ceremonies noted; ode by Rt. Wor. Thomas Power.)
    • IV-678: Address by Grand Master Peabody.
    • IV-681: Refreshments in adjoining apartment.


  • 12/13: IV-665; Petition by The Tyrian Lodge, Gloucester, for the charter to be restored: granted, provided that the members of the Lodge remit the amount they received upon division of their funds.
  • 12/13: IV-665; Petition by brethren of Morning Star Lodge, Worcester, for a restoration of their charter: because it had been "destroyed or fraudulently secreted", a Dispensation to be issued for one year.
    • 12/27: IV-673; some refunding took place; Grand Master authorized to restore.


  • 05/23 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-591; Consideration of appearance at the Bunker Hill Monument; declined. A representative from the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire from Portsmouth, Bro. John Knowlton, indicated the resolution of that body to join with Massachusetts. Also present were a Past Grand Master and the Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Missouri.
    • 05/30: IV-595; reconsidered vote on Bunker Hill; declined again.
  • 10/10 (Charlestown): no page number. Dedication of Charlestown Masonic Hall. (Reported in Moore's Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Vol III, No. 2, November 1843.)

Address by the Grand Master:

"The Grand Lodge have with pleasure witnessed your enterprise, zeal and taste in erecting and adorning this Hall. We have examined it - and cheerfully declare our approbation of it. And we will presently proceed to dedicate it in ancient form, to God, to Virtue, and to Universal Benevolence.

"We congratulate you on its completion - and we trust that here you will long continue to find a safe retreat from the cares and anxieties of busy life - secure from the open assaults and secret malignity of every spirit hostile to Freemasonry; - that here you will successfully cultivate the sacred principles of friendship and charity; - and that from this place you will widely disseminate brotherly kindness, relief and truth.

"King Solomon's Lodge has some peculiar privileges. Your meetings will be holden almost under the shadow of yonder splendid Monument - the joint offspring of Patriotism and Freemasonry, - in the erection of which you had a large and active share. The recollections connected with it will always stimulate and cheer your labors.

"You also have some peculiar responsibilities. Your Lodge has given more than one Grand Master to this Commonwealth - and with you rest the sacred ashes of our venerated Grand Master, WARREN. It is your charge to preserve the Masonic honors which have deservedly rendered this locality dear to the Craft.

"Be watchful and wise in the selection of your candidates and associates; and remember that the whole Fraternity expects of you to gather on this spot a band of such Brothers, as, should our country hereafter require it, will give occasion for the erection of another Monument as proud as that which marks the glory of Bunker Hill."

  • 10/11 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-613; By-Law changes adopted; copies to be printed, and code to take effect after the next Annual Communication.


Note: This is extremely conjectural, and based in part on the locations of the appointed Deputies.


Gilbert Nurse (Boston), District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges


Isaac Collyer (Marblehead), District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges


Jeremiah Kilburn (Groton), District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges


Jonathan Greenwood (Framingham), District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Benjamin Huntoon (Canton), District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges


Lucien B. Keith (New Bedford), District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


Robert F. Parker (Nantucket), District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges

★ = Appeared in Grand Lodge during 1843. (See Attendance Summary)

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