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* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StJohnB St. John's] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1733)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StJohnB St. John's] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1733)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StAndrew Lodge of St. Andrew], ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1752)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StAndrew Lodge of St. Andrew], ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1756)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MassachusettsLodge The Massachusetts] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1770)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MassachusettsLodge The Massachusetts] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MABoston Boston], 1770)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=KingSolomon King Solomon's] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MACharlestown Charlestown], 1783)
* [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=KingSolomon King Solomon's] ([http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MACharlestown Charlestown], 1783)

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Francis J. Oliver, Deputy Grand Master
John Abbot, Senior Grand Warden
John B. Hammatt, Junior Grand Warden



  • 03/14 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-583;
    • II-584: Harris Lodge's petition to remove to Templeton is made unconditional.
    • II-584: Petition of Franklin Lodge to remove to Adams (as a "moon lodge"), granted.
    • II-584: Petition of Harmony Lodge to remove to Warwick, granted.
    • II-585: Correspondence on issues with Oriental Star and Ancient Landmark Lodges regarding an initiate.
    • II-585: Report of committee on transcription of Grand Lodge records.
    • II-585: Committee to consider the removal of Morning Star Lodge from Worcester to Leicester.
    • II-586: Report of Committee of Finance.
    • II-587: Summons to be issued to Solar Lodge.
      • 06/14: II-590; proceedings on this matter resolved, including an apology from Solar Lodge.
    • II-587: Committee empowered to find a suitable location for the Grand Lodge to meet.
  • 06/14 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-590;
    • II-592: Report of committee on obtaining a meeting place for Grand Lodge; they have obtained favorable conditions from lessees of Masons Hall.
    • II-592: Apron design recommended as a "judicious selection of the emblems of the Order, arranged with taste and propriety."
    • II-593: Petition by Rising Star Lodge to remove to Sharon, granted.
    • II-593: Petition by Harmony Lodge to remove to Warwick; referred.
      • 09/12: II-598; granted.
    • II-593: Petition by United Lodge to remove to Brunswick (Me.); granted.
    • II-594: Following the resignation of its officers, the Grand Master appointed officers of York Lodge.
    • II-594: Correspondence regarding finances in Ninth Masonic District.
      • 09/12: II-596; continued;
      • 12/12: II-601ff, resolved.
    • II-595: Communications from various Grand Lodges.
  • 09/12 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-596;
    • II-597: Report of committee on doings in Oriental Star Lodge, Livermore (Me.) A reprimand to that lodge to be issued.
    • II-599: Committee on the requirement that Masters and Wardens, when summoned, should appear in person and not by proxy.
  • 12/12 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-600; Annual Communication.
    • II-602: Report of Committee on Finance.
    • II-604: Petition by Wisdom Lodge to remove to Stockbridge (from West Stockbridge), denied.
    • II-604: Petition regarding insolvency of Harmony Lodge, from District Deputy Grand Master of the 7th Masonic District; granted.
    • II-604: Petition by Essex Lodge, regarding charity toward prisoners of war quartered in Salem.
    • II-605: Committee on "the propriety of adopting measures to prevent the acceptance and initiation of candidates who have been rejected in Lodges."
    • II-605: Committee on prohibition of Lodges from "taking notes from, or granting credit to, initiates" for fees.
    • II-605: Re-election of Grand Master Russell; election of other Grand Lodge officers.
    • II-606: Memorial on "the subject of forming District Deputy Grand Lodges in some cases."
    • II-606: Communication from R.W. Thaddeus Mason Harris on a Masonic Library.
    • II-606: Committee on irregularities in Harmony Lodge.
    • II-607: Committee on irregularities in Fayette Lodge.
  • 12/27 (Masons Hall, Boston): II-608;
    • II-608: Appointments and installation of Grand Lodge officers.
    • II-609: Committee on Charity appointed.
    • II-610: Report of Committee of Finance.
    • II-610: Petition by The Tyrian Lodge for charity funds for prisoners of war denied; instead, Grand Lodge requested a list of "claims and petitions of such indigent individuals" as might require charity. The committee on the petition for Essex Lodge recommended that a sum be appropriated and placed with a Board of Commissioners. A Circular to the constituent lodges is reproduced starting on page II-612.
    • II-614: Inventory of Grand Lodge regalia.



  • 08/25 (Kennebunk, Me.): II-616;
    • II-616: Consecration of York Lodge, Kennebunk (Me.) and installation of officers. Address by R.W. Simon Greenleaf, and by Grand Master Russell.


DISTRICT 1 (Boston and vicinity)

Asa Peabody, District Deputy Grand Master; 14 Lodges

DISTRICT 2 (Newburyport and North Shore)

Herbert F. French, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 3 (South Shore and Cape Cod)

Jotham Waterman, District Deputy Grand Master; 8 Lodges

DISTRICT 4 (Southeast)

Abner Morse, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 5 (Framingham, west and north)

Caleb Butler, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges

DISTRICT 6 (Central Mass., Worcester)

Ezekiel L. Bascomb, District Deputy Grand Master; 10 Lodges

DISTRICT 7 (North Central Massachusetts)

Elijah Alvord, District Deputy Grand Master; 11 Lodges

DISTRICT 8 (Berkshires)

John Whiting, District Deputy Grand Master; 7 Lodges

DISTRICT 9 (Southern Maine)

Oliver Bray, District Deputy Grand Master; 15 Lodges

DISTRICT 10 (Central Maine)

Samuel Thatcher, District Deputy Grand Master; 6 Lodges

DISTRICT 11 (Eastern Maine)

Jonathan D. Weston, District Deputy Grand Master; 3 Lodges

DISTRICT 12 (Islands)

Peter Hussey, District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges


No District Deputy Grand Master; 2 Lodges

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