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Timothy Bigelow, Grand High Priest
Benjamin Russell, Deputy Grand High Priest
David Coffin, Jr., Grand King
Samuel A. Otis, Grand Scribe


ANNUAL SESSION, 09/09/1806

Meeting held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-48):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Grand Chapter voted as follows:

  • To approve the new design and form for a diploma.
  • To report the compensation for the Grand Secretary.
  • To commend the work of Past Grand High Priest Bigelow.

The meeting elected the following officers for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year:

STATED MEETING, 12/09/1806

Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-50):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Note: this is the first recorded meeting that listed members from each Chapter in detail, indicating that representatives from St. Andrew's, King Cyrus, St. John's and Mount Vernon were represented.

STATED MEETING, 06/09/1807

The Grand Chapter opened, and voted:

  • That Companions Thomas, Fowle and Sigourney were formed as a Committee to "take into consideration what amendments are necessary in the Rules and Regulations of this Grand Chapter and report at the next Communication."
  • That due to delinquency, King Solomon's Chapter would have its Charter revoked if it did not pay the annual fees or make annual returns, which was characterized as "very reprehensible."


No. Location Lodge Precedence Date Chartering Body
1 Boston St. Andrew's 08/28/1769 Scotland
2 Newburyport King Cyrus 06/28/1790 ?
3 Groton St. John's 10/18/1804 Grand Chapter of Massachusetts
4 Portland (Maine) Mount Vernon 02/13/1805 Grand Chapter of Massachusetts
5 Charlton King Solomon's 09/17/1805 Grand Chapter of Massachusetts

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