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QUARTERLY COMMUNICATIONS (held at Masonic Temple, Boston)

1872-1: 03/13; 1872-45: 06/12; 1872-125: 09/11;

1872-195: 12/11 (Annual Communication, continued to 12/12).

Grand Constitutions Amendment Proposals:

03/13: 1872-27: Proposed amendment to Part 3, Article 7, Section 1, regarding the jewels of Grand Officers; adopted.

03/13: 1872-28: Proposed amendment to Part 1, Article 3, Section 1, regarding the time of meeting of the Grand Lodge; referred.

06/12: 1872-117; adopted, Feast of St. John Communication, would now commence at 4 PM “or at such earlier hour as the Grand Master may direct.”

12/11: 1872-245; further revisions proposed and adopted.

03/13: 1872-31: Proposed amendment to Part 1, Article 1, Section 2, regarding the powers of the Board of Directors; adopted.

06/12: 1872-118: Proposed amendment to Part 3, Article 4, Section 4, regarding penalties for non-payment of dues; referred.

06/12: 1872-124: Proposed amendment to Part 1, Article 3, Section 1, regarding meeting times; referred.

09/11: 1872-136: Proposed amendment to Part 4, Article 3, Section 2, regarding rejected applicants; adopted.

12/11: 1872-259: Proposed amendment to Part 4, Article 1, Section 5, regarding jurisdictions, along with resolutions regarding the jurisdictional limits of lodges within Boston (including Roxbury, Dorchester, South Boston and East Boston); referred.

12/11: 1872-266: Proposed amendment to Part 4, Article 3, Section 2, regarding rejected applicants; referred.

Grand Master‘s Address:

03/14: 1872-10; In Memoria; beginning on page 1872-12: visitations as listed below; redistricting as listed below; Declaration of 1831 reprinted and presented to the public; received a bound copy of Anderson’s Constitutions from the UGLE; more notes on “Ecce Orienti”; communications from various Grand Lodges seeking recognition; new Coolidge portrait; portrait of Fay to be presented; regulation regarding admission (see below) and notification regarding non payment of dues in Montacute Lodge. Referred, 1872-29.

06/12: 1872-118; report of review committee.


  • Mariners, Cotuit (12/26; constitution of lodge; by Rt. Wor. Joseph K. Baker, DDGM)
  • St. Mark‚Äôs, Newburyport (01/02; hall dedication, by Rt. Wor. Charles C. Dame as Deputy Grand Master.)
  • Mizpah, Cambridge (01/08; installation)
  • Mount Hollis, Holliston (01/09; hall dedication, by Rt. Wor. George E. Stacy, DDGM)
  • Lowell (02/13; hall dedication, with Pentucket, Ancient York, Kilwinning and Ancient York Lodges in attendance; address by Past Grand Master Gardner.)
  • Phoenician, Lawrence (02/21; constitution and installation)
  • Robert Lash, Chelsea (02/28; five Past Grand Masters present)
  • Corinthian, Concord (02/29; hall dedication; address by Bro. William W. Wheildon)
  • Columbian, Boston (03/07)
  • Winslow Lewis, Boston (03/08; ‚Äúmembers . . . bade a fond farewell to our Past Grand Master Winslow Lewis, who was to sail on the following day on his fourteenth voyage to Europe.‚Äù)


  • New District 17: Hiram, Putnam, Mount Horeb, Mount Hermon, Wyoming, Mount Vernon, William Parkman, Charity, Simon W. Robinson, Good Samaritan.
  • Amicable and Mount Olivet from District 4 to District 2;
  • Trinity and Wilder from District 11 to District 7.
  • ‚ÄúIt is my intention to re-district the whole state. As the districts are now composed the labors of several of the DDGMs are exceedingly burdensome.‚Äù

Regulation regarding admission:1872-19: “It is hereby ordered that no one be admitted into any of our Lodges who is not known to be a Mason in good and regular standing, unless he is vouched for by some well known Brother, or produces the Certificate of some Grand Lodge and passes a strict examination.”

09/11: 1872-139; committee report on December 13, 1871 Grand Master’s Address.

12/11: 1872-205; Annual Report. Visits; dispensations; Grand Lodge library; Finances; Chicago returns; insurance on the Temple; method of reducing the debt; Freemason’s Monthly to cease publication if not supported; Boston fire of 11/09-11/10/1872.

Visits (excluding those listed above):

  • Massachusetts, Boston (03/18)
  • Eleusis, Boston (03/22)
  • Joseph Warren, Boston (03/26)
  • Constellation, Dedham (04/02; hall dedication and constitution of lodge)
  • South Boston (05/31; hall dedication, visit to St. Paul‚Äôs, Gate of the Temple, Adelphi and Rabboni)
  • Palestine, Everett (06/11; hall dedication)
  • Lawrence (09/12; hall dedication, visit to Grecian, Tuscan and Phoenician)
  • North Adams (10/01; hall dedication, constitution of Greylock Lodge and installation)
  • Williams, Williamstown (10/02; hall dedication, constitution of lodge)
  • Chicopee, Chicopee (10/03; exemplification)
  • St. Andrew‚Äôs, Boston (10/10; Charles W. Moore anniversary, Special Communication)
  • Doric, Hudson (10/18; hall dedication)
  • Joseph Warren (10/22)
  • Montacute, Worcester (11/04)
  • Fellowship, Bridgewater (11/08; hall dedication, installation)

Lodge By-Law Changes:

03/13: 1872-43; Chicopee, Corinthian, John Cutler, John Hancock, Norfolk Union, Orphans’ Hope, Roswell Lee, St. Matthew’s, Star, approved.

06/12: 1872-47; Charles River, Doric, Grecian, Harmony, John Abbot, John Warren, Mount Olivet, Old Colony, Palestine, Paul Revere, Plymouth, Robert Lash, Webster, William Parkman; referred.

06/12: 1872-112; approved with revisions.

09/11: 1872-127; Aberdour, Baalbec, Chicopee, Doric, Golden Fleece, Konohassett, Olive Branch, Paul Dean, Rising Star, Saint Paul’s (Ayer); referred.

09/11: 1872-142; approved with revisions.

12/11: 1872-203; Amicable, Ancient York, Artisan, Hyde Park, Mizpah, Mount Lebanon, Mount Tabor, Paul Revere, Pequossette, Quinsigamond, Saint John’s (Boston), Williams; referred.

12/27: 1871-289; approved with revisions.

12/27: 1872-283; Rabboni; referred.

12/27: 1871-289; approved with revisions.

Necrologies and Memorials:

03/13: 1872-10: Death of Rt. Wor. William North, Past Senior Grand Warden; mentioned in Grand Master’s Address.

03/13: 1872-31; Memorial presented by committee.

03/13: 1872-12: Death of Rt. Wor. Richard S. Spofford, Past Senior Grand Warden; mentioned in Grand Master’s Address.

03/13: 1872-33; Memorial presented by committee.

Dispensations for Lodges:

03/13: 1872-15: St. Martin’s, Chatham (01/19)

03/13: 1872-15: Charles A. Welch, Maynard (03/01; “formerly Assabet”)

06/12: 1872-122: Charles H. Titus, Taunton (03/15)

12/11: 1872-208: Bay State, Montague (09/12)

12/11: 1872-208: Athol, Athol (09/12)

Petitions for Charters:

03/13: 1872-7: St. Paul’s Lodge, Groton; for permission to remove to Ayer due to the incorporation of the town by the Massachusetts Legislature. Correspondence with the District Deputy included, endorsing the change. Referred.

09/11: 1872-144; granted.

03/13: 1872-9: Hampshire Lodge, Haydenville; referred.

1872-42: granted.

03/13: 1872-10: Constellation Lodge, Dedham; referred.

1872-42: granted.

06/12: 1872-58; Williams Lodge, Williamstown; referred.

1872-112; The committee found that “only four of the ten Brethren to whom the Dispensation was granted have signed the petition for Charter, while eighteen who have been made Masons under their Dispensation, have signed the same. . . in the absence of any information upon the subject, your committee would recommend that the dispensation be continued.”

09/11: 1872-127; new petition; referred.

09/11: 1872-143; granted.

06/12: 1872-58; Lafayette Lodge, Boston Highlands, to be endorsed due to the annexation of Roxbury by Boston; referred.

1872-109: “Whether it is as well for the Fraternity, and as well for the several Lodges, that there should be no other limits on the jurisdiction of the Lodges in the city of Boston, is of considerable interest. As it is, old lines of jurisdiction are swept away . . . The committee have no further considered it tha to call its importance in this manner to the attention of the Grand Lodge.”

09/11: 1872-128; Greylock, North Adams; referred.

1872-143; granted.

09/11: 1872-143; Spencer, Spencer; to be continued to December Quarterly.

12/11: 1872-204; petition for charter, referred.

12/11: 1872-260; granted.

03/14 Agenda

1872-29: Appointment of Standing Committees.

1872-30: Petition from Blackstone River, North Star, Doric and Alfred Baylies Lodges, regarding formal charity to families of deceased members; referred.

06/12: 1872-111; petitioners “have leave to withdraw” since no plans of action were offered, and it was inexpedient for the Grand Lodge to legislate on the subject.

06/12 Agenda

1872-48; report on the Chicago Relief Fund.

1872-48: Petition from brothers of Star Lodge, Athol, regarding the removal of the lodge from Athol Depot, and requesting it be annulled; referred.

1872-104: Complaint dismissed, after extensive comment by committee.

1872-113: Committee recommendations on recognition:

  • Grand Lodge of Utah: small, but already recognized by several Grand Lodges; ‚ÄúIt might be inferred . . . that the Institution may be under Mormon influence and controlled by parties inimical to our government and laws; but . . . as evidence of their truth and sincerity . . . its first Grand Master occupies the position of Judge under the United States Government.‚Äù
  • Grand Lodge of British Columbia: to be recognized by UGLE, and no ‚Äúserious difference‚Äù in the formation of Grand Lodges in Canadian provinces.
  • Grand Orient of Brazil, Valley of Lavradio: now ‚Äúendeavoring to extend their relation with the regular Grand Masonic powers of the world.‚Äù

All recognized.

1872-119: Invitation to lay the corner-stone of Grace Church, Protestant Episcopal, in North Attleboro.

1872-120: New portrait of Grand Master Revere, presented by his grandson John Revere, Esq.

1872-120: Presentation of portrait of Grand Master Fay, from his niece, Miss Maria Fay, presented by Bro. R. S. Fay of Cambridge.

09/11 Agenda

1872-130: Communication from the Grand Lodge of Saxony.

12/11 – 12/12 Agenda

A portrait of Past Grand Master John Warren appears opposite the Frontispiece.

1872-205ff: Grand Master’s Annual Address.

1872-234: Auditing Committee report.

1872-236: Report of Sinking Fund.

1872-237: Re-election of Rt. Wor. Sereno Dwight Nickerson as Grand Master, and other Grand Lodge officers. Address by the Grand Master.

1872-250: Report of committee on jurisdictional limits of lodges; recommendations for revisions to Regulations and Grand Constitutions.

1872-261: Report of Charity Committee.

1872-262: Report on Voluntary Contributions.

1872-278: (December 12 session): Grand Lodge of Instruction.


Note: A number of Special Communications were held with no explicit record in the Proceedings.

04/02: Dedham; to constitute Constellation Lodge.

04/24: Millbury. (?)

05/31: South Boston. Hall dedication, for St. Paul’s, Gate of the Temple, Adelphi and Rabboni Lodges.

06/11: Everett. Hall dedication for Palestine Lodge.

06/14: 1872-147; North Attleboro; Laying of the Cornerstone of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church.

1872-147: Grand Lodge opened at Wamsutta House.

1872-148: Procession to building site, accompanied by Bristol Commandery, Ezekiel Bates, St. James, St. Alban’s Lodges – “a fine array while marching through the leading thoroughfares of that beautiful village.”

1872-148: Cornerstone laying ceremony.

1872-149: Contents of vox.

1872-149: Grand Lodge escorted back to Wamsutta House.

09/12: Lawrence; Hall dedication, for Tuscan, Phoenician and Grecian Lodges.

10/01: North Adams; Constitution of Greylock Lodge, hall dedication.

10/02: Williamstown; Constitution of Williams Lodge, hall dedication.

10/07: 1872-151; Duxbury; Laying of the Cornerstone of the Myles Standish Monument.

1872-152: Grand Lodge opened at Boston Masonic Temple.

1872-152: Escorted to Old Colony Depot, escorted by Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; train to Duxbury; collation near train station there.

1872-153: Escorted to Captain’s Hill by A&H, Plymouth and Corner Stone Lodges to building site; order of march detailed.

1872-155: Copy of metallic plate.

1872-156ff: List of papers in corner-stone. Ceremonies of corner-stone laying. Hymn.

1872-159: Address by Grand Master Nickerson.

10/10: 1872-164; Attending a communication of St. Andrew’s Lodge to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of membership of Rt. Wor. Charles W. Moore.

1872-165; Opening of Grand Lodge in Grand Secretary’s office; procession into Grand Lodge Hall, “where the members of St. Andrew’s Lodge, with their ladies and invited guests, had assembled.” Grand Master received by Wor. Thomas E. Chamberlain, Master.

1872-167ff: Address by Rt. Wor. Charles W. Moore.

1872-192; Singing; banquet in Egyptian Hall “which had been most profusely decorated and beautified for this occasion.”

10/18: Hudson; Dedication of hall for Doric Lodge.

11/08: Bridgewater; Dedication of hall for Fellowship Lodge.

FEAST OF ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST (held at Masonic Temple, Boston, 12/27/1872)

1872-281: Opening and roll call.

1872-283: Report of Library Committee.

1872-284: Installation of Grand Master Nickerson and other Grand Lodge officers; details of installation.

1872-290: List of lodges not represented at Grand Lodge in 1872.

1872-290: Communications from various Grand Lodges.

1872-292: List of diplomas granted (2,249 in 1872).

1872-292: Banquet (no details given.)

LODGES BY DISTRICT: 1872 Total Lodges: 198+ 6 U.D.

District Area, Deputy Lodges Represented
1 Boston

Daniel W. Lawrence

Report: 1872-297

Tabular: 1872-327

12: Saint John’s (Boston 1733), Saint Andrew’s (Boston 1756), Massachusetts (Boston 1770), Columbian (Boston 1796), Mount Lebanon (Boston 1801), Germania (Boston 1855), Winslow Lewis (Boston 1856), Revere (Boston 1857), Joseph Warren (Boston 1857), Aberdour (Boston 1861), Eleusis (Boston 1865), Zetland (Boston 1868)
2 Charlestown

Henry W. Muzzey

Report: 1872-298

Tabular: 1872-328

10: King Solomon’s (Charlestown 1783), Amicable (Cambridgeport 1805), Star of Bethlehem (Chelsea 1845), John Abbot (Somerville 1858), Henry Price (Charlestown 1859), Mount Olivet (Cambridge 1864), William Sutton (Saugus 1867), Robert Lash (Chelsea 1867), Faith (Charlestown 1869), Palestine (Everett 1869)
3 Boston Highlands

Charles J. Danforth

Report: 1872-299

Tabular: 1872-329

12: Washington (Boston Highlands 1796), Union (Dorchester 1796), Mount Tabor (East Boston 1846), St. Paul’s (South Boston 1847), Baalbec (East Boston 1853), Gate of the Temple (South Boston 1856), Hammatt (East Boston 1860), Lafayette (Boston Highlands 1866), Adelphi (South Boston 1866), Eliot (Jamaica Plain 1867), Rabboni (South Boston 1870), Temple (East Boston 1871)
4 Cambridge

Charles A. Welch

Report: 1872-301

Tabular: 1872-330

10: Corinthian (Concord 1797), Meridian (Natick 1797), Bethesda (Brighton 1819), Monitor (Waltham 1820), Pequossette (Watertown 1857), Dalhousie (Newtonville 1861), Belmont (Belmont 1865), Isaac Parker (Waltham 1868), Mizpah (Cambridgeport 1868), Beth-Horon (Brookline 1870)
5 Salem

George H. Peirson

Report: 1872-302

Tabular: 1872-331

13: Philanthropic (Marblehead 1760), Tyrian (Gloucester 1770), Essex (Salem 1791), Mount Carmel (Lynn 1805), Jordan (Peabody 1808), Liberty (Beverly 1824), Ashler (Rockport 1852), Amity (Danvers 1864), Starr King (Salem 1865), John T. Heard (Ipswich 1865), Golden Fleece (Lynn 1865), Acacia (Gloucester 1866), Mosaic (Danvers 1870)
6 Newburyport

Joseph S. Howe

Report: 1872-303

Tabular: 1872-332

12: Saint John’s (Newburyport 1766), Merrimack (Haverhill 1802), Saint Mark’s (Newburyport 1803), Warren (Amesbury 1822), Saint Matthew’s (Andover 1822), Grecian (Lawrence 1825), John Hancock (Methuen 1861), Tuscan (Lawrence 1863), Saggahew (Haverhill 1865), Charles C. Dame (Georgetown 1867), Bethany (Merrimac 1869), Phoenician (Lawrence 1871)
7 Lowell

Henry P. Perkins

Report: 1872-304

Tabular: 1872-333

10: Saint Paul’s (Ayer 1797), Aurora (Fitchburg 1801), Pentucket (Lowell 1807), Ancient York (Lowell 1853), Trinity (Clinton 1859), Wilder (Leominster 1860), Caleb Butler (Ayer 1860), Charles W. Moore (Fitchburg 1866), Kilwinning (Lowell 1867), William North (Lowell 1868)
8 Greenfield

Edward J. Sawyer

Report: 1872-307

Tabular: 1872-334

11+2: Republican (Greenfield 1795), Harmony (Northfield 1796), Pacific (Amherst 1801), Mountain (Shelburne Falls 1806), Bethel (Enfield 1825), Orange (Orange 1860), Hope (Gardner 1865), Star (Athol 1865), Artisan (Winchendon 1866), Morning Sun (Conway 1870), Vernon (Belchertown 1870), Bay State U.D. (Montague), Athol U.D. (Athol)
District Area Lodges Represented
9 Pittsfield

Daniel Upton

Report: 1872-309

Tabular: 1872-335

11: Evening Star (Lee 1795), Cincinnatus (Great Barrington 1796), Wisdom (West Stockbridge 1803), Mystic (Pittsfield 1810), Lafayette (North Adams 1849), Mount Moriah (Westfield 1856), Berkshire (South Adams 1859), Huntington (Huntington 1867), Globe (Hinsdale 1870), Upton (Cheshire 1870), Occidental (Stockbridge 1870)
10 Springfield

William J. Sawin

Report: 1872-311

Tabular: 1872-336

15: Thomas (Palmer 1796), Jerusalem (Northampton 1797), Hampden (Springfield 1817), Chicopee (Chicopee 1849), Mount Tom (Holyoke 1850), Quaboag (Warren 1859), Day Spring (Monson 1863), Hayden (Brookfield 1864), Eden (Ware 1864), Roswell Lee (Springfield 1865), Ionic (Easthampton 1868), Mount Holyoke (S. Hadley Falls 1870), Belcher (Chicopee 1871), Newton (Wilbraham 1871), Hampshire (Haydenville 1872)
11 Worcester

Thomas E. St. John

Report: 1872-313

Tabular: 1872-337

11+1: Morning Star (Worcester 1793), Mount Zion (Barre 1800), Montacute (Worcester 1859), Webster (Webster 1859), Oxford (Oxford 1860), Quinebaug (Southbridge 1860), United Brethren (Marlborough 1860), Doric (Hudson 1864), Athelstan (Worcester 1866), Saint Bernard (Southborough 1868), Quinsigamond (Worcester 1871), Spencer U.D. (Spencer 1872)
12 Milford

George E. Stacy

Report: 1872-314

Tabular: 1872-338

12: Middlesex (Framingham 1795), Montgomery (Milford 1797), Olive Branch (Millbury 1797), Solomon’s Temple (Uxbridge 1818), Franklin (Grafton 1852), Blackstone River (Blackstone 1856), John Warren (Hopkinton 1861), North Star (Ashland 1865), Mount Hollis (Holliston 1865), Excelsior (Franklin 1867), Siloam (Westborough 1867), Charles River (West Medway 1871)
13 Taunton

James Utley

Report: 1872-315

Tabular: 1872-339

13+1: Bristol (Attleborough 1797), King David (Taunton 1798), Rising Star (Stoughton 1799), Saint Alban’s (Foxborough 1818), Orient (Norwood 1862), Blue Hill (Canton 1864), Saint James (Mansfield 1866), Alfred Baylies (Taunton 1866), Hyde Park (Hyde Park 1866), Ionic (Taunton 1867), Paul Dean (North Easton 1868), Ezekiel Bates (Attleborough 1871), Constellation (Dedham 1872), Charles H. Titus U.D. (Taunton)
14 New Bedford

Abraham H. Howland, Jr.

Report: 1872-319

Tabular: 1872-340

10+1: Marine (Falmouth 1798), Star in the East (New Bedford 1823), Mount Hope (Fall River 1824), Eureka (New Bedford 1858), Martha’s Vineyard (Vineyard Haven 1860), Pythagorean (Marion 1863), Pioneer (Somerset 1864), May Flower (Middleborough 1865), King Philip (Fall River 1866), Oriental (Edgartown 1867), Concordia U.D. (Fairhaven)
District Area Lodges Represented
15 Barnstable

Joseph K. Baker

Report: 1872-320

Tabular: 1872-341

11+1: Union (Nantucket 1771), King Hiram (Provincetown 1796), Fraternal (Hyannis 1801), Social Harmony (Wareham 1823), Mount Horeb (West Harwich 1855), De Witt Clinton (Sandwich 1856), Pilgrim (South Harwich 1860), James Otis (Barnstable), Adams (Wellfleet 1866), Howard (South Yarmouth 1870), Mariners (Cotuit 1872), Saint Martin’s U.D. (Chatham)
16 Plymouth

Edward Avery

Report: 1872-321

Tabular: 1872-342

12: Old Colony (Hingham 1792), Fellowship (Bridgewater 1797), Rural (Quincy 1801), Corner Stone (Duxbury 1801), Norfolk Union (Randolph 1819), Orphans’ Hope (East Weymouth 1825), Plymouth (Plymouth 1825), Paul Revere (North Bridgewater 1857), John Cutler (Abington 1860), Konohassett (Cohasset 1865), Delta (Weymouth 1869), Puritan (South Abington 1870)
17 Woburn

William T. Grammer

Report: 1872-322

Tabular: 1872-343

10: Hiram (Arlington 1797), Putnam (East Cambridge 1855), Mount Hermon (Medford 1855), Mount Horeb (Woburn 1856), Wyoming (Melrose 1857), Mount Vernon (Malden 1858), William Parkman (Winchester 1865), Charity (Cambridge 1870), Good Samaritan (Reading 1871), Simon W. Robinson (1871)



George H. Kendall

Tabular: 1872-344

2: Bethesda (Valparaiso 1854), Aconcagua (Valparaiso 1871)
China China

William Blanchard

Report: 1872-323

Tabular: 1872-345

1: Ancient Landmark (Shanghai, China 1864)