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Francis J. Oliver, Deputy Grand Master
John B. Hammatt, Senior Grand Warden
Ralph H. French, Junior Grand Warden



  • 03/11 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-34;
    • III-35: Petition for abatement of dues from Hancock Lodge, Castine.
      • 12/09: III-63; losses claimed were due to the lodge being deprived jewels and furniture by invading British troops; the petition was therefore granted.
    • III-36: Petition for abatement of dues from Corner Stone Lodge, Duxbury. (12/09: III-64; rejected).
    • III-36: Remonstrance against removal of United Lodge to Brunswick (Me). (06/10: III-43; committee recommended that the removal petition be granted.)
    • III-36: Conflict between Harris and Morning Star Lodges over jurisdiction. (12/09: III-65; resolved in favor of Harris Lodge.)
    • III-37: Committee for Promotion of Masonic Knowledge considering "the propriety of communicating with our Brethren . . . on the practicability and advantages of sending . . . Sojourners into other Countries."
      • 12/09; III-69: committee discharged.
    • III-38: Committee to procure a new place of meeting.
    • III-38: Constellation Lodge granted leave to celebrate Feast of St. John the Baptist.
    • III-38: A letter of condolence was sent to the widow of Past Grand Master Samuel Dunn.
  • 06/10 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-42;
    • III-45: Petition for Mystic Lodge to remove to Pittsfield, granted.
    • III-46: Committee appointed to examine the Masonic Minstrel publication.
      • 12/09: III-71; the publication was rejected as ‚"unsuitable".
    • III-47: A petition from members of Saco Lodge to have the charter and regalia transferred to them.
      • 09/09; III-51: granted; charter transferred to "Daniel Granger and others" to practice the Craft.
    • III-47: Thanks and gifts presented to R.W. Thaddeus M. Harris.
  • 09/10 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-52;
    • III-53: Communication from Oriental Lodge, regarding "want of attention‚" from the District Deputy Grand Master in the 9th District.
    • III-55: Report from the committee on the appointment of a Deputy Grand Secretary.
      • 12/09: III-74; recommitted as an amendment to the Grand Constitutions.
    • III-57: Petition by Republican Lodge for a loan to finish a lodge hall; rejected as "inexpedient".
    • III-58: Committee appointed regarding the report from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts had chartered a "Black Lodge".
    • III-58: Committee appointed regarding the procuring of vellum for and inspection of plates of diplomas.
      • 12/09: III-74; Grand Treasurer to repair the plates and obtain vellum.
    • III-59: Committee appointed on the transcript of records.
  • 12/09 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-62; Annual Communication.
    • III-67: Finance Committee report.
    • III-70: Francis J. Oliver elected Grand Master. Other Grand Officers elected.
    • III-75: Petition by Pacific Lodge to remove to Amherst, referred.
    • III-75: Petition by St. George Lodge to remove to Union, referred.
  • 12/27 (Masons Hall, Boston): III-79;
    • III-80: Installation of Most Wor. Francis J. Oliver as Grand Master. Other Grand Lodge officers installed and appointed.
    • III-82: Address by Grand Master Oliver.
    • III-83: Committee appointed to consider an Act of Incorporation.
    • III-84: A Memorial from American Union Lodge of Ohio was received and is to be considered.


  • 03/11; III-35: Petition for Lunar Lodge, Bowdoinham, referred.
    • 12/09; III-84: without necessary certificates, petition withdrawn.
  • 09/09; III-55: Petition for Hampden Lodge, Springfield, referred.
    • 12/09; III-65: without consent of nearby lodges and District Deputy Grand Master, no further action to be taken.




DISTRICT 1 (Boston and vicinity)

Asa Peabody, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges

DISTRICT 2 (Newburyport and North Shore)

Herbert F. French, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 3 (South Shore and Cape Cod)

Jotham Waterman, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges

DISTRICT 4 (Southeast)

Abner Morse, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 5 (Framingham, west and north)

Caleb Butler, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges

DISTRICT 6 (Central Mass., Worcester)

Ezekiel L. Bascom, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 7 (North Central Massachusetts)

Elijah Alvord, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges

DISTRICT 8 (Berkshires)

John Whiting, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges

DISTRICT 9 (Southern Maine)

Oliver Bray, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges

DISTRICT 10 (Central Maine)

Samuel Thatcher, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 11 (Eastern Maine)

Oliver Snead, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges

DISTRICT 12 (Islands)

John Brock, District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


No District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges

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