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Senior Grand Warden, 1907


From Proceedings, Page 1931-240:

Brother Graves was born in East Boston June 19, 1859, and died there November 17, 1931.

His business life was spent in the merchant tailoring business. He was prominent in political life, being for many years a member of the Republican City Committee. He also served at one time as Surveyor of the Port of Boston.

Brother Graves was long active in Masonry. He became a member of Baalbec Lodge in 1884 and was its Master in 1896 and 1897. He was a leader in the formation of Noddle's Island Lodge and was its Master while under Dispensation and its first Charter Master, serving in 1920, 1921, and 1922. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Third Masonic District in 1904 and 1905 by appointment by M. W. Baalis Sanford. He was Senior Grand Warden in 1907, and had received the Henry Price medal.

He took his Chapter degrees in St. John's Royal Arch Chapter and was a Past Commander of William Parkman Commandery, and Past Thrice Potent Master of Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection. He received the thirty-third degree and Honorary Membership of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite at its meeting in Boston, September 17, 1907.

Brother Graves was one of the best loved Masons in the jurisdiction. Always courteous, kindly, and sympathetic he made hosts of friends to whom the news of his sudden and entirely unexpected death came as a great shock. We shall long remember and greatly miss him.

From Proceedings, Page 1931-340:

Born in East Boston, Massachusetts, June 19, 1858.
Died within the precincts and during the Official Visitation of Everett C. Benton Lodge, of East Boston, November 17, 1931.

It has been said that no one may pass out from among us but that someone rises to fill his place. This is true except in application to friendship. One has just passed from us whose friendship cannot be duplicated, and of whom it can well and rightly be said that he was a distinguished man and Mason. Distinguished not only because he held high civic and Masonic office, but more largely for the reason of his sturdy friendship.

Right Worshipful Brother Graves was made a Mason in Baalbec Lodge, East Boston, in 1884 and was Master thereof in 1896-1897. He was Master of Noddle's Island Lodge, of East Boston, under dispensation in 1920 and its Master under Charter in 1921-1922. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Third Masonic District in 1904-1905, and served this Grand Lodge as its Senior Warden in 1907. He received the Capitular degrees in St. John Royal Arch Chapter of East Boston and the orders of Knighthood in William Parkman Commandery, of which he was Eminent Commander in 1897-1898.

In Scottish Rite Freemasonry he received his degrees as follows:

  • Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, September 25, 1893
  • Giles F. Yates Council Princes of Jerusalem October 13,1893
  • Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix October 2?, 1893
  • Massachusetts Consistory October 27, 1893

He was Thrice Potent Master of Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection during 1906, 1907, and 1908. On September 17, 1907, Right Worshipful Brother Graves received the Thirty-third Degree (Honorary.)

Right Worshipful Brother Graves was Surveyor of the Port of Boston under President Taft had been President of the Republican City Committee of Boston, a member of the State Republican Committee, and was many times elected delegate to Republican Presidential Conventions.

In business he was a tailor. Starting in the A. T. Hubbard Co., 1 Park Street, Boston, as a worker, he rose to become a member of the firm and at his death was the sole proprietor.

He leaves a widow and one daughter, Janet Hubbard Graves.

Funeral services were held in Masonic Hall, East Boston, Friday, November 20, 1931 under the direction of Baalbec Lodge and Noddle's Island Lodge of East Boston.

Right Worshipful Brother Graves' modesty, sympathy, and kindliness were sueh that sincere friendship for him naturally followed. His passing leaves a vacancy in our institution but a sweet memory of his will forever remain in our hearts.

"It's splendidly fine when trust meets trust
And echoes its faith to the long mile's end:
For spite of the moth and crumbling dust
It lives forever - that narne of 'Friend.'"

George R. Winsor,
Arnold B. Crosby,
Frederick M. Jackson,

Distinguished Brothers