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From Proceedings, Page 1943-20:

Born in Danvers, Massachusetts' on September 22, 1884, Brother Frederick J. Needham died suddenly in Marblehead on January 28, 1943.

Brother Needham was raised in Starr King Lodge of Salem on July 13, 1908, serving as Worshipful Master in 1926 and 1927. He was appointed as District Deputy Grand Master of the (Lynn) 8th Masonic District in 1931 and 1932 by Most Worshipfuls Herbert W. Dean and Curtis Chipman.

In the collateral bodies of the York Rite he was a member of Washington Chapter, R.A.M., Salem Council, R. & S. M., and Past Commander of Winslow Lewis Commandery, K.T. In the Scottish Rite Bodies, he was Past Thrice Potent Master of Sutton Lodge of Perfection; presiding Most Wise Master of Emmanuel Chapter of Rose Croix and a member of Massachusetts Consistory.

Our Brother was commissioned a Captain in the U. S. Army during World War I and later became an active member of Post No. 32 of the American Legion at Marblehead. In civil life he was Yardmaster for the Pequot Mills in Salem.

Funeral servlces were conducted at Saint Peter's Episcopal Church in Salem by Brother Rev. Charles W. G. Lyon January 31st, after which Post No. 32, American Legion, performed the final rites.

Our Brother's whole life was one of service and no call, either civic or Masonic, was made upon him that he did not eagerly respond. His untimely death leaves us sad indeed, but "God's finger touched him and he slept."

NEFF, FRANK A. 1867-1938

From Proceedings, Page 1938-276:

Brother Neff was born in Boston, December 17, 1867, and died at his summer home in North Sandwich, New Hampshire, June 22, 1938.

Until his somewhat recent retirement he was the proprietor of a stationery business in Salem. He was one of the Directors of the Salem Co-operative Bank.

Brother Neff became a member of Starr King Lodge in 1907 and was its Master in 1920-21. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Eighth Masonic District in 1925 and 1926, by appointmeht by Most Worshipful Dudley H. Ferrell and Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson.

He was a member of Washington Royal Arch Chapter and of Salem Council, a member and Past Commander of Winslow Lewis Commandery, a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in Salem and Past Most Wise Master of Emmanuel Chapter of Rose Croix, and a member of Massachusetts Consistory.

Never aggressive, he was always faithful and dependable, and was much loved by his friends and associates, boih within and without the Masonic Fraternity.


From Proceedings, Page 1910-178:

Worshipful Bro. A. Clarke Newhall, Secretary of William Sutton Lodge of East Saugus, died suddenly Nov. 18, 1910. For many years he has been a representative of his Lodge to this Grand Lodge. He was a member of the town Finance Committee, and had served on the Board of Registrars, the Board of Selectmen and as an Overseer of the Poor.

Brother Newhall was very active in Masonic affairs, deeply interested in the welfare of his Lodge, and a worthy exponent d the principles of our Fraternity.


From Proceedings, Page 1919-184:

R.W. CHARLES SEWELL NORRIS was born in Wenham, Mass., April 10, 1871, and died at his residence in Melrose Highlands, March 26, 7919. He was the son of Worshipful Brother George E. (Past Master of Liberty Lodge, of Beverly) and Abbie C. (Garvin) Norris and was a descendant of Rev. Edward Norris, 3d, who succeeded Roger Williams at Salem in 1636.

When Brother Norris was about ten years of age he removed with his parents to Malden, where he attended the public schools. After graduation from the High School in 1890 he was connected with the Malden Savings Bank as one of its incorporators and also its Teller until August 1, 1907. Resigning that position he was chosen Treasurer and Trustee of the Home Savings Bank, in Boston, positions which he held at the time of his decease. He was also a director of the new Second National Bank in Malden.

Apart from his business life, Brother Norris had other interests, chiefly in music. He officiated, as organist for the Masonic bodies in Malden at various times, was organist in the Universalist and Baptist Churches of Malden, and after removing to Melrose was organist of the Congregational Church at Melrose Highlands. He was also a member of the Cecilia Society, of Boston, and was its Secretary.

Brother Norris received the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry and membership in Converse Lodge, of Malden, in 1890 and was its Master in 1905 and 1906. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Seventh Masonic District in 1917 and 1918. He was also a member of King Cyrus Lodge, of Stoneham. In 1918 he was appointed by me Master of Fidelity Lodge (Under Dispensation), of Melrose, and died in office. He received the Capitular degrees in Tabernacle Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of Malden, in 1906.

In his business relations Brother Norris was considered conservative, careful, and efficient. His election to be Treasurer and Trustee of the Home Savings Bank - which began its business in Masonic Temple in 1869 -is sufficient evidence of his character and ability.

To make a portrait in words of R.W. Charles Sewell Norris is very difficult if not impossible. He was so genial in his greetings; so cautious and wise in counsel; so efficient in every work and office he undertook; so willing always to "lend a hand"; so Christian in character and in life, that words seem inadequate to portray his true self. Those of us who have had the pleasure of an intimate acquaintance with Brother Norris realize that business interests have lost a sterling captain of industry; Freemasonry has lost a zealous and proficient Brother, and humanity has lost one whose pleasure it was to relieve distress and bless mankind.

The passing of R.W. Brother Norris was especially sad. Mrs. Norris, worn out with care and anxiety at her husband's bedside, became ltl with pneumonia and passed on at six o'clock on the morning of March 26th and her husband followed her at twelve o'clock at noon of the same day, leaving of the immediate family two sons and a daughter to whom the sympathy of the Fraternity goes out in the largest measure.

The funeral services were held on Saturday, March 30th, at the Highlands Congregational Church, the pastor, Rev. Brother John O. Paisley, officiating. The church was filled with prominent bankers, Freemasons, and friends, including delegations of Masonic and Musical Societies. I regret very much that an engagement in the western part of the State prevented my attendance. The Apollo and Schubert Quartets sang several appropriate hymns and Brother Merton D. Williams, Junior Warden of Fidelity Lodge (U. D.), presided at the organ, rendering selections which were favorites of Brother Norris. The burial took plaee at Wenham in the family lot.

"To me thou art not dead, but gone an hour
Unto another country fair and sweet;
Where thou shalt, by some undiscovered power,
Be kept in youth and beauty till we meet."

NORTH, HOWARD M. 1879-1936

From Proceedings, Page 1936-144:

Right Worshipful Brother North was born in Quincy June 8, 1879, and died in Waban August 20, 1936.

Brother North attended Worcester Academy and Harvard College, but left before graduation to study surgery in Berlin. He abandoned the idea of professional life and returned to Boston to enter the service of the Oriental Tea Company, of which his father was and is President. He remained with that business during the rest of his life, and at his death was the second member of the firm.

He took his Masonic degrees in Winslow Lewis Lodge in 1901 and was its Master in 1972 to 1914. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the First Masonic District in 1916 and 1917, by appointment of Most Worshipful Melvin M. Johnson and Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott.

Brother North's Masonic service was marked by the same qualities of broad vision, accompanied by thorough attention to detail, which were the foundation of his business success.

A host of friends mourn his passing.

NOURSE, HENRY M. 1848-1930

From Proceedings, Page 1930-276:

R.W. Bro. Nourse was born in Monkton, Vt., Jan. 27, 1848, and died in Melrose March 9, 1930.

Bro. Nourse came to Boston at an early age, educated himself for the profession of architecture, and practiced as an architect for many years. During the later years of his life he was Assistant Curator at the Old State House. Nearly ten years ago his health became seriously impaired and since that time he has been living in retirement. He was never married and leaves no near relatives.

Bro. Nourse was entered in Aberdour Lodge September 14, 1886, passed October 12, 1886, and raised January 11, 1887. He served the Lodge as Master from 1897 to 1899, and was its Secretary from 1903 to 1921. He was District Deputy Grand Master in 1908 and 1909 (Second Masonic District) by appointment of M.W. John Albert Blake and M.W. Dana J. Flanders.

Bro. Nourse was a man of fine appearance and courtly, manners. He was popular among his associates and his enforced retirement from all activity was a source of deep regret.

NYE, BONUM 1794-1891

From Proceedings, Page 1891-100, in Grand Master's Address:

The ranks of our past and present Grand. Officers and of the Permanent Members remain unbroken. The angel of death has passed over and spared them all. Last month, however, a distinguished Mason passed away, and although he was never a member of this Grand Body, except as Master of his Lodge, his memory is worthy to be preserved on our records. I refer to W. Bro. Hon. Bonum Nye, of Hayden Lodge, Brookfield, who died on November 12 last, in his ninety-seventh year. It was my good fortune on October 16 last, on the occasion of a visit to Quinsigamond Lodge, Worcester, to meet this venerable Brother, and to have an interview with him, in which he gave me many interesting reminiscences of his long Masonic career. He was doubtless then the oldest living Mason in this State, and there were probably few older in the country.

From an eloquent and appreciative eulogy, written by R.W. Edward B. Dolliver, I quote some facts relating to the history of our deceased Brother. He received his Entered Apprentice degree in Meridian Sun Lodge, of Brookfield, October 1, and was raised on Dec. 31, 1816. He had, therefore, at the time of his death, been a Mason for seventy-five years. After he had been Master of his Lodge came the trying times of the anti-Masonic period, during the whole of which he was loyal to the Institution, at the cost of great personal annoyance and even persecution.

At the time of my visit to Quinsigamond Lodge, referred to above, he delivered an excellent address, giving many interesting anecdotes of that disastrous time. For the manly and brave course that- he took during these troubles his memory should be held sacred and revered by all true Masons. Among the people with whom he passed his long life he was honored and respected, and received from them many positions of trust, in all of which he proved himself faithful. R.W. Bro. Dolliver, accompanied by a suite of distinguished Masons, attended the funeral on November 14 and there paid him the last Masonic honors.

NYE, EVERETT I. 1851-1923

From Proceedings, Page 1923-149:

R. W. EVERETT I. NYE was born in Sandwich, August 2, 1851, where he passed the early years of his very useful life. In 1883 he took up his residence in Wellfleet, where he resided until his death. He was a blacksmith by trade and, like many another New Englander of his type, became a leader in the life of his community, a man of affairs and of wide information.

For the last sixteen years of his life he was postmaster of Wellfleet. Ile also served the town for many years as a member of the School Board and a trustee of the public library. He was also a director of the Pilgrim Monument Association at Provincetown. He wrote and presented a historical sketch of Wellfleet on the occasion of its Old Home Week celebration in 1921.

R.W. Bro. Nye was Raised in Adams Lodge October 23, 1877, and was its Worshipful Master in 1890, 1891, and 1892. The depth and persistence of his Masonic interest and the value of his Masonic service are shown by the fact that he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the Thirty-seeond Masonie District in 1916 and 1917, twenty-four years after he left the Master's chair. His service as District Deputy Grand Master was of the highest order.

R. W. Bro. Nye died April 7, 1923, leaving a widow and one daughter, Mrs. Austin Young.

R. W. Bro. Nye enjoyed the respect and affection of the Fraternity throughout the whole of Cape Cod and beyond.

Always kindly, sympathetic, and helpful, he was clear sighted and firm where wisdom and decision were needed. He will long be remembered and greatly missed.

Distinguished Brothers