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JOHN ABBOT, Grand Master

Abraham A. Dame, Deputy Grand Master
Elias Haskell, Senior Grand Warden
Benjamin B. Appleton, Junior Grand Warden




03/12 Agenda

  • 03/12 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-324; Deputy Grand Master Abraham A. Dame presiding.
    • IV-325: Committee on Mount Hope Lodge discharged.

06/11 Agenda

  • 06/11 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-326;
    • IV-327: Resolution that the Charter of every Lodge "which has ceased to hold its meetings, and has not paid its dues to the Grand Lodge, be surrendered." see below; lodges designated ø are supposed to have surrendered their charters.
    • IV-327: A committee from the Massachusetts Executive Council petitioned the Grand Lodge with a request that, at the next Quarterly Communication, it consider dissolution.
      • IV-327ff: A memorial from a committee of the Legislature:

The undersigned a committee appointed at a meeting of the members of the Executive council, of the Senate and House of Representative of the commonwealth of Massachusetts - assembled at the State House on Thursday the 20th instant respectfully represent:

That as members of the Masonic Fraternity, they feel a deep interest in the honour, reputation and best good of the Institution in all the Legitimate, valuable and highly useful objects, for which the same was originally established, and to which it has in so great a degree, hitherto been directed. They would also express a high degree of satisfaction, that amidst all the opposition and abuse which for many years past the Institution has been called to encounter; so great a degree of union harmony and good feeling have pervaded all the members of the Fraternity throughout this commonwealth.

But while your memorialists thus congratulate themselves, and their brethren, upon this happy union of feeling and design, they cannot but feel constrained to remark: that a great variety of circumstances have recently transpired, the tendency of which has been to render the Institution a cause of jealousy and distrust, to a great portion of the community, a source of discord in our moral, Religious, and Political Institutions, and also to create in the minds of your memorialists an honest and serious doubt as to the practicapability expediency or utility of any longer attempting to perpetuate the ancient Landmarks and prerogatives that have heretofore characterized the Masonic Fraternity. Under the operation of the existing laws which we feel bound as good masons and good citizens to obey, it is rendered self evident that the Institution cannot any longer preserve the ceremonies attached to the order, or further extend its influence through the community. Under these circumstances your memorialists feel constrained from a sense of duty which they owe to themselves, their country and their God, to make this solemn appeal to you as the Legitimate head, of the Grand Lodge (if proper and consistent) to direct a circular throughout the commonwealth requesting a punctual attendance at the next quarterly communication, to take into consideration the existing state of things in regard to the Institution, and to devise and adopt, such measures, as their wisdom and prudence may suggest to allay the public feeling that exists both in and out of the fraternity; and at the same time save your memorialist[s] from the necessity of making any further appeal to effect their object, viz., that of restoring the peace, prosperity, and happiness of their Brethren, and of the commonwealth of which they are members.

We further respectfully inform you, that said meeting stands adjourned to Tuesday evening next, and in compliance with the wishes of those present, we most anxiously entreat you to enable us to lay before the meeting, your answer to this communication.

In behalf of the memorialists, Very Respectfully, signed: William Hilliard, Luke Fiske, William Ferson (Boston March 31st 1834)

      • IV-329ff: The response of the Grand Lodge, adopted unanimously:

Whereas a written communication signed by Rt. W. William Hillard, Hon. Luke Fiske and William Furson, in behalf of the Masonic Members belonging to the present General Court, has been made to the M.W. Grand Master and by him laid before the Grand Lodge, which communication requests the said Grand Master to issue notice to the several Lodges in this Commonwealth requesting their punctual attendance at the then next quarterly communication, to take into consideration the existing state of things in regard to the institution, evidently with reference to its dissolution; and whereas in the opinion of this Grand Lodge the Institution of Freemasonry in this Commonwealth cannot be abolished by the dissolution of the Grand Lodge and all the Lodges under its jurisdiction, unless by the unanimous consent of all the members thereof:

Therefore Voted, that it is inexpedient to notify said Lodges as requested, or take any further order on the subject of said Communication.

09/10 Agenda

  • 09/10 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-338;
    • IV-338: Report by funeral honors committee for Lafayette. There would be a special communication on 9 October for that purpose.
    • IV-339: Petition by Mount Carmel Lodge for remission of dues, referred.
    • IV-339: Report by Rt. Wor. Joshua Flint on "certain Masonic meetings."
      • 09/18: IV-342; committee report rejected, new committee appointed.
    • adjourned to 09/18 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-341; Deputy Grand Master Abraham A. Dame presiding.
      • IV-342: Report by Rt. Wor. John Hews on "the condition of the property of this Grand Lodge" tabled.
        • 09/23: IV-347; withdrawn; committee to be appointed to evaluate the property of the Grand Lodge, and consider the repurchase of the Masonic Temple.
    • adjourned to 09/25 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-343; Senior Grand Warden Elias Haskell presiding.
      • IV-344ff: The Grand Lodge resolved that assemblies "for the purpose of considering their Masonic relations and to take measures to promote the dissolution of the Institution" should be considered "irregular in their constitution . . . and in opposition to the constitutions of the order"; further, that "there are more becoming methods of withdrawing than public conventions"; that the Grand Lodge was continuing "active existence" and performing its charitable functions.

12/10 Agenda

  • 12/10 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-354; Annual Communication.
    • IV-355: Report of the Trustees of the Grand Charity Fund.
    • IV-355: Report of the Committee of Finance.
    • IV-356: Report of the Committee on Charity.
    • IV-357: Communications from The Tyrian Lodge, Warren Lodge.
    • IV-357: Committee appointed "to consider and report what course it is expedient and proper for the Lodges under this jurisdiction to pursue under existing circumstances."
    • IV-358: Report of the death of Past Grand Master John Dixwell.
    • IV-360: Rt. Wor. Francis Baylies elected Grand Master. Other Grand Lodge officers elected and appointed.
      • 12/24; IV-364; accepted election.
    • IV-361: Grand Master Abbot requested to communicate with the family of Gen. Lafayette.
    • IV-362: Report of the death of Past Grand Master Elijah Crane.
    • IV-362: Dispute between Warren Lodge and the District Deputy of the 2nd District resolved.
  • 12/27 (Masonic Temple, Boston): IV-365; Deputy Grand Master Abraham A. Dame presiding.
    • IV-365: Adjourned to 02/03/1835.




  • 08/08: IV-336; Deputy Grand Master Abraham A. Dame presiding.
    • Special meeting to report the death of the Marquis de Lafayette. A committee was appointed to select an orator for a Eulogy: Rt. Wor. Francis Baylies was chosen, but he was unable to comply.
  • 10/09: IV-341; Deputy Grand Master Abraham A. Dame presiding.
    • IV-341: Funeral services for Rt. Wor. Bro. Lafayette. Extensive description of the proceedings, with the Grand Master absent due to ill health; Past Grand Master Benjamin Russell was in the Chair. Rt. Wor. Francis Baylies did deliver the Eulogy.

LIST OF LODGES BY DISTRICT (with date of precedence): 1834


Joshua B. Flint, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges


Isaac Collyer, District Deputy Grand Master; 14 Lodges


Aaron Prescott, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges


Elijah Atherton, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges


William Whiting, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges


Gardner Ruggles, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges


, District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


Jonathan Ames, District Deputy Grand Master; 5 Lodges
Conjectural, other than King David and Star in the East


No District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges

★ = Appeared in Grand Lodge during 1834.
ø = Lodge Charter surrendered by vote of the Grand Lodge, 06/11/1834 (conjectural, but these lodges either did not appear after this time, and either never appeared again or petitioned for return of charter at a later date.)
(See Attendance Summary)

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