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Lodge Pages

  • Pages for all lodges in place. Lodge page refs done through 1981.

Main Page: Lodges

Year Pages

  • Year pages done 1733-1981. 1754-1791 in skeleton form only. Deputy Grand Masters on all pages, missing SGW/JGW for St. John's Grand Lodge through 1792.
    • Changed to District format for 1803 onward.
    • Marked lodge charters supposedly surrendered in June 1834.
    • Changed to "by precedence" format for 1849 onward, lacking district info. (Conjectural districts 1836-48).
  • Added lodges with dispensations but never chartered to main lodges page.
    • Added Army lodges (American Civil War) to main lodges page.
    • Changed to District format for 1867 onward. Updated lodge pages with district info.
    • Permanent officers and Grand Masters added to pages through the present.

Main Page: Years

Location Pages

  • References to lodges and years added to all location pages.
  • Building corner-stone layings and hall dedications added through 1981.

Main Page: Places


  • Links for all Grand Masters, including notations on other Grand Offices held (Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden) through the present.
  • Links for all Deputy Grand Masters, Senior Grand Wardens, Junior Grand Wardens through the present.
    • Year pages updated with links through 1981.
    • Pages created for all permanent members. People page marked with © and for pages with pictures and text included.
  • Added a Portraits page; up to date through 1981.
  • Added a Memorials page; up to date through 1981.
    • Updated necrology page with links.
    • The individual entries have been broken up alphabetically into individual pages.
    • Biographical sketches and memorials in the Proceedings added through 1913. For non-Permanent Members, organized alphabetically under Other Brothers section.
  • Added a Living Past Grand Masters page; up to date through the present.
  • Added pictures, terms, charters, rulings links to Grand Masters through 1989.
  • Added a Feast of St. John Speeches page, up to date through 1981.

Main Page: People


Main Page: Districts


Main Page: Organizational Documents


  • Added an Attendance Summary page for the Anti-Masonic period. Revised based on lodge histories.
  • Added an Edicts page; up to date through 1989.


  • Page for lodges by district in place.
  • All lodge pages created from converter output and imported. Lodge merger information incorporated.
  • Need to check on lodges chartered by the GLMA or its predecessors and create a link in Massachusetts area.

Rhode Island

  • Pages for all lodges in place.


  • Page for lodges by district and lodges by number (including surrendered, revoked, merged) in place.
  • Pages for all lodges in place, including charter info. Need to update pages to reflect mergers, etc.


  • In process.