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Deputy Grand Master, 1867


From Proceedings, Page 1874-52:

Whereas by the dispensations of our Heavenly Father, which are always wise and full of tenderness and loving kindness to all the children of men, we are called upon to confront and deplore the absence of our friend and Brother Newell A. Thompson, who through the unchangeable law of nature has been translated from this to another and higher sphere ; and whereas we desire to testify our respect for his memory and our regard for his many amiable qualities and virtues; therefore

Resolved, That this Grand Lodge in the death of R. W. Newell A. Thompson is deprived of an estimable Brother, who for many years has endeared himself to the members of the Craft, and on whom she has conferred some of the highest honors in her gift; honors that were always worn worthily and. well.

Resolved, That though in parting with this loved Brother and courteous gentleman, our hearts are filled with sadness, yet we feel sustained and soothed as we recognize and remember his noble qualities as a man and true-hearted friend; his zeal and attachment to this ancient Institution ; and the universal sentiment of respect for him entertained by society. We feel cheered and comforted as we consider and believe, that earth is not man's abiding place, and that as the years pass away, we shall, one by one, be gathered to his side and join the illustrious departed of this Grand Body who have gone before.

Resolved, That the family and relatives of our deceased Brother are remembered in their sorrow, and we tender to them our kindest sympathies. All of which is respectfully submitted.


Distinguished Brothers