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(HOLMES, WILLIAM W. d. 1933)
(HUNT, JOHN E. d. 1906)
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Ever an earnest and active worker in Freemasonry, his presence will be missed by a large circle of friends.
Ever an earnest and active worker in Freemasonry, his presence will be missed by a large circle of friends.
== HUNT, JOHN E. d. 1906 ==
== HUNT, JOHN E. 1845-1906 ==
''From Proceedings, Page 1906-48:''
''From Proceedings, Page 1906-48:''
W. Bro. John E. Hunt, Master of [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Delta Delta] Lodge, now of Braintree, in 1880-1-2, and District Deputy Grand Master of the [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MAHingham25_1883-1910 Twenty-fifth Masonic District] in 1904 and 1905, died a few days before our last Quarterly Communication, namely, on the twenty-fifth of February, 1906. He was for thirty-five years a zealous and faithful Mason.
W. Bro. John E. Hunt, Master of [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Delta Delta] Lodge, now of Braintree, in 1880-1-2, and District Deputy Grand Master of the [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=MAHingham25_1883-1910 Twenty-fifth Masonic District] in 1904 and 1905, died a few days before our last Quarterly Communication, namely, on the twenty-fifth of February, 1906. He was for thirty-five years a zealous and faithful Mason. ''(Master 1881-1882)''
== HUNT, WILLIAM OTIS 1854-1947 ==
== HUNT, WILLIAM OTIS 1854-1947 ==

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HALL, GEORGE R. 1865-1939

From Proceedings, Page 1939-376:

Right Worshipful Brother Hall was born in Washington, D.C., August 5, 1865, and died in Marlborough, November 26, 1939.

His active life was spent as a plumbing contractor, which business he followed in Marlborough for nearly fifty years. He took his degrees in United Brethren Lodge in 1885 and was its Master in 1895, 1895, and 1897. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-First Masonic District, later renumbered Twenty-fourth, in 1910 and 1911 by appointment of Most Worshipful Dana J. Flanders. He was awarded the Distinguished Service medal in 1938.

Active in the collateral bodies, he was a Past Grand High Priest of Houghton Royal Arch Chapter and Past Commander of Trinity Commandery. He passes rich in years and honors, leaving many to mourn his loss.

HAM, GUY ANDREWS 1878-1926

From Proceedings, Page 1926-235:

The death of Wor. Bro. Ham, which occurred on May 23, 1926, removes one of the most conspicuous members of the Masonic Fraternity in this jurisdiction. Bro. Ham was born in Boston, JuIy 8, 1878. He became a member of Gate of the Temple Lodge June 22, 1902, and served as its Worshipful Master in 1918. Since that time he continuously held tbe commission of proxy for the Gate of the Temple Lodge in Grand Lodge, and at its Communications he was a regular attendant. While Wor. Bro. Ifam held no other office in this Grand Lodge, he was deeply interested in Masonry and devoted a great deal of time to it. He was an orator of marked and unusual ability, and was in very great demand as a speaker on Masonic occasions throughout this jurisdiction and elsewhere. His services were freely at the command of the Craft and were greatly valued by the Brethren.

Outside Masonry, Wor. Bro. Ham was a conspicuous figure in the business and political life of the Commonwealth. By profession a lawyer, he had devoted the latter part of his life to banking, in which he was widely known and successful. He has served in the State Legislature and on the Governor's Council, and was twice a candidate for nomination for the Lieutenant Governorship.

Bro. Ham was a man who made multitudes of warm and devoted friends both in and out of the Masonic Fraternity. The extent of the esteem in whieh he was held was evidenced by the remarkable gathering which attended his funeral service in the Stoughton Street Church in Dorchester. The church was completely filled and great numbers were unable to obtain admission. His Excelleney, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, His Honor the Mayor of Boston, and a large number of men distinguished in the political and business life of the state were present. The Masonic Fraternity was represented by the Grand Master and many of the most distinguished Masons in the Commonwealth. The flora1 tributes were most unusual in their beauty and their profusion.

Wor. Bro. Ham's early and lamented death is a great loss to the Commonwealth and to the Masonic Fraternity_

HANDY, HARRIE D. 1869-1932

From Proceedings, Page 1932-112:

Brother Handy was born in Pocasset, February 23, 1869, and died at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, in Boston, May 16, 1932, following an emergency surgical operation.

Brother Handy studied medicine in the Hahnemann Homeopathic College at Philadelphia and took up the practice of medicine in Brockton. He moved thence to Durango, Colorado, but came back to Massachusetts and settled at Harwich about 1900, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was a State Medical Examiner and a leading physician in his locality. He was greatly interested and very active in hospital work.

On his return from the West, Dr. Handy joined Pilgrim Lodge, being initiated December 5, 1901, passed January 2, 1902, and raised February 6, 1902. His advancement was rapid, and he was Master in 1904, 1905, and 1906. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-eighth Masonic District in 1908 and 1909, by appointment of Most Worshipful J. Albert Blake and Most Worshipful Dana J. Flanders.

Brother Handy's death removes a prominent figure from the professional life of his part of the state and takes from our Fraternity a Brother who will long be missed.


From Proceedings, Page 1947-190:

Brother Handy was born in Cataumet, Massachusetts, on February 18, 1893, and died at the Salem Hospital, Salem, Massachusetts, on May 23, 1947.

After graduation at the Bourne High School, he attended the Massachusetts Agricultural College, from which he graduated in 1914. Following a few years as a superintendeni with the A. C. Lawrence Leather Company of Peabody, he became associated with the State Mutual Assurance Company of Worcester, which connection he maintained until his death.

Brother Handy was raised in Amity Lodge of Danvers on November 10, 1922, and served as Master in 1936 and 1937. At the time of his death, he was Disrrict Deputy Grand Master for the (Lynn) 8th Masonic District, by appointment of Most Worshipful Samuel H. Wragg, Grand Master. He was a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in Salem, Massachusetts, and of Massachusetts Consistory.

He took an active interest in local civic matters, serving as Auditor of the Town of Danvers. He was also active in the Maple Street Congregational Church of Danvers. He was a Veteran of World War I.

An earnest and faithful worker in Freemasonry, ever helpful to his Brethren and wise in counsel, he will be greatly missed by his many friends and co-workers.

Funeral services were held at the Crosby Funeral Home in Danvers on May 27, l947. The very large attendance of Brethren and friends gave evidence of the high esteem in which he was held.


From Proceedings, Page 1941-166:

Right Worshipful Brother Harkness was born in Keene, New Hampshire, February 11, 1891, and died in Westport, Connecticut, May 23, 1941.

Our Brother was raised in Social Friends Lodge No. 42, Keene, New Hampshire, April 3, 1974, dimitting therefrom January 5, 1920. He affiliated with Aurora Lodge of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, March 8, 1920, and was elected its Master in 1926. He served as District Deputy Grand Master of the (Fitchburg) 13th District in 1927 ind 1928, by appointment of Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson.

Brother Harkness was a painter and decorator by trade, conducting his business in Fitchburg until his retirement because of ill health five years ago. He is survived by his widow, two sons and a daughter.

Masonic burial services were conducted by Aurora Lodge at Forest Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg, on Sunday, May 25, 1941. A conscientious and willing worker, ever seeking opportunities to be of service, Brother Harkness' passing will be mourned by many.

HARLOW, W. NEWTON 1865-1936

From Proceedings, Page 1936-143:

Brother Harlow was born in Charlestown July 24, 1865, and died in Milton July 2, 1936.

Brother Harlow's family moved to Milton when he was nine years of age. He was educated in the Milton schools and at Burdett Business College.

His active life was spent in the insurance business, in which he won a prominent place. He was a member of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, the Massachusetts Agents Association, and the Boston Insurance Library Association. He was a trustee of the Dorchester Savings Bank, Treasurer and Director of the Suffolk-Norfolk Realty Corporation, Trustee of the Milton Masonic Building Association, and of the Tuell Alumni Association of Milton.

He was keenly interested in town affairs, being Auditor for five years, three years a member of the warrant committee, and a member of many committees on town business.

Brother Harlow took his Masonic degrees in Macedonian Lodge in 1906 and was its Master in 1917-18. He was Junior Grand Deacon in 1919 and District Deputy Grand Master for the Dorchester Fourth Masonic District in 1929 and 1930, by appointment of Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean. He gave faithful and very valuable service as Chairman for Zone One in the Department of Education from its inception to the close of 1934, when considerations of health forced his retirement. At the time of his death he was Representative of the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands near this Grand Lodge.

Although of mature years when he became a member of our Fraternity, he gave it devoted service for the rest of his life. He was a friendly man and made friends who loved him for his personality as well as respected him for his useful labors.


From Proceedings, Page 1927-24:

R,.W. Brother Hartshorn was born in Walpole, Mass., Feb. 24, 1856. After passing through the Walpole Public Schools and the Bryant & Stratton Commercial College he entered the provision business with his uncle, Warren Hartshorn, in Walpole. In 1881 he moved to Norwood and started a provision business of his own which he continued up to the time of his death.

Brother Hartshorn threw himself actively into the business and civic life of the growing town of Norwood., and was one of its best and most useful citizens. Officially he served the town as a member of its Board of Selectmen, was Town Auditor for several years, and was Representative in the State Legislature. For thirty-seven years he was a member of the Republican Town Committee, and during the latter part of his service its Chairman. His services to the business and other interests of the town in an unofficial capacity were numerous and valuable. He was an active member of the Universalist parish in Norwood, and long served as Chairman of its Standing Committee.

Being of a social nature he was a member of several fraternities and social organizations. In Freemasonry he was a member and Past Master of Orient Lodge, and for many years its Associate Member of the Board of Masonic Relief. He was also a charter member of Azure Lodge.

He was a member of Hebron Royal Arch Chapter, and Temple Commandery, Knights Templars, both of Norwood. By appointment of M.W. Charles T. Gallagher he served as District Deputy Grand Master for the 22nd Masonic District in 1900 and 1901.

R.W. Brother Hartshorn died after a short illness Jan. 22, 1927. Loved by his Brethren and assoeiates, honored by his townsmen, and respected by all who knew him, he leaves his family the priceless heritage of a spotless name.

R. W. Brother llartshorn was an admirable example of the Freemason practicing in the world the principles inculcated in the Lodge.


From Proceedings, Page 1927-211:

Brother Hastings was born in Boylston, Mass., July 23, 1854, and died at his home irr Clinton June 18, 1926. In early life he was a farmer. In middle life he became a carriage and automobile painter of marked ability. It is said that wagons and carriages painted by "Hastings" were so distinctive that the work was recognized at a glance.

Ile reeeived the degrees in Freemasonry in Trinity Lodge, of Clinton, in 1889, and became Worshipful Master in 1901. His service to the Lodge did not, however, end with his mastership. He served as Marshal from 1905 to 1916 inclusive and as Trustee from 1917 until his death. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-fourth Masonic District in 1919 and 1920, by appointment of M.W. Leon M. Abbott and M.W, Arthur D. Prince.

He was deeply interested in the cognate bodies of Freemasonry as well as in the Symbolic Lodge. He was a member of Clinton Chapter, R. A. M. and a past High Priest; a member of Hiram Council, R. and S. M.; and a member and past Commander of Trinity Commandery, K. T., which he served as Prelate for the last ten years of his life. He was also a member of the Scottish Rite bodies in Worcester and of Massachusetts Consistory in Boston.

A friend and neighbor, a past Master of Trinity Lodge, says of him: "I can sincerely say that he was beloved by all his neighbors and partieularly by the children who were frequent visitors at his house. What finer tribute could be paid to any man than that?

With all his love for children he had none of his own. He is survived by his widow, whose affiiction is particularly severe because almost total blindness made her very dependent upon him. Our sympathy goes out to her in fullest measure.

HATCH, EDWARD O. 1856-1934

From Proceedings, Page 1934-78:

Right Worshipful Brother Hatch was born in Charlestown, April 14, 1856, and died in Winchester, May 26, 1934.

Brother Hatch was educated in the public schools of Charlestown. He spent his active business life in the seed and agricultural supply busilress, being associated with the firm of Parker & Wood, and, later, with Joseph Breck and Sons. His later years were spent in retirement from active business. At the time of his death he was in charge of the Museum of the Grand Lodge.

Brother Hatch moved to Winchester in 1886 and resided there thereafter. In his earlier years he was a member of the Charlestown Cadets.

Brother Hatch took his Masonic degrees in Henry Price Lodge in 1882, but dimitted and affiliated with Belmont Lodge in 1890. He also held membership for a time in William Parkman Lodge and in Hesperia Lodge, of which he was a Charter Member.

Brother Hatch was Master of Belmont Lodge in 1895 and 1896, and served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Fifth Masonic District in 1898 and 1899, by appointment by M.W. Charles C. Hutchinson.

He was a member and Past High Priest of St. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter and was Treasurer at the time of his death. He held membership in Boston Council, Royal and Select Masters, Boston Commandery, Knights Templar, and the Scottish Rite bodies in Boston, being a Past Sovereign Prince of Giles F. Yates Council, Princes of Jerusalem.

Brother Hatch's extensive Masonic interests and activities brought him into contact with a large group of friends. We shall miss his familiar figure from our midst.


From Proceedings, Page 1939-71:

Robert Nelson Hathaway was born in Fall River August 13, 1854, and died there February 16, 1939.

Right Worshipful Brother Hathaway's whole life was spent in Fall River, where he was a prominent figure in the industrial life of the city.

He became a member of King Philip Lodge in 1882 and served it as Master in 1888. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-sixth Masonic District in 1900 and 1901, by appointment by Most Worshipful Charles T. Gallagher. He was a Charter member of Massasoit Lodge in 1916.

Right Worshipful Brother Hathaway was active in the collateral branches of Freemasonry. He was a Past Thrice Potent Master of Fall River Lodge of Perfection and received the Thirty-third Degree and Honorary Membership of the Supreme Council in 1915.

His passing deprives the Craft of one of its loved and honored "elder statesmen."


From Proceedings, Page 1910-177:

Worshipful Theodore B. Hazzard, Past Master of Bristol Lodge of North Attleboro, passed away Sept. 21, 1910. For fifty years he was an active participant in the life of the community in which he dwelt, and he proved himself worthy of confidence and esteem of its citizens. For several years he represented Bristol Lodge in this Grand Lodge. He was prompt, faithful and zealous; a good ritualist; a conscientious worker and a beloved Brother.

HEATH, AUSTIN A. 1874-1924

From Proceedings, Page 1924-310:

Austin A. Heath, son of Frank M. and Sarah L. Heath, was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, August 26, 1874. After attending the public schools of Worcester and graduating from business college, he worked for a few years in the Worcester Banking Institution, leaving that position to become Assistant City Treasurer of Worcester, a position which he fiIled with credit for three years, and was then elected City Auditor of Worcester, from which position he became associated with his father in the insurance business as Assistant Treasurer of the Masonic Protective Association, which post he held until the death of his father in 1914, when he became Treasurer, holding that position for a number of years. Brother Heath later became General Manager of the Ridgely Protective Association, an organization which furnishes heaith and accident insurance to Odd Fellows only, which position he held at the time of his death.

On December 18, 1912, Brother Heath married Helen Kendriek, of Woreester, who, with one son, Ellis K., survives him.

R. W. Bro. Heath became a member of Montacute Lodge July 12, 1897. He served as its Worshipful Master in 1907, and was Treasurer from his retirement as Master to 1915. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-first Masonic District in 1914 and 1915. He was a Charter member of Isaiah Thomas Lodge. He was Exalted in Eureka Royal Arch Chapter, Nov. 9, 1897, and was its Excellent High Priest in the year 1903 and 1904, and was Treasurer in 1913 and 1914. He received the Cryptic degrees in Hiram Couneil, R. & S. M., and was Illustrious Master in 1908. He received the orders of Knighthood in Worcester County Commandery No. 5, in 1904, and was its Eminent Commander in 1914 and 1915. He was a member of all the Scottish Rite bodies in Worcester, being Sovereign Prince of Goddard Council, P. of J., in 1913, and Most Wise Master of Lawrence Chapter of Rose Croix, in 1917. He was a member of Massachusetts Consistory, and was crowned. an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, 33°, September 17, 1918. For several years he served as Trustee of the Worcester Masonic Charity and Educational Association.

R.W. Bro. Heath had been in poor health for a number of years. He spent the winter in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and, feeling much improved in health, was returning to Worcester when he was suddenly stricken on his arrival in New York, and died at the Hotel Commodore on June 4. He was buried from the home of his brother, Longley M. Heath, of Worcester, June 7, the Masonic service being conducted by Worcester County Commandery.

Brother Heath's long record of Masonic service in many branches of the Craft had made him one of the best known and most conspicuous members of the Fraternity in Worcester. His Masonic service and his high personal qualities had endeared him to a large circle of friends who will long mourn hid death.


From Proceedings, Page 1939-68:

Right Worshipful Brother Hefler was born in Roxbury April 3, 1875, and died at his home in Hyde Park September 27, 1938.

He attended the public schools of Roxbury and the Farm and Trades School at Thompson's Island, graduating in 1887. His business was that of a manufacturer of dye stuffs, under the firm name of Turner and Hefler.

He served from 1902 to 1904 as a member of the Board of Managers of the Farm and Trades School, and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hyde Park Savings Bank.

Brother Hefler was Raised in Hyde Park Lodge in 1907 and was its Master in 1922 and 1923. ln 1929 and 1930 he served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Hyde Park Twenty-fifth Masonic District by appointment of Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean.

He was a member of all the bodies of the York and Scottish Rites. His principal interest was in the Cryptic Rite, in which he held offices, serving as Most Illustrious Grand Master in 1930, 1931, and 1932. He was a good citiz;en, a good business man, and a good Mason. His official duties brought him wide contacts. and his comparatively early death is a great loss to the Fraternity.


From Proceedings, Page 1915-91:

R.W. CHARLES CASPER HENRY was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., November 1, 1852, and died on Sunday, April 11, 1915, at his residence in Wellesley Hills. He was educated in the public schools of Brooklyn and in Columbia Institute at Washington, D. C. At the age of eighteen years he settled in Natick where he was employed for several years in the provision business. In 1881 he entered the employ of the Boston and Albany Railroad as baggage master at Natick, and three years later was appointed station agent at Wellesley Hills, a position which he retained until he was appointed probation Officer of the Superior Court for Plymouth and Norfolk Counties, from which position he resigned some months ago. He also held the position of Auditor of Wellesley, and for many years was very active in the publie affairs of the town.

Brother Henry received the Masonic Degrees in Meridian Lodge, of Natick, in 1877-1878, was its Master in 1886 and 1887, and was District Deputy Grand Master of the Twenty-first Masonic District in 1886 and 1887.

Brother Henry reeeived the Chapter Degrees in Parker Chapter of Natick, was Ex. High Priest in 1991, District Deputy High Priest of the Ninth Capitular District in 1894, 1895, and 1896, and served as R.E. Grand Scribe of the Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts in 1898.

Brother Henry eeeived the Orders of Knighthood in Natick Commandery K.T., No. 33, in 1884 and was its Eminent Commander in 1902. He was also a member of the four bodies of the Scottish Rite in the City of Boston. In all the Masonic Bodies to which he belonged he was always active and hesitated not at any duty that was placed upon him.

Brother Henry was thrice married. He is survived by his wife and one son, Dr. Edward E. Henry of Kingston, N. Y. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, April 14. The Masonie funeral rites were observed by Meridian Lodge, Natick Commandery and Parker Royal Arch Chapter acting as escort to the grave.

HEWINS, WILLIAM H. 1840-1936

From Proceedings, Page 1936-105:

Brother Hewins was born in Cataumet, then a part of Sandwich, March 8, 1840, and died at Falmouth May 9, 1936. He was educated in the local public schools and at Lawrence Academy.

He conducted a dry goods business for a number of years and afterward an insurance business which he personally directed until within a few years. He was one of the town's most conspicuous citizens, serving as Town Clerk and Treasurer for fifty years, finally declining re-election in 1934. He was a Director and for sixteen years President of the Falmouth National Bank, a Director of the Oak Grove Cemetery Association, and President of the Falmouth Historical Society, being a living encyclopedia of local history.

In 1865, he moved to Harvard, Illinois, on account of impaired health and while there took his Masonic degrees in Harvard Lodge No. 309, in 1866. Recovering his health, he returned to Falmouth and affiliated with Marine Lodge in 1867. He was Master of Marine Lodge in 1879, 1880, and 1881, and its Secretary from 1906 to 19i0. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Twenty-seventh Masonic District in 1899 and 1900, by appointment by Most Worshipful Charles C. Hutchinson and Most Worshipful Charles T. Gallagher. His interest in Masonic affairs remained unabated to the very end of his life.

Right Worshipful Brother Hewins was a fine example of the type of man to whom our New England communities owe more than can ever be expressed in words.

HICKS, HERBERT O. 1851-1921

From Proceedings, Page 1921-327:

R.W. HERBERT O. HICKS was born in Readsboro, Vt., JuIy 7, 1851, and passed on from his home in Adams, Mass., Nov. 20, 1921. Bro. Hicks spent his boyhood in his native town and at the age of nineteen years movecl to Adams. He was employed there for nine years in the office of the H. N. Dean & Son Tannery, and later was with Smith, Mole & Co. In January, 1888, he joined Co. M, 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, and was given the rank of Sergeant. He rose rapidly through the various grades and, in 1895, became commander of the Company. In 1896 Company M was called to active duty in the Spanish-American War. Capt. Hicks was its commander throughout the entire campaign. Ife was very popular with his command on account of his attention to the welfare of his men. When the company returned. home in 1899, Capt. Hicks resigned from the militia with the rank of Major and returned to private life. He then established the Hicks News Company, dealers in newspapers and periodicals, which he conducted until his decease.

In 1899 he was appointed- town bookkeeper and town almoner, positions he held several years. In 1915 he was appointed an assessor and was continued in that office until 1920, completing a public service of over twenty years.

The daily newspaper of Adams, where Bro. Hicks resided over fifty years, says of him:

"Mr. Hicks won a reputation for honesty and integrity which few enjoy. He was a man of unusually fine traits of character, intensely human and thoughtful, upright, trustworthy, and true, and his friendships were numerous. In fraternal circles he has been active throughout his life. He was a member of Berkshire Lodge A.F. and A.M., of the Camp of Spanish War Veterans, and of the First Coragregational Church."

R.W. Brother Hicks received the Masonic degrees in Berkshire Lodge, of Adams, in 1877, and in November of that year was elected Junior Deacon. By repeated promotions he became Master of that Lodge December 6, 1886, and served in that office two years. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Fourteenth Masonic District in 1907 and 1908.

Bro. Hicks leaves a widow, a son, and a daughter, whose sorrow is shared by the Fraternity. At the funeral services in the Congregational Church in Adams the Masonic Burial Service was rendered by Berkshire Lodge.

"From the dust of the weary highway
From the smart of the sorrow's road,
Into the royal presence
They are bidden as guests of God.
The veil from their eyes is taken,
Sweet mysteries they are shown,
Their doubts and fears are over,
For they know as they are known.

Mary F. Butts.


I am the Alpha and the Omega! The beginning and the end!! We thank thee oh Lord, for the time in between that you allowed him to spend with us!

Erwin Donald Hill, Sr. was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on December 22, 1925,the son of Wilson B. Hill and Bertha (Reed) Hill. His basic education was in the Springfield public school, graduating from Technical High School in January 1944. While there, he was involved in sports, becoming a very aggressive hockey and baseball player. For two springs and summers, while still in school, he worked, part time, for the Smith & Wesson Revolver Company and played baseball for them in the local Industrial League. Immediately after graduation, January 1944,he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps and served until November 1946.

On March 6, 1948 he married Dorothy Ann Buckley of Pittsfield, Massachusetts and they have four children, Erwin D. Jr., Robert H., Terre Kemble, all of Springfield, and Linda Vitalo of kvine, Califomia. They have six grandchildren, the last born just a few days before he left us.

He was in the transportation business all of his life and was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the W.B. Hill Company, Inc. of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and Chairman of the Board of United Transport Company of East Longmeadow. Both of these businesses are now operated by his children.

He joined Mount Orthodox Lodge in West Springfield, Massachusetts in 1960. Entered on May 30, Passed October 1, and was Raised December 27, 1960. He proceeded through the chairs of his Lodge, and became its Worshipful Master in 1968 and again in 1989 where he presided over the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Lodge.

He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Springfield 18th Masonic District by Most Worshipful David B. Richardson in 1984 and 1985. He was a member of the Mount Orthodox Temple Building Committee for many years. He was a member of Mount Tom Lodge and the Springfield 18th Masonic District Past Master's Association.

He was the presiding Right Worshipful Grand Marshal of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts at the time of his passing on February 11, 1991, into the "house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens", having been appointed by Most Worshipful Edgar W. Darling in 1990 and 1991.

An evergreen service was held on Wednesday February 13, 1991, by your Grand Lodge Officers, with the Most Worshipful Grand Master presenting the ritual.

He was active in many other Masonic organization, joining the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite in 1961, and became Sovereign Prince of Massasoit Council Princes of Jerusalem in 1975 and 1976. He became a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33rd Degree in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1982.

He was Commander in Chief of Connecticut Valley Consistory in 1988 and 1989. In the York Rite, he was exalted in Kingsway Royal Arch Chapter in June 1978, greeted in Springfield Council R. & S. M. in August 1978 and Knighted in Springfield Commandery #6 in May 1979. He became a member of Saint Bernard Commandery #12 in 1990.

He joined Melha Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. in June 1961 and became very active in several units there. Legion of Honor, Hadji Unit, a charter member of their Past Masters Unit and was active in all of their Ritual Degree Teams. For many years, in Melha Temple's parades, he could be seen riding a micro MINI-BIKE. We often kidded him about that, and he always replied "I can't march!" He was appointed Assistant Ritual Director of Melha's Ceremonial Degree Team and served in that capacity until his passing.

He was an Honorary Member of Abou Saad Temple in the Panama Canal Zone. He was active in youth programs in the Western Massachusetts area, being a registered Scouter of the Boy Scouts of America from 1961 to 1991. He had been Scoutmaster of Troop 2l of the Emanuel Congregational Church, where he attended, and was Post Advisor of Explorer Post #21, where both of his boys became Eagle Scouts. He was a long time Troop Committee member of Troop 101 in Westfield, Massachusetts. He was active on the Scout Council Camping Committee for many years and in 1964 and 1965 was largely responsible for the building and locating of the new Camp Frontier campsite in a remote wooded area of the Moses Scout Camp. He and several other Scouting volunteers spent many a weekend, forging a new road out of the woods and hilly terrain to provide access to this new camping area. His company furnished most of the trucks and equipment for this project. The 3A mile long road was name "Hill Road" in his honor. During this time he was largely instrumental in having all the other scouting volunteers join Mount Orthodox Lodge, where he was going through the chairs. In 1969 the Pioneer Valley Council B.S.A. awarded him the very coveted Silver Beaver award for outstanding service to Scouting. In 1970 he received the Vigil Honor from the National Council of the Order of the Arrow, Allogagan Lodge of the National Honor Camping Society, both of these Scouting honors are ones which few ever receive and are very high honors indeed.

His life has been a full one, dedication, service, brotherly love and all of the tenets of our profession, in all phases of his life. To quote one of our Grand Chaplains, "Erwin D. Hill, Sr. is probably at this time organizing a Grand Procession of the Celestial Grand Lodge above, and is becoming totally confused with the protocol and the proper seniority of our dearly departed brothers who have gone before him."

God speed!! "Butch" you will be sorely missed.

A Fratemal Remembrance by,
R.W. Robert A. Meffen
Wor. Arthur E. Mattson
Wor. Harry J. Vennert


From Proceedings, Page 1926-294:

R.W. Bro. Hilliard was born in Provincetown, Massachusetts, April 16, 1856. He became a member of Mount Olivet Lodge March 20, 1879. He dimitted from Mount Olivet Lodge and joined Hiram Lodge November 16, 1889, retaining his membership until the time of his death. He became also a member of William Parkman Lodge on March 14, 1912. He served Hiram Lodge as its Worshipful Master in 1901 and 1902, and was District Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth Masonic District in 1909 and 1910, by appointment of M.W. Dana J. Flanders.

His active life was devoted to the real estate and insurance business in which he held a prominent position. He was active in the civic affairs of the town of Arlington, and an active member of the Congregational Church in that town, serving as its Clerk for thirty years and for five years as Superintendent of the Sunday school. He married. Mrs. Dela Farmington, of Portland, who survives him together with a daughter, two sons, and eight grandchildren.

In addition to his service tb this Grand Lodge he was a Past High Priest of Menotomy Royal Arch Chapter, Past Grand Scribe of the Grand Chapter, Past Commander of Cambridge Commandery, No. 42, K. T., and a member of Massachusetts Consistory. He was also a member of Bethel Lodge of Odd Fellows, the Arlington Lodge of Elks, and the Arlington Kiwanis Club.


From Proceedings, Page 1932-19:

Brother Hinckley was born in Hyannisport July 9, 1866, and died in Hyannis March 1, 1932. Brother Hinckley practiced the profession of dentistry successfully and with a high reputation for professional skill. He was weil known for his civic and fraternal as well as his professional activities. He was Town Moderator of Barnstable from 1915 to 1931, and was a Representative in the State Legislature from 1919 to 1924. He was for eighteen years a member of the Barnstable School Board, a considerable part of the time as Chairman.

Brother Hinckley took his degrees in Fraternal Lodge in 1889 and was its Master in 1899 and 1900. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the then Twenty-eighth Masonic District in 1902 and 1903, by appointment of M.W. Charles T. Gallagher and M.W. Baalis Sanford.

Brother Hinckley was a member and Past High Priest of Orient Chapter and a member of Sutton Commandery. He was also active in the affairs of the Odd Fellows.

He is survived by his widow and a daughter.

His loss will be deeply felt in the community which he served so well, and in the Fraternity of which he was a loved and trusted leader.

HINDS, BENJAMIN J. 1861-1934

From Proceedings, Page 1934-18:

Brother Hinds was born in Fairfield, Maine, February 19, 1851, and died in Stoneham, February 25, 1934.

Brother Hinds was educated in the Fairfield schools, and at Colby College, graduating in 1883. He made teaching his life's work. He entered the Boston school service in 1891 and remained there until his retirement in 1931. For the last twenty five years of this time he was Master of the Washington School, a large school in the North end of Boston with a very cosmopolitan attendance.

From 1908 to his death, he was vice-president of the Stoneham Five Cents Savings Bank and for many years a director of the Stoneham Co-operative Bank.

Brother Hinds was active in Stoneham town affairs, especially as a Trustee of the Public Library and as a member of the Finance and Advisory Board.

Brother Hinds took his degrees in Siloam Lodge No. 92, of Fairfield, Maine, in 1882. In 1887 he dimitted and immediately affiliated with Harwood Lodge No. 91, of Machias, Maine. He again dimitted, late in 1900, and early in 1901 affiliated with King Cyrus Lodge. He was Master in 1905 and 1906, and was Distict Deputy Grand Master for the Seventh Masonic District in 1909 and 1910, by appointment of Most Worshipful Dana J. Flanders. He was President of the Seventh District Past Masters' Association from its organization twenty-seven years ago until his death.

I can not do better than close this brief memorial by a quotation from a letter written by the Secretary of the Lodge:

"Only those of us who have been closely associated with Brother Ben, as we all called him, can realize what it means to have him pass on. No other member has meant so much to the Lodge, or been so keenly interested in it through ali the years) as he was. There will truly be a 'Vacant Chair' in our midst."

HOLLIDAY, GUY H. 1866-1937

From Proceedings, Page 1937-126:

Right Worshipful Brother Holliday was born in Roxbury August 17, 1866, and died in Hingham August 1, 1937.

Brother Holliday was educated in the Roxbury Latin School and Harvard University, from which he received the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1889 and the Bachelor of Laws degree in 1892. He practiced law in Boston until 1901, when he was appointed assistant clerk of the Suffolk Superior Court. He resigned that position to accept an appointment as Secretary of the Harvard University Law School, which position he held for the last twelve years of his life. For several years, beginning in 1912,he was a member of the faculty of the Y. M. C. A. Evening Law School.

Brother Holliday was Raised in Joseph Webb Lodge January 3, 1906, and was its Master in 1918 and 1919. He affiliated with Old Colony Lodge tn 1922 but dimitted in 1927. He was a Charter member of The Harvard Lodge in 1923, and served as its Master Under Dispensation. He was also a Charter member of United Lodge in 1926. He sat in Grand Lodge as Proxy for Sungari Lodge from 1930 to 1936, inclusive. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Second Masonic District in 1920 and 1921, by appointment of Most Worshipful Arthur D. Prince.

Brother Holtiday had been in failing health for some time, but his death was sudden and unexpected.

Brother Holliday's Masonic record shows at once his devotion to the Fraternity and his popularity among its members. He was a very companionable man, and one of his most noticeable characteristics was a dry humor which always lent zest to his conversation. He is a great loss to his profession and al1 of us who knew and loved him so well.

HOLMES, WILLIAM W. 1874-1933

From Proceedings, Page 1933-101:

Right Worshipful Brother Holmes died in Webster, April 4, 1933.

Brother Holmes was for many years a grain and feed merchant. The last years of his life were spent in the life insurance business. He was active and prominent in the affairs of the town and of the First Congregational Church.

He took his Masonic degrees in Webster Lodge in 1899 and was its Master in 1907. He was District Deputy Grand Master of the Twentieth Masonic District in 1917 and 1918, by appointment of Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott.

His death brings a great loss to his Lodge and to his commnity.

HOPE, RALPH K. 1888-1937

From Proceedings, Page 1937-80:

Right Worshipful Brother Hope was born in Chelsea December 16, 1888, and died there May 31, 1937.

Brother Hope was educated in the Chelsea schools. His active business life was spent in the service of the Chase and Sanborn Coffee Company. He was a useful and interested citizen of his native city, serving as a member of the Board of Aldermen for three terms, in 1917, 1918, and 1920.

He took his Masonic Degrees in Star of Bethlehem Lodge in 1914, and was its Master in 1923 and 1924, and was District Deputy Grand Master for the Chelsea Third Masonic District in 1928 and 1929, by appointment of Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson and Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean. He was a member of the Royal Arch Chapter of the Shekinah and of Palestine Commandery, Knights Templar.

Brother Hope's death was sudden and unexpected, being caused by complications following an apparently successful surgical operation, and the news of it came as a great shock to his many friends in civic and fraternal circles. Cut off as he was in the midst of his usefulness, his passing leaves a place in the hearts and lives of many which will long remain unfilled.

HOPKINS, RUFUS H. 1841-1920

From Proceedings, Page 1920-460:

R.W. RUFUS H. HOPKINS was born in Provincetown, Mass., May 2, 1841, and died in Hopkinton October 18, 1920. In his younger days he followed the sea on a whaling vessel. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the navy, and was a member of Col. Prescott Post, G.A.R. of Ashland. After the war he returned to Hopkinton where he soon became identified with pubiic affairs. He is recorded as a boot-maker in the Lodge record, but soon after was made tax collector of Hopkinton, in which office he served many years.

Bro. Hopkins received the Masonic degrees in North Star Lodge, of Ashland, Mass., in 1873, and in 1882 he dimitted and became a member of John Warren Lodge, of Hopkinton. He was Master of John Warren Lodge in 1885 and 1886, and later served as its Secretary for nearly thirty years. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Twentieth Masonic District in 1897 and 1898. He was also a member of Summit Chapter, O.E.S., and of Hopkinton Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Bro. Hopkins was one of the best known and highly respected residents in Hopkinton, and was a zealous Freemason. His interest !n the welfare of John Warren Lodge was deep and permaaent. He rendered loyal service for the welfare of the Craft.

HOWARD, ELMER F. 1861-1927

From Proceedings, Page 1927-102:

Brother Howard was born in Hartford, Vt., June 5, 1861, and died very suddenly at Northfield, April 16, 1927.

Brother Howard was graduated at Dartmouth College in 1886 and at once took up the work of teaching. He taught first in Brandon, Vt., and then at Wallingford, Vt. Here his conspicuous ability antl success soon brought promotion to the school superintendency. He served as superintendent of schools at Charlemont, Mass., and for about twenty years at Northfield. For a time he taught at the Mt. Hermon school. In 1924 he purchased the Northfield Press and continued in charge of it until his death.

Brother Howard became a member of St. Paul's Lodge No. 25, of Brandon, Vt. He dimitted in 1901 and afflliated with Harmony Lodge. He was Worshipful Master of Harmony Lodge in 1921 and 1922 and was District Deputy Grand Master for the Fourteenth Masonic District in 1925, by appointment from M.W. Dudley H. Ferrell, and in 1926.

Brother Howard was a very active and useful member of the Northfield Congregational Church, serving it as Deacon, Committeeman, and for many years as superintendent of the Sunday School. He served the town as a member of various committees, making whatever contribution to the eivic life was consistent with his official position. He made no secret of his political views, but was careful to keep his administration of the schools free from political entanglements.

An appreciative obituary notice says: "Mr. Howard's outstanding virtue was willing service." In this regard he exemplified the spirit of the Freemasonry which he loved so well and served so faithfully. An accomplished educator, a dearly loved friend, a respected citizen, a kindly Christian gentleman, he leaves us all poorer by his departure.

HUDSON, HORACE G. 1846-1912

From Proceedings, Page 1912-24:

R.W. HORACE G. HUDSON was born in Enfield, N. H., Feb. 8, 1846, and died at his residence in Merrimac, Mass., Feb. 19, 1912. He came to Amesbury when he was twenty years of age and was apprenticed to a watchmaker, for whom he worked four years. Brother Hudson later went into the same business on his own account and continued it successfully until his decease.

Brother Hudson received the Masonic degrees in Rising Star Lodge, No. 47, of Newmarket, N. H., and affiliated with Warren Lodge, of Amesbury, April 9, 1880. He served as Wor. Master of Warren Lodge in 1885 and 1886, and as District Deputy Grand Master of the Ninth Masonic District in 1905 and 1906. He was a member of Trinity Royal Arch Chapter, Amesbury Council, and Newburyport Commandery, K.T.

Genial, pleasant, possessing a personality that attracted, Brother Hudson made a wide circle of friends who esteemed him for the warmth of his friendships and the manliness of his life.

HUMPHREY, EDSON K. 1862-1928

From Proceedings, Page 1928-198:

R,.W. Brother Humphrey was born in Salem, Maine, June 9, 1862, and died at his summer home in York, Maine, August 18, 1928. Brother Humphrey's active life was spent in the City of Lowell where he was an overseer for C. I. Hood & Company for twenty-five years. Of late years he was in the insurance business.

He became a member of Pentucket Lodge in 1894, and was its Worshipful Master from October 1916 to October 1918. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Twelfth Masonic District in 1923 and, 1924 by appointment of M.W. Dudley H. Ferrell. R.W. Brother Humphrey was a member of the several bodies in both the York and Scottish Rites in Lowell serving conspicuously with fidelity and distinction. He was a member of the Building Committee of the Lowell Masonic Temple at the time of his death.

R.W. Brother Humphrey had won for himself a distinguished place in the business life of Lowell as well as in Masonic circles. A large circle of friends and associates are the poorer for his going.

HUMPHREY, HENRY M. 1840-1919

From Proceedings, Page 1919-192:

R,.W. HENRY M. HUMPEREY was born in Athol, Mass., October 8, 1840, and died February 8, 1919. He received his early education in the public schools of his native town. After leaving school he studied dentistry in Boston two years, then removed to Philadelphia where he graduated from the Philadelphia Dental College. He returned to Athol in September, 1863, and associated as a Dentist in business with Dr. J. H. 'Williams. This partnership continued for five years, when, Dr. Williams dying, Dr. Humphrey continued the business for two years. In 1870 Dr. Humphrey bought the drug store at the Highlands, which he conducted until 1905, when he retired from active business.

Dr. Humphrey was engaged in newspaper and magazine work until July 1, .1913, when he was appointed a clerk in the Branch Post Office at the Highlands. He held this position until his decease. He served on the School Committee of Athol for many years; was on the Board of Registrars; was representative of the Athol District in the State Legislature in 1882, and was a Director of the Athol National Bank nearly all the time since it was organized.

Brother Humphrey received the Masonic degrees in Star Lodge, of Athol, in 1865 and dimitted November 14, 1870, to become a charter member of Athol Lodge, of Athol. He served as its Master in 1875 and 1876 and was District Deputy Grand Master for the Eighth Masonic District in 1877, 1878, and 1879.

The local press said of Brother Humphrey: "He was a model man, of well-ordered life, public spirited and. patriotic. He gave of his time and abilities in aid of worthy public enterprises and was a man of real capacity and enthusiasm. He was a most genial man socially and a prominent figure in the every-day life of the town for over half a century. He maintained a warm place in the esteem and affections of all who knew him and will be profoundly missed in the community."


From Proceedings, Page 1941-165:

Right Worshipful Brother Humphrey was born in Dennisport, Massachusetts, May 20, 1876, and died suddenly in St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, March 74,1941. He is survived by his widow and by one sister.

After leaving the New Bedford High School, he became an apprentice in the jewelry business, continuing in that line until his retirement a few years ago, when he closed out his own store on Purchase Street, New Bedford.

He was raised in Eureka Lodge October 23, 1903, and became a Charter Member of Paskamansett Lodge June 18, 1921, serving as Worshipful Master in 1922 and 1923. He was Disuict Deputy Grand Master of the (New Bedford) 30th District in 1927 and 1928, by appointment of Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson, Grand Master.

He was a member of Adoniram Chapter, R.A.M.; a Past Master of New Bedford Council, R.& S.M.; and a Past Commander of Sutton Commandery, K.T. On September 25, 1940, he was coronetted an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J., 33d Degree.

Ever an earnest and active worker in Freemasonry, his presence will be missed by a large circle of friends.

HUNT, JOHN E. 1845-1906

From Proceedings, Page 1906-48:

W. Bro. John E. Hunt, Master of Delta Lodge, now of Braintree, in 1880-1-2, and District Deputy Grand Master of the Twenty-fifth Masonic District in 1904 and 1905, died a few days before our last Quarterly Communication, namely, on the twenty-fifth of February, 1906. He was for thirty-five years a zealous and faithful Mason. (Master 1881-1882)


From Proceedings, Page 1947-194:

Brother Hunt was born in Weston, Massachusetts, on May 28, 1854, and died while visiting his daughter in Wiscasset, Maine, on April 19,1947.

After graduation at Phillips Academy, he attended the Harvard Medical School and was graduated in 1877. He continued the practice of medicine until his retirement in 1940. He was the last surviving founder of the Newton Hospital, where he was an attending physician for thirty years.

He was raised in Fraternity Lodge of Newton on January 8, 1878, and served as Master in l9l2 and 1913. He affiliated with Dalhousie Lodge in 1889, and continued his membership there until his death. He became a Charter Member of Norumbega Lodge on May 2, 1921, and dimitted on June 5, 1922.

He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the Fifth Masonic District in 1914 and 1915, by appointment of Most Worshipful Melvin M. Johnson, Grand Master. In 1889 and 1890 he was High Priest of Newton Royal Arch Chapter, and was long a member of Gethsemane Commandery. In 1929 he was awarded a Veteran's Medal by Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean.

Dr. Hunt, during his years of activity, was a faithful worker in the Craft, and his example of unselfish service was an inspiration to many who have for years tried to follow in his footsteps.

HUXTABLE, JOHN 1847-1918

From Proceedings, Page 1918-100:

RT. WOR. JOHN HUXTABLE, OF WAREHAM, was born in Barnstable, England, December 18, 1847, and died at his residence in Wareham March 19, 1918. Brother Huxtable came to this country when a young man, going first to Troy, N. Y., and removing to Wareham in 1871, where he matle his home for the past forty-seven years.

He maintained a heating and plumbing business for some years and in addition was Postmaster in Wareham for twenty-four years; Vice-president and Trustee of tbe Wareham Savings Bank; Member of the School Committee for several years, and Chairman of the Board. He was one of the best known and highly esteemed residents of Wareham and on aceount of his fidelity, efficiency, and willingness to serve was constantly engaged in public affairs. Self taught by application and industry, he won the respect of the community where he lived and received at their hands many evidences of their confidence and regard.

R.W. Brother Huxtable received. the Masonic Degrees in Social Harmony Lodge, of Wareham, in 1875 and 1876. He became Worshipfui Master of the Lodge in 1880 and 1881, 1890 and 1891, and 1896 and 1897, a serviee of six years in all. FIe was District Deputy Grand Master of the Twenty-seventh Masonic District in 1893 and 1894. He was the leading spirit of the formation of the Wareham Royal Arch Chapter; was High Priest under the Dispensation and during its first two years. He was District Deputy Grand High Priest of the Third Capitular District in 1914 and 1915.

For his excellent and zealous Masonic services he was presented with a Henry Price medal, an honor which pleased him very much. Brother Huxtable will be greatly missed not only by his own Lodge, but by the Lodges in the Thirty-first Masonic District which he often visited and in which he was greatly interested.

A widow and five children survive him; one of the sons at least, John Percival Huxtable, of Boston, is Masonically following in the footsteps of his lamented father.

Distinguished Brothers