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John Soley, Deputy Grand Master
Henry Fowle, Senior Grand Warden
Francis J. Oliver, Junior Grand Warden



  • 03/13 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-403;
    • II-404: Records of Grand Lodge to be copied.
    • II-404: Petition by St. John's Lodge, Newburyport, to optionally meet at Bellville as well as Newburyport; referred.
      • 06/12: II-409; Not granted.
    • II-404: Disposition of Washington funereal objects, including golden Urn, considered. Thanks voted to Paul Revere for "the care he has hitherto taken of the Urn and its appendages."
    • II-404: Approbation for Thaddeus Mason Harris' work as Corresponding Grand Secretary; thanks voted.
  • 06/12 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-408;
    • II-409: A copyist was engaged to copy the records of Grand Lodge.
    • II-410: Report of committee on uniform clothing for Grand Lodge officers.
    • II-410: Jewels and regalia of Grand Lodge to be entrusted to Grand Steward.
    • II-410: Grand Secretary to be directed to "lay before the Grand Lodge all unfinished business."
  • 09/11 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-413;
    • II-411: Past Grand Master jewels presented for Grand Masters; sashes and jewels presented for Grand Lodge officers.
    • II-412: Visit of delegation from Lodge of St. Andrew; the lodge had voted to request to come under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.
    • II-413: Diplomas to be engrossed on paper instead of parchment due to expense.
    • II-414: Correspondence from North Carolina and Baltimore.
    • II-414: Committee on the Fiscal Concerns of the Grand Lodge appointed.
  • 12/11 - 12/12 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-417; Annual Communication.
    • II-418: Lodge of St. Andrew presented its charter for endorsement. Petition for admission and a copy of its charter included in record (beginning on page II-420) Lodge of St. Andrew to be ranked second in the seniority list (II-423).
    • II-418: Resolution regarding the deposit of copies of the records of the Grand Lodge.
    • II-418ff. Correspondence.
    • II-419: Discussion on number and grades of Lodges; vote that this information be included in the annual written communications by the Grand Master.
    • II-423: Election of Grand Master and Grand Officers. After "repeated trials", Grand Lodge was adjourned to the following day. In the morning, Josiah Bartlett was elected Grand Master.


  • 06/12: II-408; Permanent charter for Maine Lodge, Farmington (Me.) granted.


  • 05/10 (Sandisfield): II-407;
    • II-407: Constitution of Rising Sun, Sandisfield and installation of officers. Officiated by R.W. Robert Walker, District Deputy Grand Master. A "serious and Masonic sermon" was offered by Rev. Bro. Churchill.
  • 05/10 (Granville): II-411;
    • II-411: Constitution of Mount Pleasant Lodge, Granville and installation of officers. Officiated by R.W. John Phelps, District Deputy Grand Master. A "discourse" was delivered by Rev. Bro. Churchill (of New Lebanon, NY) based on 1 Corinthians.
  • 10/12 (Chelmsford): II-432;
    • II-432: Constitution of Pentucket Lodge, Chelmsford and installation of officers. Officiated by R.W. Timothy Whiting, District Deputy Grand Master. An "eloquent and enlightened discourse" was presented by Bro. Wilkes Allen; a "solemn and impressive charge" was given by R.W. Timothy Whiting.


  • 12/27: II-428ff; Grand Officers installed. Past Grand Master Isaiah Thomas offered an "affectionate and eloquent valedictory speech" Grand Master Bartlett offered an "elegant and luminous Address" A "plenteous refreshment" was enjoyed.
  • II-431: A faithful transcript of the records of Grand Lodge complete.


DISTRICT 1 (Boston and vicinity)

Henry M. Lisle, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges

DISTRICT 2 (Newburyport and North Shore)

John Saunders, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges

DISTRICT 3 (South Shore and Cape Cod)

Charles Turner, District Deputy Grand Master; 9 Lodges

DISTRICT 4 (Southeast)

James Ellis, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 5 (Framingham, west and north)

Timothy Whiting, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 6 (Central Mass., Worcester)

James J. Thompson, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges

DISTRICT 7 (North Central Massachusetts)

John Phelps, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 8 (Berkshires)

Robert Walker, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges

DISTRICT 9 (Southern Maine)

John D. Hopkins, District Deputy Grand Master; 12 Lodges

DISTRICT 10 (Central Maine) (Central Maine)

Samuel Thatcher, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 11 (Eastern Maine)

Oliver Snead, District Deputy Grand Master; 4 Lodges

DISTRICT 12 (Islands)

John Brock, District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


No District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges

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