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* MM 1805, [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Sumner Sumner]
* MM 1805, [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Sumner Sumner]
* Charter Member of Mount Horeb Lodge
* Charter Member of Mount Horeb Lodge
''From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XVII, No. 11, September 1858, Page 351:''
''West Harwich, August 12, 1858. <br>
''West Harwich, August 12, 1858. <br>

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  • Captain Nehemiah Kelley
  • MM 1805, Sumner
  • Charter Member of Mount Horeb Lodge

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XVII, No. 11, September 1858, Page 351:

West Harwich, August 12, 1858.
Chas. W. Moore, Esq., Boston.

Sir, Comp. and Brother, — Enclosed I send you an account of the death of our late and worthy Brother, Nehemiah Kelley, who died July 19th, 1858, after a short but severe illness. Brother Kelley was probably one of the oldest Masons in the County; having first united with Sumner Lodge, North Dennis, April 29th, 1805. He was also a petitioner for Mount Horeb Lodge, and was ever a firm and devoted friend to Masonry. He was a zealous advocate in the cause of temperance ; and whenever he heard of others suffering and in distress, he was ever ready to alleviate their sufferings. No inconvenience to himself ever tempted him to turn the needy and suffering empty away ; if he had not the means of relief himself, he would find those who had.. Suffering humanity ever found in him a friend ; and it can be said of him with truth, that he went about doing good. He needs no monument to preserve his memory. He lives in the memories of the many he has assisted in the dark days of their adversity. His deeds are engraved on their hearts and will be immortal. He has gone! May we imitate his many virtues, and like him, be ever found at our posts of duty.

If you think the above worthy a place in your valuable Magazine, it is at your

Yours fraternally,
Wm. E. Ansell.

At a regular meeting of Mt. Horeb Lodge, held on the 4th inst., the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted :—

  • Whereas, it having pleased the Great Ruler of all things to remove from us our aged and distinguished Brother, Nehemiah Kelley, from the terrestrial Lodge below to join with kindred spirits, as we trust, in the celestial Lodge above. He

died July 19th, 1858, aged seventy-five years and six months.

  • Resolved, That in the death of our venerable Brother, the Masonic family have lost a true and faithful Brother j the community a useful and active member, and the youth an earnest instructor in the walks of life, and will long be remembered by all.
  • Resolved, That we, as Brethren of Mt. Horeb Lodge, sincerely sympathize with his widow in her afflictions, and invoke upon her and her family Heaven's choicest blessing.
  • Resolved, That the Jewels and the furniture of the Lodge be draped in mourning for thirty days.
  • Resolved, That a copy of the above preamble and resolutions be sent to the widow of the deceased, and to Brother Moore, and the Barnstable Patriot, for publication.

A true copy — Attest,
Wm. E. Ansell,

KENDALL, ALBERT A. 1827-1862

From Proceedings, Page 1979-79, at the dedication of a Memorial Plaque at St. Mary's Parish Church, Newton Lower Falls, 06/10/1979:

Worshipful Albert A. Kendall, M.D.
Physician, Mason, Patriot

Albert A. Kendall was born in Vermont on March 3, 1827, and at an early age moved to Gardner, Massachusetts. He was graduated from University of New York Medical School in 1852 and two years later moved to Newton Lower Falls.

His Masonic career began in Meridian Lodge of Natick, previously of Newton, and he was raised a Master Mason on August 13, 1856. He became the first Charter Member of Dalhousie Lodge, F. & A.M. in 1860 and served as its Worshipful Master after Constitution being installed into that office on June 24, 1861.

He served until April 1862 when he enlisted in the 12th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers of the Union Army. He was serving his country as a physician but accepted nomination for a second term as Master of his Lodge. On June 18, 1862, he was installed by proxy.

On September 17, 1862, while treating wounded from the Battle of Antietam, in Sharpsburg, Maryland, he was killed.

The Grand Master, Most Worshipful William T. Coolidge, and Wardens of Dalhousie Lodge traveled to Maryland and under a flag of truce searched for Albert Kendall's grave. They found at the head of his grave a rough board on which was inscribed in pencil,

Dr. A. A. Kendall
12th Regt. Mass. Vols.
Killed 17th Sept. 1862

The relic is in possession of the Lodge and is on display on this day in the Parish Hall.

Masons can take pride in the sacrifice of countless of their Brethren in the service of our country. In honoring Worshipful and Doctor Albert A. Kendall we honor all our Brethren who have made the supreme sacrifice.

KIMBALL, HARRY W. 1861-1934

From Proceedings, Page 1934-226:

Right Worshipful Brother Kimball was born in Westboro August 11, 1861, and died there December 2, 1934.

Brother Kimball was educated in the Westboro schools and was engaged in the coal and wood business in Westboro and Worcester. He was Town Treasurer for many years, resigning in 1918 to become Treasurer of the Westboro Savings Bank.

Brother Kimball took his degrees in Siloam Lodge in 1904 and was its Master in 1914. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Natick Twenty-third Masonic District in 1926 and 1927, by appointment of Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson. He was a member of Houghton Royal Arch Chapter, of Worcester County Commandery, and of the several bodies of the Scottish Rite in Worcester, and of Massachusetts Consistory in Boston.

So passes another worthy Brother, full of years and honors.

KIMPTON, DAN J. 1874-1933

From Proceedings, Page 1934-20:

Brother Kimpton was born in Malone, New York, October 30, 1874, and died in Springfield, December 16, 1933.

Going to Springfield as a boy, he was educated in the Springfield schools and in Wilbraham Academy. After a period in the offices of the Boston & Albany Railroad, he entered the service of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, where he remalned until his death.

Brother Kimpton became a member of Roswell Lee Lodge in l902 and was its Master in 1911. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Thirty-third Masonic District in 1914 and 1915, by appointment of Most Worshipful Melvin M. Johnson.

Brother Kimpton was a member of all the Masonic bodies in Springfield; and Secretary of all the Scottish Rite bodies except Connecticut Valley Consistory.

Brother Kimpton served Masonry because he loved it. He had a high appreciation of its principles and exemplified them in his daily life. His official activities brought.him into personal contact with great numbers of the Brethren and won him universal respect and affection. In his passing the Fraternity suffers a great loss.

KING, LEANDER G. 1830-1863

Killed in the battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 2d, 1863, Bro. Leander G. King, Capt. of Company C, 16th regt. Massachusetts Volunteers.

Bro. King received the three degrees of Freemasonry in St. Paul's Lodge, Groton Centre, during the year 1858, and subsequently became a member of that Lodge. In March, 1859, he was one of the petitioners for Caleb Butler Lodge, at Groton Junction; afterwards became a member, and remained a firm supporter of the Lodge while he lived. Soon after the commencement of the present war, Br. King commenced raising a company in this place to aid in suppressing the rebellion. His kind and courteous deportment enabled him to rapidly recruit a Company, mostly from Groton and Westford, who remained devotedly attached to him to the day of bis death. Our Brother was a superior drill officer, having had some experience in that capacity, in one of the Cambridge companies some years since. He, with his company, had been in from fifteen to twenty battles and skirmishes, previous to the battle of Gettysburg, in which bis bearing and conduct, as an officer, had received the commendation of his superiors. Previous to the departure of the regiment for the seat of war, Bro. King was honored by M. W. Bro. Coolidge in being appointed Master of the Army Lodge connected with the 16th regt., and, though the Lodge held but few meetings, his conduct afforded no reproach to the high position to which he had been called by that appointment. His remains were recovered by Bro. O. N. Wing, and returned to his home in Groton, Junction, where they were deposited in their final resting place, with Masonic honors, by the Brethren of Caleb Butler Lodge.


From Proceedings, Page 1947-249:

Brother Kingsbury was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on April 9, 1879, and died at his home in Holden, Massachusetts, on September 7, 1947.

Upon graduation from the schools of Worcester, he entered the employ of The People's Savings Bank where he remained for twenty-four years. He then entered the insurance business, and thus continued until his death.

He was raised in Morning Star Lodge of Worcester on June 8, 1915, and served as Master in 1926. On March 27, 1928, he became a charter member of Joel H. Prouty Lodge of Auburn, serving as its Worshipful Master while under dispensation. He also became a charter member of Rose of Sharon Lodge on October 20, 1928, and served as Master in 1931.

After serving the Grand Lodge as Grand Standard Bearer in 1928, he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 21st District by Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean for the years 1929 and 1930.

In addition to his Blue Lodge activities, he was a member of Worcester Chapter, R.A.M., and of all the Scottish Rite Bodies.

Our Brother had many Masonic interests, but he was also very active in insurance and civic circles, being particularly active in the Community Chest of Worcester.

Smiley Kingsbury was a Brother whose passing leaves us particularly saddened, for well we know how difficult it will be to fill his place. Funeral services were held in Worcester on Tuesday, September 9th, and the large attendance of friends and Brothers mark the passing of a valued friend and Brother.

KIRKHAM, JOHN B. 1791-1857

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XVII, No. 6, April 1858, Page 190:

At a late Communication of Hampden Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, a committee was appointed to prepare some suitable notice and testimonial on occasion of the death of our late Brother John B. Kirkham.

Brother Kirkham had been a member of this Lodge from the time of its installation in 1817; he was also a member of all the other Masonic bodies in this city, and from time to time has most acceptably presided in them all ; and has likewise held and exercised other important and responsible offices and trusts The Masonic honors accorded to him were most worthily bestowed, and always borne with, just appreciation and modesty.

He loved the principles and practice of Freemasonry as well in its prosperity, when the "dew lay all night upon its branches, whose leaf did not wither nor its fruit fail," as in the days of peril and adversity, when false friends and open enemies "cried havoc," and rushed together for its destruction ; and to us it is a most happy reflection, that he lived many years after the whirlwind of party rancor was over and gone, and enjoyed the heartfelt satisfaction of again " setting the Craft to work and giving them wise and proper instruction."

In this view, the members of Hampden Lodge deem something more than a for mal vote required of them; some just and more extended declaration of respect to be "left on long record," in memory of an upright and accomplished Mason, and an honest man. Brother Kirkham, one of the oldest, most worthy and respected of our Fraternity, has fallen in the front ranks ; and it is becoming that we offer a just tribute to the memory of our deceased worthy Brother, an upright, energetic and estimable citizen. But ho has gone down to the grave, a bright and worthy example of Christian and Masonic life, and in him was faithfully exemplified for nearly half a century, the cardinal principles of our Order, Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love. Therefore

  • Resolved, That in the death of our late Brother, John B. Kirkham, a bright and shining light in Freemasonry has been extinguished.
  • Resolved, That this Lodge, and the Masonic Fraternity in general, deeply deplore this melancholy dispensation of the Divine Hand.
  • Resolved, That the Jewels and Furniture of Hampden Lodge be clothed in mourning for the usual period of time.
  • Resolved, That the Secretary transmit to the widow and children of the deceased, and also to the Editor of the Freemasons' Magazine, copies of proceedings in Lodge, and respectfully to request that the same may be published.

James W. Crooks, Daniel Reynolds, S. C. Bemis, Committee.
Attest, Henry A. Chapin, Secretary.
Springfield, Mass., Jan. 19, A. L. 5857.

Find-a-Grave page

KNAPP, WILLIAM 1798-1863

  • MM 1824, WM 1829-1830, Mount Lebanon
  • WM 1847-1850, [masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StarBethlehem Star of Bethlehem]

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XXIII, No. 3, January 1863, Page 95:

Newburyport, Nov. 29, 1863.

Mr. Editor— I send you for publication a series of resolutions, recently adopt
ed by [masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StJohnB St. John's] and [masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=StMark St. Mark's] Lodges of this city, relative to the death of Brother Wm. Knapp. L. Dame, Sec. of St. John's Lodge."

When the good and worthy are taken from us, it is becoming to notice, by Resolves, their departure, that their memories may be embalmed in our hearts, and their viitues stimulate us to higher aims. it is a particularly pleasing, though at the same time melancholy, duty for us of the Masonic Fraternity to testify our affection for a departed Brother, by acknowledging his worth as to preserve a record, that though dead he may yet speak to us, and bear us on to deeds of more usefulness.

We are now called upon to note the departure of a true and devoted Brother, though not a member of our Lodge, yet one who has ever manifested a lively interest in our welfare. Brother William Knapp, of Boston, died on the 14th day of October, aged 63 years, and as a slight tribute to his memory, it is

  • Resolved, That in the death of Brother Knapp we have lost one, who through all his Masonic career, by his acts of charity and deeds of true beneficence, has exhibited to the world the sublime principles of our Order.
  • Resolved, That by his death, Masonry has lost a warm advocate, and Masons a Brother whose kindly assistance was never sought in vain.
  • Resolved, That as we delight to recount his virtues, so we will revere his memory and strive to emulate his good deeds.
  • Resolved, That these Resolutions be entered upon the Records of St. Mark's and St. John's Lodges, and a copy be forwarded to the family of the deceased with the assurance that we deeply sympathize with them in this sore bereavement.

Distinguished Brothers