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Location: Boston; Malden (2010); Melrose

Chartered By: Roger W. Pageau

Charter Date: 09/17/2010 2010-115

Precedence Date: 03/11/2009

Current Status: Active.

This lodge has dispensation to present some degree work in the Portuguese language.


  • Luis Carlos Rodrigues dos Santos, 2009, 2010
  • Leone Brandao, 2011
  • Sergio R. deAssis, 2015


  • Petition for Dispensation: 2009
  • Petition for Charter: 2010



2010 2014



From Trowel Magazine, Summer 2009, Page 24:

The Independence Lodge Chartered in Boston

On July 3, The Independence Lodge will begin Masonic business in Boston by installing officers. The newly chartered lodge will meet in the Grand Lodge building on the second Wednesday of the month starting on September 9, 2009. This lodge will be bilingual, using Brazilian Portuguese and English; there will be ritualists for both languages. The Independence Lodge and Logia America in Cambridge (which works in Spanish) are the only two lodges in Massachusetts which work in languages other than English.

The date of the installation and the name of the lodge were both chosen to commemorate the independence of the United States of America and of Brazll, and because the first leaders of both countries, Dom Pedro for Brazil and George Washington for the United States, were Masons.

The Independence Lodge was conceived six years ago when several brothers saw the need for a bilingual lodge. Activity started three years ago in the Masonic Leadership Institute, where Wor. Luiz Carlos Rodrigues dos Santos and Wor. Jose Ilton Lisboa translated the pamphlet "10 Reasons to be a Mason" and the "Masons in Massachusetts" card into Portuguese and Spanish. During the next year, Wor. Bro. Santos became an advisor for MLI and invited other Brazilian brothers to attend the MLI class.

In that class, Bro. Paulo de Tarso de Oliveira's project was to bring Masons from Brazil to give a presentation on Freemasonry there. Most Wor. Roger William Pageau, Grand Master, along with 120 other brothers attended Logia America on the night of the presentation.

The idea of opening a lodge with "a Brazilian soul" took a major step that night in its progress from dream to reality, according to Wor. Bro. Santos. Then a small band of brothers, including Wor. Bro. Santos and Bros. Oliveira, Leonardo Penteado, Antonio Henrique de Paula, Samir Bichara, Clelio Kosloski de Oliveira, and David Itiro Kasahara, continued the work of creating a lodge. The major stumbling block was translation: all the rituals, lectures, manuals, documents,etc. had to be translated into Brazilian Portuguese. In addition. there was great concern about attracting Portuguese speaking brothers from their other lodges. "We had to take special care not to intrude on our other lodges," said Wor. Bro. Santos.

On December 15, 2008, in a meeting with the Grand Master, Wor. Bro Santos and Bro. Oliveira formally presented the project. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts announced the approval of this "Project Lodge" on March 9, 2009. Grand Master Pageau appointed Bro. Luiz Carlos Rodrigues dos Santos the first Master, Wor. Leone Branddo the first Senior Warden, and Bro. Paulo de Tarso de Oliveira the first Junior Warden of the newly created Lodge.

"We especially want to thank our brothers Rt. Wor. Thomas Pulkkinen, Rt. Wor. Philip Nowlan and Wor. Eric Radin who, with their affection and dedication, gave us the credibility and the confidence to believe that our dream was possible," said Wor. Bro. Santos.



2009: District 2

2010: District 4


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